Please ensure that an oxygen tank is immediately available after viewing the following sixteen seconds of condensed sexiness.

Having released the second of three teasers for their upcoming album, the Gods of DBSK/TVXQ/THSK are back! This new teaser provides more insight into a song, an album, and a comeback that is built on a foundation of powerfully kinetic bodies, amazingly acrobatic vocals, and a dangerously seductive charisma that’ll have you trading in your Christmas presents for a slice of this DIVINITY.

Anyone catch my bias yet?

Things I like (Besides everything):

  • Yunho’s husky voice coupled with Changmin’s signature scream
  • The choreography (which Yunho performs without FAIL)
  • The assymmetrical sets
  • The drums, the bass, and the trumpets.
  • The slightly erotic double entrende  THAT ARE A PRODUCT OF MY PERVERSE MIND

Things I didn’t like (Shocking? Yes. But hey, it happens):

  • Funky outfit choices. There are some good pieces. But then again, there are some awful pieces too.
  • The length of the teaser
  • Some of you may be sick of this whining but here it goes: The fact that Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun aren’t there :(

What do YOU guys think? Excited to see HoMin in action? Scared?