Cinderella’s Sister star Chun Jung Myun is receiving a lot of love from the ladies, no doubt due to the kind handsome character he portrayed in the drama. Chun was recently asked about his ideal types in an interview, and well, they begin with a ‘So’ and end in a ‘Dae.’

Well, not technically, but you get what I’m trying to do here

The evidence:

I’m not even gonna touch Yoona, since it’s practically reflex for male Korean celebrities to choose her. However, he also picked Taeyeon, which is a little off track. She’s a popular SNSD member, but you don’t often hear her mentioned as someone’s “ideal.” But no matter, Chun’s costar Moon Geun Young kicks both their leggy behinds. She probably could, too. Did you see her Stare of Death in Cinderella’s Sister? Physical combat would not be necessary.

Source: iimchoding@youtube