Welcome back, readers to another roundup of the Best of Weekly Music Shows! The glut of November comebacks clearly has no plans to slow down. Vixx, MyB, Tahiti, and Seo In-young have all added to the fray of returning artists, with M.A.P6 making their debut this week.

Show Champion and M!Countdown both were off the air this week. On the shows that did air, f(x) took first place on Music Bank and The Show, while Zico took Inkigayo. Though Show! Music Core has announced that it’s abolishing its’ ranking system, a winner was still given this week, with IU taking the prize.

Vixx’s “Chained Up,” KBS Music Bank, November 13, 2015

[youtube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ-jLujCmcM]

“Chained Up” is far from Vixx’s most challenging choreography, and some of the moves are a bit. . . odd, but K-pop’s favorite princes of darkness are killer in their latest comeback. They have an intensity that transcends the stage and the camera, an aura that always makes it feel like they’re staring at you in the most hauntingly wonderful way.

Twice‘s “Like Ooh Ahh,” SBS MTV The Show, November 10, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOkUSx1ZS7Y]

Spending a dozen or so years as a competitive dancer has given me a few quirks; namely, my unending adoration of formations. There are few things I enjoy more than seeing a larger group like Twice use their numbers to create interesting and unique ways to stage themselves. Everything from using their bodies as props to the unending whirling from one mark to the next makes “Like Ooh Ahh” fun to watch — with their boundless energy as the cherry on top.

N.Flying‘s “Lonely,” Arirang Simply K-pop, November 13, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7vXuL3etBs]

There is a reason why “keep it simple, stupid” is usually seen as solid advice. This, right here, is it. N.Flying are bare-bones and poignant, the raw emotion of “Lonely” shining through every note. Their despondency rings true to anyone who’s experienced loss at a visceral level, heartbroken yet factual about just how much they’re hurting.

Rania‘s “Demonstrate,” SBS Inkigayo, November 15, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L10Wz4Fy3vc]

“Demonstrate” is another piece of choreography that speaks to me as an ex-dancer. The use of levels here is top-notch. Rania and their back-up dancers are constantly dropping to the floor and popping up, using height to draw emphasis rather than the formations. Rania’s specific aura on-stage is the perfect complement. The six all give off the vibe of being factually sexy; they don’t need to draw attention to it, they just are.

f(x)’s “4 Walls,” KBS Music Bank, November 13, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUXs0mIsXOU]

f(x) never cease to impress with their live stages, and “4 Walls” is no exception. While softer than their prior releases, “4 Walls” is a tricky bit of business that relies on flawlessly in sync timing to look right, half a beat off that and the whole performance goes down the drain. Yet f(x) achieves it and they not only make it look easy, but look perfectly serene.

Those are my top picks for the week, readers. Any you think I missed? Leave them in the comments!

(Image via KBS, YouTube [1], [2], [3], [4])