• taraterrrific

    just remember these aren’t just artists, they are idols. They are not meant to just sing and dance but to entertain as well. So looks and variety skills ultimately mean a lot. if they were solo acts most of the people in kpop wouldn’t make it too far, but because you put them all together in a group they make up for each others weaknesses. That’s why Hyoyeon Yuri and Yoona dance, Taeyeon Seohyun and Jessica sing, and Tiffany Sunny and Sooyoung entertain (well those are more or less the categories). Kpop is a well constructed machine, black holes aren’t as simple as you think they are.

    • Aurora2687

      I think this pretty much sums this topic up.

    • Cece Jenkiopou

      This. all of this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

      She makes a good point. 

  • RC_RC

    I think it is hard arguing with success, SNSD for example is successful. 

  • incompetentfangirl

    I think that a lot of it has to do with the material given to these groups- sure, Dara can’t sing Bom’s parts, but Bom’s heavy voice would sound weird on Dara’s parts in their songs.  GD has admitted to not writing many parts for Seungri because he has a thin voice, but Taeyang’s and Daesung’s voices are too big for the parts that Seungri does get.  Minho may not be the greatest rapper ever, but his rapping does suit the music that SHINee is doing- his absence has definitely been noticeable in recent SHINee performances while he’s been away filming.  Hyuna isn’t a particularly noteable singer, and she’s not a great rapper in the way CL or Miryo are, but her particular type of talk/rapping works for 4minute, Troublemaker, and her solo stuff in a way that CL or Miryo’s styles wouldn’t.

    If idoldom was about talent, the Piggy Dolls would have rocketed to the top of the pack with Trend- unfortunately, they got saddled with a terrible video and some uninspiring follow-up material.  Something along the lines of Taetiseo’s songs would have suited them just fine, but instead they got saddled with the ridiculously irrelevant Know Her and their talent ceased to matter- if the song doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, regardless of who sings it.  It’s the same reason that the best vocalist never wins American Idol (or any other talent program, for that matter)- talent will only get you halfway there.  It’s not just about being talented, but about using the talents available to create something compelling.

    • danahz

      If Minho didn’t join Shinee and another person was put in, I think their music and stages would been either the same or better, depending on the person. It is because we know Minho is in Shinee that it felt missing. If CL or Miryo rapped Hyuna’s parts, it would be ok. The reason why they can’t perform Hyuna’s stuff because their image is not Hyuna’s and wouldn’t allowed to be mold into Hyuna’s. I would be ok without Seungri. Dara’s voice is now important because 2ne1 seems to be trying to go in a feminine direction. Without Dara, most of 2ne1 tracks would be ok, like Fire and I am the Best.
      Piggy Dolls wouldn’t have made it because in Korea idol world, your image matters. That’s why there is news every other day about someone dieting. They are especially strict on girl images. Music is also very important. It depends also on the song. Their songs wasn’t that great either which makes a big difference unless the group has a stable fanbase, which they don’t.

      • incompetentfangirl

        That’s true, but the same could be said of Onew, Key, Taemin, or Jonghyun.  If they’d decided to debut Kai instead of Taemin, we would be none the wiser.  But, Minho’s contribution to the group is big enough that it’s noticeable when he’s gone.  And sure, CL or Miryo *could* do Hyuna’s parts and it’d be fine, but Hyuna brings a different style to the table that makes her recognizable as Hyuna, and she makes it work for her.  Seungri and Dara both add to their groups by providing a balance to the vocal color.

        Let me put it a different way- when Kangin left and returned Super Junior, it wasn’t incredibly noticeable, even though he’s a well-known and popular member.  When Heechul left, however, you could notice the difference (especially with Spy- his snarky/cocky attitude would have done a lot to help that mess of a video).  Siwon is widely regarded as one of the worst singers and dancers in Super Junior, to the point where he’s often excluded from dance sequences in the videos and will even leave the stage for certain performances- yet his absence left a big hole in the 8/2 MCountdown performance of Sexy Free and Single, even though he has few lines and isn’t super prominent in the choreography.
        On the other hand, Donghae is widely regarded as one of the most talented members of Super Junior, as he’s good at singing, dancing, rapping, and composing.  When he missed a performance of Spy on the 8/30 MCountdown, it was barely noticeable- I actually didn’t notice he wasn’t there until I watched it a second time, and Donghae’s one of my favorite members.  Even though both of them sing the opening solo of their respective songs, both had Leeteuk fill in for them, and neither has a particularly huge part in either song, Siwon’s absence was far more noticeable than Donghae’s, despite Donghae’s superior talent.

        I brought up the Piggy Dolls for the exact reason you mention- if it was all about talent, they would reign.  However, talent is only half of the formula- knowing how to utilize it, having an image that people want to see, and having engaging material are just as important, if not more, in the idol game.  Those girls were given not-so-great material, terrible styling, uninteresting videos… they had all the potential, but it was lost in the bad packaging.  Meanwhile, less talented people are able to shine because their material is suited to their skills.  

        For example, no member of KARA can sing like the Piggy Dolls, but their material is more engaging because it suits them perfectly.  Even when you look at their recent solo efforts, you can see that each member (or, more likely, each member’s management) knows where each of their strengths are.  While the Piggy Dolls are far more talented, KARA is far better managed, and that goes a loooooooooong way toward who will win out in the end.

        Ultimately, I’m arguing that even the weakest member of a group can be an important contributor if the talents that they do have are well-utilized (like I said- look at Minho, Seungri, Dara, Hyuna, Heechul, and Siwon), while even the most talented idols can fall by the wayside if their talents are poorly managed.

        • danahz

          Taemin could have been could have been replaced with Kai. It wouldn’t do much, but replace Onew and Jonghyun would have changed Shinee’s sound completely. It’s noticeable when he is gone because there are less members in Shinee. I don’t know about Kangin because I started listening to Kpop in 2010. Siwon is noticeable because he is always in the middle and the camera is always on him. Even when Donghae was in the front in the beginning of Sexy Free and Single, he wasn’t on camera. It’s just what the audience is use to.
          The reason why the weak members have so much going for them because Kpop sells an image, so I feel it would be pointless talking about black holes, but it would be great that every member contributed some musically aspect to a song. That makes me regret not learning about Kpop sooner and learning about DBSK.

          • incompetentfangirl

            Not necessarily- if they’d put Kyuhyun or D.O in place of Jonghyun or Onew, I think they’d be making more or less the same music they are now, minus Juliette and Honesty, which were written by Jonghyun.  But that brings up another point- Minho writes most of his own raps.  Despite being seen as the least talented member, he arguably contributes more to SHINee’s sound than any other member- SM found a way to turn their “black hole” into a musically relevant member of the group.  There are other five and six member groups who could have a member out and not be strongly affected (4minute, KARA, Teen Top, Boyfriend, f(X), etc.).

            Siwon’s absence wasn’t just noticeable because he wasn’t front and center- the whole performance was off.  The band seemed lost.  That just wasn’t the case with Donghae- the day he was gone, the group did fine.  Despite Siwon’s lack of talent, he brings something to the stage that no one else does, which makes him important.  While Donghae brings a level of talent that makes him important to the group’s music, he’s not a driving force on stage.  It was my way of illustrating that talent doesn’t necessarily matter in this game.

            Yes, K-Pop sells an image- I’m not arguing with you there.  What I’m saying is that some companies find a way to make their “black holes” important to the group, while others do not. In a recent article, “K-pop’s Disconnect With ‘Authentic’ Hip Hop Culture”, Salina mentioned an interview where Dongho of UKISS entirely forgot he was a rapper, and said he was in charge of aegyo within the group.  UKISS has other rappers, and Dongho isn’t as talented as the others- to be honest, if he wasn’t there I probably wouldn’t notice.  He makes up for it by being the variety/acting idol of the group, but he doesn’t contribute anything musically meaningful. 

            The same could be said of B.A.P’s Himchan, who is great in interviews, but hardly sings and isn’t a stand-out dancer (not that he’s bad- you’ve got to be ridiculously talented to be in B.A.P- but other members are better dancers).  It recently came out that he was picked without having to audition- the company just liked his face and personality.  B.A.P could have debuted as a five-member group without him, and the music wouldn’t be any different (yes, the traditional drums in “No Mercy” were his idea, but that’s his only musical contribution thus far).

            Dongho and Himchan serve important roles within K-Pop culture, and nobody is denying that they’re entertaining.  Just the other day, I was saying that I really hope Himchan gets a hosting gig when B.A.P decides to slow down a bit, because he’s so funny off-stage.  However, this article argues that these roles might be better handed out to people who are both entertaining AND musically talented- I counter that talent without good management will fall flat (Piggy Dolls), while judicious use of lesser talents under the right management can justify the inclusion of some of these “black hole” members.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

          I agree with Donghae, he’s a wallflower. Only reason I noticed him was because of his looks. I was like, who is this guy? He’s handsome, how come I never noticed him before? He’s really awkward in variety shows but surprisingly good in acting. 

          Which is ridiculous bc he is a good, well rounded artist. He can dance and sing. Heechul, I always notice when he’s gone. That cocky attitude of his, I miss it. That guy was born with a gift of getting people’s attention. In the music world, getting people’s attention is very important.

          You can have a great voice, but if no one pays attention to you, you wont get very far.

        • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kat

          Let me correct you, Siwon didn’t leave the stage and not appear in the dance portion of music videos because he’s that bad of a dancer or singer, in fact he’s not the worst in either dancing or singing in SJ. He’s not included in certain stages and dance sequences because he was busy with drama when the music video/dance practice was done, therefore he couldn’t perform. Your example didn’t quite make sense there.

          • incompetentfangirl

            I’ve never bought that explanation, to be honest.  He’s an okay singer and a passable-for-Super-Junior dancer- I would say he’s definitely one of the weakest vocals, and he’s at least in the bottom four or five for dancing (however, most of the other not-so-great dancers are on the vocal line).  If they thought he was necessary to the dancing, they’d make sure he was around.  I don’t mean any disrespect- he’s good at what he does for the group- but he seems to be more of an entertainer than a singer or dancer.

  • danahz

    I have two categories of idols that I enjoy:
    The Artist
    This would include people who musically talented. He/she/they are good at singing or rapping. Bonus points if they make their own music. People under here would include IU (not including Boo and Marshmallow period even though her acoustic versions of song are amazing), GD, Epik High, BEG, Block B, DBSK (old pop ballads like Doushite and Hug), KRY, Hyorin etc…
    The Entertainer
    This group would include people I enjoy on variety. Some songs are great but some disappointing (musically) tracks. I also enjoy them performance wise. People under here would be Super Junior (there are talented members; there are also good songs, just not all talented musically, but I like to see them having fun), B1A4, Jo Kwon (he is talentedd but his tracks to me are boring), Big Bang (they do have lots of great tracks, but I enjoy their stages more that their music), 2NE1, Sistar, etc… Many people here are pretty good at singing or rapping, but they are not super uber talented, but they know how to put on a show.

    • http://twitter.com/moe6141 Master chief

      block b lol

      • hapacalgirl

        Block B may be promoted as an idol group but I would consider them more of an artist than entertainer.  The members of Block B are involved in every aspect of the music they release, they write most if not all of their music and are heavily involved in the production of their music.  On top of that all of them are talented.

  • lokifairy

    They are IDOLS. NOT ARTISTS! They need to entertain the people not just with singing or dancing that’s why they are called idols. They have members who are multi talented and are also trained for their field. People need to realise this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    While I agree with you that idols need to sing, I mean it’s their job! I also realize we kinda need to have some blackhole idols. Some splendid singers unfortunately dont have the charisma to get pll’s attention. Sure they are pll who are talented and are good at selling themselves, but what of those great singers who are socially awkward?

    This is when a group comes in real handy. Mix up artists and entertainers together. A good mix is what separates average groups from really good ones. The individuals standing alone lack something, but in a group, all the members together supply what other members lack. 

  • CJux

    I have to say, I really adore the way you write Maria. I love reading your articles. I do agree with a lot of the points you made. However, I’d like to present an alternative point of view, one that doesn’t resort to the overused “They’re entertainers, not just singers!” excuse (everyone in the music industry, from rock to hip-hop to pop artists, are entertainers – what do you think concerts are for? To hear a cassette playing?). Anyway.

    1 – This is not unique to K-pop.

    Remember the glorious 1990s, the time of BSB, Spice Girls and N’Sync? Even they had their least talented individuals, who barely every sang. Backstreet Boys’ Kevin and Howie had weak vocals and barely had any solos. Spice Girls’ Victoria Beckham is a terrible singer. And N’Sync was basically Justin, JC and their three backup members.
    Mind you, these were not Korean pop groups. They had no variety shows to show off their “other talents” just to prove the fans there was a reason they put in the group in the first place or something stupid like that. Moreover, nobody seemed to question the role of less talented members in the group, because it was basically understood each member had a huge fanbase and each fan had their own archetypal preferences. 

    Pop groups operate on a different level than solo singers;  they are not, and never were, defined by a group of talented singers put in together. They are not there sell themselves individually (at least not initially, otherwise they wouldn’t be in a group); they are there to sell the group, in which each member plays a role, a character, that will attract a share of the fan market that is seeking for specific characteristics. For instance, my little sister tends to favor maknaes that are rappers. She can’t even explain why. It’s not a measurable quality, it’s just an unexplainable archetype that seduces her in boys groups. So if anyone here was wondering what Chansung was doing in 2PM, well, here’s your answer. 

    2 – You can watch they grow. Hard-work against natural talent.

    This is something you can practically only experience when you’re a fan of pop groups, because they always (well, 99% of them) have less talented members comparatively, and some even debut with totally talent-less ones. 

    Watching a less talented member suddenly shine, because he/she was given more lines or given a solo dance, or his/her vocals suddenly improved, makes you feel more connected with him/her on a human level. It strengths the fandom and makes the fans think all the time and money they spent on a group full of talent-less members was totally worth it, because they believed in them, and now they are even more proud to be a fan of the group. And that feeling reflects on sales. One of the reasons why BSB fans loved I Want It That Way so much (their biggest hit) was because of Kevin and Howie’s solos, who used to be relegated to background vocals and suddenly they started singing alone and fangirls wet their pants. I also wonder if that wasn’t always the goal with T-ara, when Kim Kwang Soo started adding seemingly talentless members. Hwayoung is possibly the best example or ‘hard-work against natural talent’.
    I tell you one thing: if I was a CEO of a K-pop group, I would never let all the members shine at once even if they were all talented. Let the fans experience their growth, staged or not, it’s part of the magic.  “OMG MY BIAS GOT SOME MANY LINES IN THIS SONG! OMG I’M THE HAPPIEST FANGIRL IN THE WORLD I’LL BUY ALL THE COPIES OF THIS ALBUM!!” – This would be the kind of response I’d aim for :)

    3 – It brings more fans to talented individuals.

    I’d rather view pop groups – especially K-pop groups – as a bunch of individuals logically put together because they would have fewer chances of success if they went solo instead. And this goes for both talented and talentless individuals. Even Lee Hyori and Hyuna didn’t start off as solo artists, they are or were both once popular members of a popular group. Likewise, some talented singers and/or dancers would have a far more difficult time in selling themselves as solo artists, especially if they’re not particularly good-looking. Yes, it’s still a bit unfair that the best looking members generally gather the biggest fandoms, but if it weren’t for them, you talented bias probably wouldn’t have the amount of attention and support he/she currently has.

    Not everyone can be like BoA or IU. Not everyone is born with great looks, sex appeal and is lucky enough to work with great composers/writers/choreographers. A lot of talented singers in Korea wouldn’t have the slightest chance in the market hadn’t been for their group members, who make up for everything they’re not. 

    4 – Music preferences are not always measurable by individuals’ natural talent. Shocking.

    Regarding your point: “Taeyeon and Seohyun couldn’t achieve success without the help of a more charismatic person like Tiffany. But even in Tiffany’s case, a good voice and charisma aren’t incompatible. Hyorin brings more fans to the yard than Sistar united.”

    There are tons of people in the world who can sing. Tons. There are probably more people who can sing in karaoke bars than in the entire music market. There aren’t, however, many people who can sell songs just by hitting the notes. Britney can barely hold a tune, but there’s something unique about her voice: you can always recognize her singing. And this is not just a condition of pop music; rock music industry is not always composed with the best singers or guitarists. They need to ‘fit’ in the concept/idea of the band, and specially, offer ‘something else’. Something you don’t hear in karaoke bars. One of my favorite rock bands of all time – Buck-Tick – is not exactly the most talented group of guitarists, drummers and singers in the world. (In fact, they even started the band without knowing how to play an instrument.) But I like their music better, and their performances better; they’re unique. And Atsushi’s voice, albeit very limited in vocal range, will always seduce me more than, say, anyone from 2AM. 

    And yes, I’d rather hear Tiffany singing and scratching notes than boring Seohyun, anytime. And between a Hyorin concert and Sistar concert, I’d still probably choose the first.

    • yessy septiaminarty

      I kinda agree with you :)

      Sad, but i think music only isn’t enough if you want to survive in a music industry.

      Of course talent is important, but to be a star (not only singer) a great voice isn’t
      enough. Since they need to perform in front audience to sales theirs
      song, not only singing to their mom or lover who will listen anything by
      granted. They need to hold an entertaining and exciting performance, no matter what
      kind of type is it.

      That’s why, in the first place 2PM more populer than 2AM even thou the latter have a better voice as a group.

      Even IU and BEG become famous after they change their images. And hard work do paid off, maybe not now, but it’ll paid off. Because, voice, like any other music instrument you played, you can practice to make it perfect. Maybe their voice isn’t as powerful as other singers, but if they can maximize their voice to the best of their interest, why not?

      As a music listener, i myself believe, music is all about personal preference. I won’t argue with my Jazz lover’s friend that Frank Sinatra is a great singer but will i buy his music? No. I’ll buy B1A4 instead since i love their music and their image in television make me laugh, they make me happy with their musics.

      And, last, no matter how talented you are, if you have a problem attitude, you won’t go anywhere since in music industry, you didn’t work by yourself, there a lot of people behind the stage that will help you rise or fallen as a star, not only fans and absolutely not by theirself.

      • CJux

        “De gustibus non est disputandum”. (There’s no arguing about tastes.) 

        I completely agree with you about being able to give a good performance is more important than just singing well. You can forgive a bad album, but it’s more difficult to forgive a bad concert. Performing live takes much more than just singing beautifully inside the closed walls of a recording studio, and this is what separates true music artists from mere musicians/singers. On the stage, a pop singer is no lesser artist than a jazz musician. Unless he/she gives a shitty performance that is.

        And one thing about 2PM, this is one true idol group that deserves their place on the stage. They get a lot of flak from K-pop critics for being terrible singers and rappers (true), and I used to believe they were mediocre until I saw them in Music Bank Paris. This is the thing about many K-pop idols: they can be all very pretty singers and flashy dancers and stuff, but lots of them don’t know how to give a fucking concert, much less a good performance. It takes more than just showing how well you learned the whole choreography and know how to mime like a robot. I know K-pop fans will forever excuse their idols and worship whatever they do, but if we’re going to excuse terrible singers because their job is to “be entertainers”, then they better start doing their job right. 

        Where 2PM the best singers of the Music Bank Paris? Definitely not. Were they the best dancers? Not really. But they were the best performers, by miles. Even in the special stages, Junsu shared one with Hyunseung, Taemin and U-KISS’ Kevin, and although he wasn’t the one with the best vocals, he was the only one who looked fully emotionally engaged in the song. Overall 2PM owned the stage AND interacted a lot with the audience in English and French. The thing that irritated me the most with other groups is that they didn’t even bother to spit two sentences in English or French, and rambled in Korean (with no translator) as if pretending the at least half of non-Korean speaking European audience wasn’t there. Some groups barely interacted with the audience at all; they just came in, did their songs and then bye bye, nice to meet you (4minute, SHINee – major disappointment). Argh. Talk about being “entertainers”… 

    • Sassychan808

      Holy essays batman! TL; DR.

    • Nandini Barman

      Soshi would be a thousand times better than fany and yoona. I hate fany to death and yoona…I am indifferent. I just hate any member who are given many lines but actually deserve only one or two lines per song.
      I hate the fact that tiffany nowadays is given more lines and spotlight than the other members of the vocal line….when I think she should have sang the least of them. About charisma and stage presence……well, i think she is nothing more than a screaming banshee in the concert. I don’t know why the soshi songs are all about tiffany in the recent times.
      And I hate hyorin. She is called the korean beyonce cause she stretches her voice beyond her capability, can dance and most important, has dark skin and ugly face!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    While it would be nice to have all members of a group contribute musically, it’s nearly impossible to replicate a group like DBSK who had members who were all singers and could certainly hold their own in variety shows. Super Junior and SNSD have succeeded in having large groups because of the fact that they had these ~black hole~ members that were downright entertaining and were able to lure in the fans. Yes, Yoona’s the face and the dancer, and SNSD would be just fine not having here there to sing, but she’s the most valuable idol out there because she’s the girl Korea is crazy for. Same can be said for Heechul, Kibum, and Siwon during Super Junior’s debut days. Heechul was in variety shows, dramas, sitcoms during their debut year, as well as Kibum and Siwon with their dramas and CF’s. Are they fantastic singers? No. They have KRY for that, but Heechul, Kibum, and Siwon kept Super Junior from nugu-land because of their visibility in so many fields.

    And it’s funny that BoA was mentioned in the article when she never really appeared in variety shows, even at the peak of her fame in the early to mid 2000’s. It was always about the music with her. She never had to go through variety shows to get more attention.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    Just to raise a small point here about your case points #2 and #3: In life, determination and perseverance can often get you further than talent.  That goes for school, work, sports.  One must never underestimate hard work for something that just comes along naturally.  And life is full of underdogs.

    Couple that with luck and the possibilities are endless.  And yes, I’m also referring to kpop.

  • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)
  • happy_slip

    Sometimes I feel like non-fans of these “blackhole” idols make it seem like the issue a big deal when it’s honestly not. So much, that I feel like a lot of these people are wasting their time picking on the obvious flaws of these “lesser talented” members when they could have used the time actually paying attention to the members they find “talented”. I know, this reasoning is often dismissed as “butthurt fan” reply, but it really makes me wonder how some people can think that the talented, but a little bit ignored member can get noticed by constantly pointing out the lesser talented member’s lack of skill or contribution to the group. Cause doing that honestly wouldn’t work, at least when you’re planning to convince these “blackhole” fans to support the “useful” members instead or something. Usually, saying that member A is more talented (therefore deserves more attention) to member B’s fans would only make member B’s fans more defensive, and the more defensive these fans get, the more effort they would put to make sure that their “blackhole” bias’ presence is justified. The argument would lead to nowhere. There might be isolated cases, but knowing the fan culture in Kpop, people will just go around in circles arguing back and forth about member B’s lack of talent or use, leaving talented member A….yes, still ignored for the most part.

    And anyway, I think it’s time for some to be actually realistic and accept that KPOP idols aren’t created solely for music. Other than performing, they are also made to cater to different kinds and forms of entertainment. As long the company knows where to utilize them well, I’m all good. 

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    I tend to think of a group as a group and focus less on the members… Hmm

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EMWCY47W4QVXJGMC4Y5IBEYJLI Patrick

    I like Ji Hyun. The prettiest member in their group.

  • http://twitter.com/A7316A AB

    I don’t think these “black hole” idols are worthless. While their strong suit may not be music, as long as they don’t impede the group’s music, their role isn’t unnecessary. Within K-pop, there’s music to look forward to, but what tends to make a fan are the personalities of the members within that group. A group could make beautiful music, but if the members lack charisma on stage, come off as flat or cold on variety shows, or just unpleasant, then there’s a smaller chance of fans actually following that group and creating that fanbase that these idol groups need to stick around. And this is especially true since upholding that idol image is so important.

    These so-called extras in the group usually bring an aspect that other members can’t or aren’t able to. Or it’s those interactions of the group that endear the idols to the public. And those seemingly unnecessary members usually find a niche to occupy: the acting-dol, the variety-dol, the dancer, the adorable one, etc. While those are normally not associated with music, it just goes back to how K-pop is an entertainment industry, not just a music one.

    Could these members be replaced? I think it depends on how far that group has come along with those specific members. If we must bring up Minho again, SHINee would not be the same without him. The group has developed their image to include the athletic, acting Flaming Charisma, and in no way is that image or personality replaceable. Though with groups like A-Pink, who are still not as well-known, replacements could probably be made and no one but Pink Pandas would notice. Except for Eunji. Clearly she has to stay.

  • jaghatar

    they are worthless but it is ridiculous  to expect idols to be able to actually sing that’s not their 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3Y23MXONEK3R5AXV2YH4C4OLPY LuLu

    The Supremes, Destiny’s Child, The Jackson 5. I could go on and on where a member eventually carries the brand. I think the kpop music industry understands the science — the total (group) is greater than the sum of its parts (individual members).

  • Sassychan808

    It’s rare for a group to be equally talented…but the disparity in some groups is pretty glaring.