20130226_seoulbeats_shinee_jonghyunThe SM solo fest continues! On December 19th, Sports Donga reported that  a solo project for Shinee’s Jonghyun will occur in January of 2015.

Jonghyun’s solo follows Zhou Mi‘s November debut and the announcement of f(x)‘s Amber solo project in 2015. Jonghyun will also be the second Shinee member to go solo, following Taemin‘s solo debut last August.

Fans have long anticipated a Jonghyun solo endeavor, especially after listening to his original compositions; Jonghyun composed many of Shinee’s most popular B-Sides on both the Misconceptions albums as well as Taemin’s “Pretty Boy” and IU‘s “Depression Clock.” Jonghyun also continues to sample his original works on his Blue Night radio show.

Although specific details of the release have not been revealed, there is little doubt that Jonghyun will play a heavy role in the production of his solo album. Since Jonghyun seems to compose a variety of styles, it will be interesting to see what direction his solo project will take.

In 2014, Shinee has been busy promoting in Japan where the group just wrapped up their third Japanese tour. Shinee has not had a Korean comeback since 2013, and while fans are anxious for the group’s return, it seems SM is more inclined towards solo projects at the moment. (Who knows, maybe Minho will drop a solo rap album next and show Bobby how idol rappers really do it.)

Readers, what are you anticipating with Jonghyun’s solo release? Do you have a favorite Jonghyun composition?

(Sports Donga, Images via SM Entertainment.)