Which means one thing: there’s hope for the rest of us, guys!

After what turned out to be the most disappointing list of tour stops for Super Junior‘s alleged first “world tour” with Super Show 4 last year, Super Junior revealed on yesterday’s Google+ A-Pop Star Week  that they will be holding Super Show 5 concerts in South America this year, with stops scheduled in Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. The news was later confirmed on SM Entertainment’s official Twitter. Check out the video of the members confirming it themselves below:

This makes for particularly exciting news considering the disappointment from Super Junior’s last concert tour. Super Show 4 was billed as a world tour; however, the only city they visited outside of Asia was Paris, while a stop planned for Sydney was cancelled at the last minute.

That said, I’m taking this news (as well as any prospects of Super Show 5 being a true world tour; New York’s still waiting for you, boys) with a huge grain of salt. This Super Junior fan’s not going to get her hopes up for a group that’s been flaky about tour stops in the past. But who knows — in any case, the idea of Super Junior playing major stadiums in South America is pretty mindblowing to begin with. Who’s excited? Leave your thoughts below.