You didn’t think that the boys were going to have all the fun, right? Since we got such a great response to our Ideal Type World Cup, we thought it wouldn’t be fair for the ladies not to get some love from their fans.

So, we bring you our new series: Miss Seoulbeats, in the style of pageant voting. Our first round is a preliminary round, so decide whichever way you want and vote for as many K-pop ladies as you’d like.

But! Make sure to decide carefully because based on your votes, only 20 ladies can advance to the next round.

And remember folks, we couldn’t possibly include everyone on this poll so we tried our best to include a good mix of solo artists, group members, and some underrated members. This bears repeating, but let’s stay away from bashing each other for their preferences.

Without further delay, we bring you the 25 participants of Miss Seoulbeats:

[polldaddy poll=5561614]

Happy voting!