We bring you a new segment: the Kurrent. We know we can’t possibly cover all there is to cover in Kpop, but everyday we’ll be giving you a round-up of some happenings in the Kpop world that we might have missed.

  • Gahee is set to debut with her solo project this coming November. Hope the Brave Brothers aren’t crafting another song for her. (star news)



  • Eric‘s getting discharged from the military on the 30th. Hip! Hip! Hooray! New drama stat! Or, just grace us with your present, whatever. (osen)



  • SHINee was at a fansigning the other day. Guess this means they’re letting fans catch their last glimpse of them before they go into hibernation until their next single? (weareshining)



  • Check out Jung Woo-sung‘s movie picks. Dude has good tastes in film. (asiae.co.kr)



  • You know you want to check out the debut of new group “Nom Nom Nom.” Comprising of a trio, they kind of remind me of One Way, no? (omonatheydidnt)



  • Check out some shots from the Jardin de choutte SS 2010 show from Seoul Fashion Week. Yes, Seoul Fashion Week exists, you West-centric-fashion-lovers!




  • It’s Monday, which means that Sungkyunkwan Scandal airs today. Check out some stills of Yoochun in the dramas penultimate week of broadcast. (sharingyoochun)