On this week’s Countdown, there’s a bunch of comebacks from the new and old and a debut from a group that wants to reach out and Touch you.

CO-ED tries again with “Bbiribom Bberibom”

Rainbow tries to come roaring back with “Mach.” Hmm, not bad , but they’re still not winning any races in my book.

Outsider makes a comeback with his rapid rapping style.

Veterans SG Wannabe comeback with “Winter Tree.”

New boy band Touch makes their debut with “I.”

Jiggy Dogg “Have Been”, Has Been, or Never Been?

A special performance by Superstar K2‘s 3rd and 4th place finalists Jang Jae-in and Kang Seung-yoon “By Living in this World.”  I still can’t believe Jae-in got outed.

The rest of this week’s performances included:  U-KISS speaking up with “Shut Up”

Nine Muses with their latest “Ladies.”

Beast with “Breath” not sure what it is about this song, but it’s my least favorite Beast song.

Miss A continues to “Breathe” in the smell of success and Min kept her shoes on this time.

Se7en with “I’m Going Crazy” love the song and Se7en’s performances are always solid.

2PM is back with “I’ll Be Back.”  I can forgive the mediocre song, and the questionable choreo, but NOT the make up, hair, and styling- WTF?  I could barely even watch the performance due to the sparkle from all the glittery eye shadow.

Miss A edged Ga-in for the Countdown win this week.

Next week, look forward to the comeback of 2AM and PSY– ooh it’s a JYP vs. YGE throwdown! There were a couple of vids that I didn’t get a chance to upload be sure to check them out and show some love to BigBangSHINeeWorld.