2NE1‘s comeback was one of the most anticipated in KPop this year and their growing international fan base flocked to YouTube to get a glimpse of the action.  Unfortunately, if you didn’t check out the vids right away, you never got to see them at all because YG Entertainment was very proactive in blocking videos due to copyright infringement.  We griped, and cried, and cursed the copyright police and (YGE) to hell and back for removing the vids before we got  a chance to enjoy them, and apparently YGE heard our cries.

On the 22nd, YGE uploaded 2NE1’s comeback debut performances from Inkigayo on 2NE1’s Official YouTube Channel.  They have made an agreement with SBS to officially release these performances so they will NOT be deleted, they are also in HD.  So, if you missed it the first time around, enjoy.

Not only that, on 2NE1’s channel YGE also made an announcement:

2NE1 TV Season 1&2 will now be available on 2NE1 Official Channel!! All episodes will soon come with English subtitles. CATCH A SNEAK PEEK AT 2NE1’S DAILY LIFE!!!

Way to finally take advantage of modern technology to appease your international fans!  Here’s the first vid of 2NE1 TV Season 2’s first episode (It’s not subbed yet, but hopefully soon).

I hope that YGE continues doing this with all their artists, especially with Big Bang‘s comeback looming in the near future.  The only thing though, is that they need to be a little faster with the uploads.  They really need to understand that international fans are very impatient, lol.  Anyways, YGE thanks for showing us international fans some love.  Everyone, go subscribe to 2NE1’s channel and baksu chyeo!