I was never a big fan of Star Trek. It was before my time, you know? (And a little, let’s be honest-a lot, strange.) Having said that and having JUST seen it, I say: slap some Vulcan ears on me, call me a Trekkie in Klingon and beam me aboard, Scotty!

The movie was pure, unadulterated entertainment complete with a great score, a little swagger, action and CG effects galore, epic failure (in the best and most comedic way) at times, and amazing one-liners…not to mention HOTNESS. Yes, leading the crew there’s Chris Pine playing a cocky Captain “J.T.” (haha) Kirk, Zachary Quinto as a smart-ass Spock with some serious sex appeal, and a scary Eric Bana as a pissed-off (and totally emo) villain. But, let me tell you, does our token AZN hold it down steering the USS Enterprise as a VERY sexy Sulu. Our boy ‘Raldy has come a long way folks! From obsessing over mini-burgers and MILFs to being the hottest helmsman ever, John Cho (37) has completely rounded out his career in a most awesome and EPIC way (at least in my fangirl eyes).

Sure he was only a supporting character; albeit one with a few GREAT scenes and VERY memorable lines. Just to warn you of his smoldering Sulu hotness though-the man knows how to handle a sword and his word of choice throughout the 2 hours or so is “thrust” (or a variation thereof).

So my final verdict: Go. See. It. NOW! And after you do, you can beam yourself back here to Seoulbeats and agree, or agree to disagree with me, that this is a FAN-effing-TASTIC movie.

I would not only go boldly, but GLADLY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY, go wherever these MEN go. And you should too.

PS. Zoe Saldana is there to provide some eye-candy for you guys too, but really with such a great movie, I’m sure you won’t even remember to notice her (or the super short female Starfleet uniforms).