20160702_seoulbeats_blackpinkHi everyone, here is your (belated) round-up of this week’s news:

Serious News

  • Kim Hyun-joong has won his defamation lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend. While Kim originally sued for 1.6 billion won, he was awarded 100 million won in damages.

Debuts & Comebacks

20160815_seoulbeats_exom_chenTeasers & Announcements

  • Future Station releases include longtime friends Min and Hyoyeon teaming up with Jo Kwon, and Seohyun and Yuri with a shampoo CF song. 
  • Exo is gearing up for their repackage single “Lotto,” dropping on August 18.
  • Laboum continue teasing for “Love Sign.”
  • The MV teaser for WSJN‘s “Secret” is out!
  • 15&‘s Jimin hints at a solo comeback.
  • Spica is finally making it out of the dungeon! This will be the group’s first comeback since their agency, B2M Entertainment, merged with CJ E&M. Here’s hoping they are as successful as labelmate Eric Nam!
  • DIA is making a Harry Potter-themed comeback and I am so here for it! This won’t be the first K-wrock song ever (we covered three of them here), but the more the merrier, I say. Here’s hoping lawsuits don’t happen, and other K-pop acts are similarly inspired (Hyuna better come through with that Gryffindor anthem).
  • Big Bang are bringing their MADE VIP tour to Hawaii, and Johnelle couldn’t be happier!
  • Infinite‘s L has landed his first lead role, in a 4-ep KBS drama.
  • Former 4Minute member Jiyoon will be making her solo debut.
  • It’s still August, but the Melon Music Awards is already announcing its line-up for the November ceremony. Look forward to Exo, I.O.I, BTS, G-Friend, iKon, Twice.

20140421_seoulbeats_leejongsukceci1Other News

  • Seolhyun and Zico are the latest celeb couple to be outed by Dispatch. Agencies have confirmed the relationship. Meanwhile, pap snaps of Seolhyun running in and out of Zico’s place (purportedly to avoid paparazzi) have turned into a meme, with at least one CF parodying them.
  • I think this is the second time Amber has turned up in a Buzzfeed video.
  • K-pop and Maxwell fans received a pleasant surprise when they learned that the American crooner would be dropping by Jonghyun‘s radio show. Maxwell also headlined the 2016 Seoul Soul Festival this weekend and will hold his solo concert on the 16th.
  • And YG’s management practices have been called out by a couple of parties. A Korean article making the rounds criticises YG for producing monster rookies that are unable to follow through as effectively with subsequent releases; and Lee Jong-suk, who signed with the agency a couple of months ago, has publicly complained about the lack of staff. Reports are that CEO Yang Hyun-suk himself is currently personally managing the star.

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