• http://www.yangjanice.com/ yang janice

    I know exactly which street in NYC Park Shin Hye was on in that photo! I feel like a stalker.

  • http://marymekpop.wordpress.com/ Mary

    omg that photo of park shin hye is absolutely gorgeous. definitely my favorite (:

    • Yoricka

      Reallllyyyyy? o.O It looked like they used too much photo shop or whatever because it looks weird to me.

  • Yoricka

    My favorites are the photo with Son Ye Jin, Nana’s photo, and Hyori’s for Grazia. Uee’s was great too; it looked like she was walking on water ^_^

  • dearsnowflower

    Lee Tae-im’s and Nana’s are gorgeous. :D I love the feel for both photoshoots :)

  • shannie4888

    Park Shin Hye’s hair is so gorgeous in this photoshoot…..volume galore and I love it. That’s just an amazing shot of her period. Fab!

  • Olliana

    Whenever I see Kim Soohyun, I remember all those fan meets where the poor guy put his hand out for handshakes and was ignored. It is so adorable how he quietly puts his hand away after, but he doesn’t give up though :)

    • yuuki

      i feel you