• jgurl

    I’m glad that CUBE realized that they shouldn’t (and couldn’t) model this group as BEAST 2.0 or like Vixx and other boy groups who did the dark concept. BtoB should be doing THIS type of music – fun, carefree, not taking themselves too seriously.

  • paboppa

    the best single WOW and the overall album was great so when they comeback with thriller” i was realy disappointed BUT with this mini-album they have found again their right path, I am not too fond of the title single but the other tracks are really good!
    I hope they keep improving^^

  • Peace Sign II

    I think their comeback was a bit overshadowed by Sunmi. or it could also be that they’re not THAT popular yet.

  • Emily D.

    It was a good thing to try “Thriller”, though, because now we know that type of concept won’t work for them. I hope BTOB gets a lot of success, because I actually like them and their music. With the rise of 2012 rookies grabbing music show wins, it makes me wonder if BTOB will be next…