• Alva

    I actually liked the verses of this song a lot and a couple of the members were insanely cute, but the chorus was so annoying! And I don’t think it’s very clever of them at all to make them seem so similar to Crayon Pop. The reason why Crayon Pop made a splash was because they were fresh and different. That can’t work with two groups. I see potential here and I hope that they won’t try to make these guys into the male Crayon Pop, because that will never work.

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  • gulagula

    They look like the SWAT version of FlashMen tho.

  • Judith

    I totally agree. They’re an extremely attractive group of guys, but they seemed lost and without direction throughout – lack of direction lands firmly in Chrome’s lap. They don’t show that they’re able to get the group invested in the concept

    and haven’t given them a clear identity. And the cameras work made me give up on the movie before it ended, something that almost never happens. A painful way for a group to debut.

    • http://beebgee.wordpress.com/ betty_hat

      I thought that they were just awkward in the beginning until i noticed that its impossible to not look awkward with that crappy camera work…

      “They don’t show that they’re able to get the group invested in the concept”- what do you mean by that?


  • http://beebgee.wordpress.com/ betty_hat

    I expected the pure fun that Crayon Pop provides in their music and performances. It feels like Chrome Entertainment did not go through with their initial plan to have K-Much follow CP in that sense- in the end we got that half-ass attempt at not taking themselves too seriously.

    Maybe it is really because they thought that it would be difficult to attract enough fans- we don’t really have all that many guys making fun of themselves in K-Pop (successfully) …. or at least I cannot think many atm


  • tasialiu

    I think the people at Chrome saw the success of Crayon Pop and thought that they could apply a similar concept to a boy group and receive the same response, but that is obviously not the case. It just seems like too many ideas and concepts all thrown into one group and the end result is a bit confusing. For all we know, these guys could be super talented, but without a streamlined concept and good music, we may never know.

  • yazzypop

    I feel sad for them :( I’m sure they are very talented and could have done a lot better

  • Delusional Prophet

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but the first thing that popped out to me is that every single song…I SWEAR I’ve heard the instrumentals elsewhere. That’s the thing that really made me skip tracks and get bored so fast. The music is important, but everything felt like they just took instrumentals from somewhere else, altered them a bit (Can’t recall the song, but one of them sounded like the music to Afterschool’s “Eyeline” with an alteration in tone) and wrote new lyrics.