• sweetyo0on

    Wow. If it had been any other idol member, I could have and probably would have dismissed it as a twitter rant written rashly in a fit of anger. But that’s not likely at all with Taecyeon. He’s experienced first hand how social media can ruin a celebrity’s career with Jay’s Myspace blowing up in 2PM’s faces. Since then Taec has silently taken on the leader position of 2PM effectively uniting the boys during the lowest times when antis and fans alike were all demanding the disbandment of 2PM. He’s been really careful with his words, actions, and altogether less carefree than before the incident – which just breaks my heart.

    So for Taec to go on this twitter rant, it means things are really bad with JYPE – beyond our imagination… For some reason I can’t shake of the thought that this all has to do with the merger with AQ Ent – it probably was very messy and I want to guess and say that maybe some people (probably from AQ) got promoted in compensation for the merger. Honestly, the whole leaving Miss A to AQ was so incredibly disorganized and one of JYPE’s greatest failings – all because of their greed. The situation was supposed to work like Apink & Acube, the company that directly manages them & then their parent company, Cube but with the rise of Suzy, JYPE got jealous and refused to acknowledge that Miss A didn’t belong to them anymore.

    Honestly, I’m so disappointed with JYPE right now. I don’t even know what to feel about Got7’s debut despite loving the boys on their episode on Win. The concept, design, quality all so disappointing…

    • Streby

      They should have kept JJ project as JJ project, those boys were so adorable and had so much energy, enough to hold the stage on their own…

    • Olliana

      Ah, you said it. He probably found this the last resort after being pc did not help.

  • yuuki

    that was oviousily not an instant rant.. I see it as an challenge to JYPE even his apology shows little remorse. Not that I am complaining but I am complimenting his brave act!
    It was very well written with not detailed or specific info provided yet good enough to know where the company is heading and the current situation in the company.. although I must admit it did felt a bit irony granted just few days ahead JYPE released the most homely christmas song.
    However, I hope he will be ok and JYPE does takes a good turn after analysing this event. They house pretty talented kids so, they just gotta pull their shits together on management and promotion.

  • shannie4888

    Taec probably shouldn’t have posted this on social media, but since he did, it really shows how JYPE is falling apart. I don’t know what happened to their company, but it seems to be in the pits.

    He probably knew that he would end up apologizing, but as long as he got to put it out there, he knew that people could really see an insider’s perspective on why the company hasn’t been doing well.

    I think his tweets hold a lot of truth. They need to get it together because if your own idols are putting you on blast, then it can’t be good.

  • Anon

    I take no issue with what he said, but I also don’t think it was wise of him to post it on twitter.

    • Olliana

      He must have been really frustrated. He bit his tongue, nothing. He did not bite his tongue, still nothing. In the end,..smh. Cannot be easy.

  • thekors

    Of course I don’t know Taekyeon personally but I think no, he wasn’t drunk while typing and those tweets revealed what he honestly feel about the company. Having said that, however right Taek could be about the situation, writing about your company for everyone to see would inevitably ruffle some feathers. I think some people are irrationally mad that Taek took 2 steps back by deleting the tweets and further to that, issuing an apology (as everyone seems to believe that they’re nothing but the truth). But, I think that partly comes from hungry fans who are always on the lookout for juicy bits on how these entertainment companies are run and now that you have an idol himself talking (or rather, ranting) about it – TADAA(!), here we have a confirmation.

    Taek’s contract will not end until 2018. You wouldn’t want to burn bridge with anyone within the company when you know you’ll have to endure it for the next 4 years (or less, with army time). Well, I can’t imagine doing that to my company. But what’s done is done and he may have seen it as the only way to highlight the matter to whom it should concern within JYPE.

  • coffee

    I personally view Taec as a smart guy who takes calculated, logical steps. He definitely knows what he should and shouldn’t do, and how short-lived careers in the entertainment industry can be. In the time that I’ve followed 2PM’s activities, he’s always been quite laid-back, mellow, and happy (but intelligent) so I think that these consecutive tweets imply that there really is an issue with management at JYPE.

    It’s not a good thing to call out your own company on social media, but it might be enough to give JYPE a reality check. I think that’s what he had in mind, and even though it was a daring move, it could be enough fuel to make a needed change. I hope things improve for them, because their material/groups are my favorites amongst competitors…

  • intheshort

    I think his claims have some credence. I remember Tasty saying that they left JYP because they saw people around them debuting, yet saw no plans for themselves.

  • Sun_&_Raine

    If you’ve been in a company for five years and you notice a lot of issues that goes on in this company, then I feel like you have the right to say something. It is no secret that JYP has been going downhill, people have even begun saying that CUBE has taken it’s spot as part of the the Big 3. And it’s not like we’ve been seeing any progress. Taecyeon basically just confirmed what we’ve all been thinking for the past year or so.

  • happy_slip

    If that’s the actual translation of his tweets (assuming there wasn’t anything lost in translation or something), then I won’t really dismiss them as “rants”. Frankly, it’s much better that passive aggressive tweets or “joking” comments idols usually make when expressing their displeasure, although of course I understand that not everyone has the luxury of doing this when they’re not satisfied with what they’re company is doing.

    The apology was to be expected, and I’m not disappointed that he did it. He’s still a part of JYPE at the end of the day, and whatever he does doesn’t only affect him but a lot of his co-workers as well. So I understand why he had to do this because if this escalates he’s not the only one who’d get the hit. He knows that.

    Tbh, I would love for anyone in YGE to give YG an epic rant about the company sucks with a big fuck President Yang in the end for really really shitty planning/promotions. If someone from them does it I wouldn’t care if he/she apologizes a hundred times over after saying it LOL. How I wish.

  • Ignis Invictus

    When I first read his tweet (translated), I did not consider it a rant. Rather, I saw it as a personal reflection of where he felt they are as a company and what needs to be done to be better. It was the start of the new year so that kind of introspection was not out of place. I did not feel he meant to offend the company though I understand that his apology was due to the fact that others may have misunderstood his statement as a rant.

  • Olliana

    TaecYeon spoke my mind. More eloquently, but I think the same. By the way, what became of JJ Project? I like that duo.

    • Hanabi

      They are joining that new GOT7 group JYPE is debuting.

  • Nate Broadus

    Good on the guy for speaking his mind (then retracting the statement with the caveat that it should not have been made publically). The rub is, it SHOULD have been made publically — then retracted, just as the guy did. That’s the only way to bring it to light where the company has to take notice, then give yourself a little wiggle room at the same time.

    Masterfully done, Taecyeon. Here’s hoping JYP hears you (because God knows they ARE desperately in need of reform).

    • esalocanegra

      Masterfully done… agreed. He is an extremely intelligent, very talented young man. He did not make those statements lightly. They were made with purpose. I hope they succeed in instigating positive change within the organization. I did not know Tasty left JYPE prior to their debut. I have been wondering what possibly would have motivated Rain from leaving JYPE. I can’t imagine the difficulty in his separation from them, and whether or not he had to give up any rights to do so; this after signing over his subsidiary to JYPE before enlistment — perhaps the goings on Taecyeon is referring to have something to do with it. It makes me worry for the likes of MBLAQ, who are already treated as step-children (in the Disney sense of course).

  • aka112u

    i completely acknowledge that jype has major management issues but at the same time teac’s post conveys to me that the company has a very democratic atmosphere. i do not think any one under sm or yg would even have the thought of speaking out against their agencies. i am a huge fan of all these companies, but i personally enjoy jyp music the most and hope the best for them.

  • http://athlieskores.blogspot.gr/ Erisa Desu

    I think he needs to grow up. If he doesn’t like sth he can always live the company. If he can’t do it then he doesn’t need to whine about it in the internet causing him more problem

  • brilliante

    I am honestly stumped by this article and the comments here. I don’t get why people here are saying that Taec is being back-lashed by the public when all over, the comments on the Korean articles are supporting Taec. You should read the Korean articles first before saying ‘he needs to grow up’, ‘he shouldn’t do that’ etc. And tbh, he’s not even apologizing. He is just clarifying his position and his so-called ‘rant’ is not even a rant. It’s an intelligent, well-thought (and throw in a little bit of irony and sarcasm) comment on JYPE, which coincidentally, most people who follow JYPE artists or 2PM in general, have already known. JYPE has many fuck-ups, the latest one that Jun. K even had to go to twitter and apologized for them. So no, he is free to do as he like and I feel that he’s not doing this by not thinking clearly. He knew he’d have to delete the tweets and give some sort of ‘apology’ but he released the tweet at 5am Korean time and didn’t delete it hours after release. Thus he timed it perfectly for people to know enough and spread it around.

    As for MBLAQ, what the hell does they have to do with JYPE? They are not related to JYPE at all. If anything, you should be looking at Rain. And AQE and Suzy’s situation, you should read more about JYPE and their subsidiaries before commenting. ‘JYPE got jealous etc etc’ OMG. I had my laugh of the day. ALL of Suzy and miss A profits go to JYPE in the end (just go and read their financial statement, it’s released online since forever), so why on earth JYPE should be ‘jealous’ of AQE in the first place? That just sounds ignorant tbh.