• majidfx

    i’m surprised SM confirmed it–though they’d try to preserve the “unattainable perfect ideal” aura surrounding YoonA (and honestly, the rest of SNSD) for as long as they could. glad they’re being honest and congrats to the new couple!

    • hapacalgirl

      i think if it was any other guy, they probably wouldn’t have confirmed it. lee Seung Gi is LOVED by Korea to the point that I bet even male Sones can’t hate the guy. Yoona and him are equals in terms of spotless reputations and general likability in Korea. Surprisingly with how popular Yoona is, LSG might actually be more popular.

      • majidfx

        so they’re basically a perfect fit for each other..after reading the netizenbuzz article i’m really satisfied with all the positive comments towards these two ^^

        • hapacalgirl

          Exactly. If either one of them was significantly less popular, less good looking, or had scandals , the fans of the other would have a field day with it and SM probably would have not confirmed it. I mean look at MGY and Kim Bum, Western fans had a field day about how she isnt pretty enough for him, while Korean fans ( in Korea she is the A-lister and the bigger star) were going on and on about how he isn’t good enough for her since he has had some criticisms about his attitude in the past and is nowhere near her level of fame in Korea.

  • aka112u


  • maldita

    Yoona dating freaking Lee Seunggi of all people is the best PR SM could ever ask for because he’s the boy everyone likes and even Yoona’s rabid fanboys can’t hate on him at all. Seunggi’s fans can’t hate on Yoona ’cause she’s very well-liked anyway.

    It’s like the idol world’s version of Won Bin and Lee Nayoung, TBH. I heard the reactions to the news is pretty much positive.

    • hyunjungsh

      and maybe because people think that the members of SNSD are old enough to date? i’m actually not surprised about this ever since hyoyeon’s dating rumor floating around.

    • little_insights

      Lol part of me wants to say that this is a marketing ploy… but whether it’s true or not the timing of SNSD’s dating timeline was definitely a marketing strategy. Hyoyeon could date anyone and no one would mention it because she doesn’t have the popularity. let’s see how long this really lasts I guess

  • sleepyneve

    When Dispatch outs your relationship, it’s hard to deny it right? Eh, I’m happy for the couple. I was surprised they were dating.

  • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

    Whooooah! This is so exciting.

  • shannie4888

    I love when a new couple is revealed. I’m so happy for these two. Wish them the best and they suit each other to a T.

    I hope 2014 will be as interesting with the scandals as 2013. Not this is a scandal, but it’s pretty big news.

  • Fannie_SB

    I really can’t think of a more well-matched couple… happy for the both of them!

  • bunny

    It’s funny how this same time last year Dispatch released the news that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are dating… it’s like they want to start the year with a bang so they hold off publishing about the new celebrity couple. :p

    • waynecollections

      Wow has Rain and KTH been dating for a year now?! It still seems so recent for me lol. Can’t believe how fast time flies! ;o

    • ANANAS

      except this news got the exact opposite reaction of rain and kth.

  • soshiKpop

    Wooooowww”’ these two are really suitable for each other” I like iT” congrats to 2014 new couple
    Yoona and seung gi


  • Daydr3am

    LOL! They are basically the nation’s favourite son and daughter, this match couldn’t have been any more perfect. Congrats to them. Way to start the year.

  • danahz

    I hope more and more idol come out to say they are dating. Then I hope the public one day is going to see a new headline and not care. That’s when you know that idols dating will be seen as normal and that will give idols a little more freedom to have a life.

  • monika tri

    im so happy for these two!!
    but if lee seung gi broke yoona heart </3 !!

    \YOU DIE//

  • youden

    Oppa vry hppy fr u nd …fr unnie also ..frstly …congrats to ..both of u secondly happy nw yr..and lstly….wsh u lk and happiness fr ur relatnship

  • itsmysunshine

    Still speechless until now. And for SM to confirm this? Of SNSD? Man, that just shows how big the power of Lee Seung-gi’s image is. Happy for them, and I hope they are happily dating :D

    • Vanisan

      I agree, SM confirmed mostly because is Lee Seung gi.. if was an unknown guy… it would be different, i bet All the best for the couple!

  • Guest

    I wonder why SM decided to hold off the news until now, i mean they’ve been dating since September right? I’m happy for the couple too, this is a pretty good start for the year lol. I’m kind of “eh” about Yoona, I don’t dislike her but I’ve never been a fan of her. Lee Seung-gi, I’m very fond of. He has an amazing voice, he’s a great actor and MC, and didn’t he like her for years or something? I’m glad he finally got the girl he liked. Best of luck to the couple and I wish they have a wonderful relationship together.

  • Guest

    She liked Lee Seung-gi since 2009. She said it many times during Hello Baby, watch this video and start at 40:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e92KvtkvbQc

  • Jeffrey Huynh

    Yoona said that she liked Lee-Seung-gi many times on Hello Baby back in 2009. Watch this video at 40:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e92KvtkvbQc

  • http://nahlarockz.tumblr.com/ Nahla D.

    I don’t know which is more surprising, Yoona and Lee Seunggi dating or SM Entertainment finally confirming a rumor. Anyway, Yoona and LSG look great together. Congrats!

  • L.A.

    WELL PAMPERED *applause

  • marjén

    Happy for both of them.yoona <3

  • Rissa

    They should be in a Drama together <3

  • Zulimran Melaka Suhaini

    ZUL LIKE YOONA NOT Lee seung gi near yoona cause lee seung gi evil his shadow person