• http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

    I have to say that the “Party Ver.” is far better than the original in terms of vibrancy and catchiness, albeit it’s lacking some polish. I wish they promoted this version.

  • 내가 제일 잘나가

    I looooove Hush. So many girl groups try to be sexy but not many reaally pull it off. Fierce sexiness is Miss A’s unique selling point and that is what they are giving us. I think so many songs are over produced in the sense to become a party song so having a simple song that fits their image so much was a really good idea and shows Miss A (sorry for sounding like k-netz) colour is awesome. This is the Miss A in 3:35 minutes.


    • sujusoju

      Have you heard the whole album? Among my favourite for the year.
      Miss A’s comebacks have always been pretty good, they just need that one song to give them that extra boost up.

      • 내가 제일 잘나가

        I haven’t unfortunately, but if it has the same vibe as Hush it’s a must do. I’ve always been more about the vibe and concept Miss A have although I do really like their songs, I LOVED IDNAM. The song that got me into k pop and my fave song from Miss A wasn’t the one everyone knows them by (BGGG) but it was actually Breathe haha

  • Guest

    This comeback got me wondering: What the hell in going on with JYP??
    Most of his main releases this year (2PM, Miss A and Sunmi) had the same sexy-sultry-mature vibe about them. The music for all of them was also very good and had a distinct quality about them, it didn’t sound like your usual kpop.
    So why is it that, even with pretty descent comebacks, his artists aren’t making that big of an impact on charts (except for Sunmi maybe…)?
    Even when the JYP trainees appeared on WIN, the nettizens seemed surprised by how good they were and I was like “Wasn’t JYP known for having the best trainees, or best training system or something?”
    It’s so frustrating to see their situation when they could be doing so much better :(

    • happy_slip

      Haven’t checked the charts, but is this song not doing good by miss A’s standards? I read an article a few days ago stating that the song’s doing well.

      I know how it can be frustrating but at this rate, I’m not even giving so much importance to it anymore lol. Like I remember getting frustrated with what happened to WG years ago and then they released Wonder World, and I was like, fuck it. Who cares if they’re not as popular anymore. That’s just me tho.

      • girlonfire111

        I agree with you that, as long as the music is good, popularity doesn’t matter. But it’s still kind of sad to see the kind of crap that tops charts sometimes, when groups like WG are fading. Or maybe I’m just being a grumpy, nostalgic old lady :)
        I guess what anon means is: JYP as a whole need a pick-me-up. They always bring something unique to the scene, and the company’s current status doesn’t reflect its contribution to kpop all these years.

        • happy_slip

          I honestly think they’ll come around again. I do understand how this can be difficult for people who really follow JYP tho. They’re in the process of re-building I guess. I’m okay with waiting because they’re releasing pretty good stuff for the most part anyway.

      • flashback

        the song is actually charting really well, it was the number one in most, if not all, online charts, up until taeyang released his song.

  • sleepyneve

    I feel that miss A releases great songs, but sometimes they choose the wrong song to promote. I thought Hush was okay as well, but the other new songs in their album would have done better as the title track.

  • mk

    I love this because Fei really shines in this. Suzy always had the spotlight, but not anymore. Great song. Great MV. I’m happy with their comeback. They all look smoking hot.

  • esmatrez

    This is a good song. In fact I think that almost all the singles that Miss A has released over the past two years have been good songs. But at the same time it’s not an excellent song and that’s what Miss A needs. I think that Miss A needs a song as good as Good Girl Bad Girl to really establish themselves as an idol group and overcome the handicap that’s Suzy’s popularity.

  • http://remaaarkable.tumblr.com/ kizzyneechan

    I think Hush is lackluster and falls into “Touch” territory for me–just not what I want from the group. Bad Girl Good Girl, I Don’t Need a Man, Breathe, Goodbye Baby–those powerful songs I like a lot more from the quartet than these whispy “sexy” numbers.

    • http://www.pkal.se/ Patrik_k

      I agree on this. Their earlier songs is much better in my opinion.

  • ShineeWorld52911

    3 words: Fei is dope

  • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)

    For me, miss A is an idol group who is just there. Nothing special and not worth a big amount of attention. Same goes for Hush. It’s an okay song. Nothing major.

  • happy_slip

    I LOVE IT. I guess it’s not surprising anymore because I absolutely went crazy over Touch last year lol.

    No seriously, this song is pretty amazing. I always love it when miss A does subtle-sexy, because they do it so well. Hush exemplifies this very much. Can I just say how I love the pacing of this song? I think I’m even going to like this more than Touch, because their vocals here are much livelier.

    Tbh I don’t even care if this song doesn’t give them that “push” BGGG + GBB gave to them years ago.

  • esalocanegra

    I have yet to see the video, but I caught the live performance on MNET. Aside from the lip-synching, not uncommon during debut performances, I loved it. It reminded me of their live Good Girl/Bad Girl performances, but even more mature. Suzy looked the most mature I have ever seen her, and they all looked ravishing. The costumes simple, not over the top, yet on point. Choreography was tight, and the song appealing, the type that will definitely grow on you. Over-all, a performance other girl groups would envy, and a really well-produced song, with more genuine urban contemporary/pop flavor (a definite JYP trait). I applaud their latest effort.