• Dhruv Angrup

    2ne1 is obviously among the most disappointing,infinite’s main in love,teen top’s miss right….on the good side shinee’s the misconceptions,seungri’s let’s talk about love,fx’s pink tape,exo xoxo,infinite’s destiny,apink’s secret garden,beg’s black box,2pm grown,teen top’s rocking,b2st’s shadow….

  • maldita

    Say what you want about “Wolf,” but it got EXO the attention they wanted/needed to get out of nugu status. Love it or hate it, people were talking about it and checking it out. Then they won over most of the skeptics (and slayed the digital charts, by the way) by toning it down and keeping things slick and simple with “Growl.”

  • iamjammmichi

    Bad-All 2ne1’s, 2PM
    Good-Infinite, EXO, Ailee, Lee Hi, Roy Kim, GD, and also ‘BAP & Seungri’ (even though they didnt won in any music shows, their album are soo good & BAP had been acknowleged internationally)

    That’s my opinion because those are the artists I follow so I dont care and have no idea about others. :)

    • iamjammmichi

      Plus Apink(good)
      I put 2pm in bad because I dont like their promotional tracks even though the chorus can stuck in my mind while 2ne1’s swag and soul in their songs and MVs are missing in my opinion.

  • Streby

    The best for me was SHINee’s ‘Dream Girl’ and all of Girls Day’s releases; EXO was pretty awesome too, Brown Eyed Girls also definitely deserve a mention.

    2NE1 was such a disappointment after ‘I Love You’, I also expected more from Beast and f(x). All simply lacked that extra oomph factor that I usually find in their music…..

  • K. Pharaoh

    2NE1 was definitely the shittiest. BAP was in the middle. GI (Global Icon) was probably definitely one of my absolute favorites. They’re just barely a week into promos tho.

  • BishieAddict

    For me:
    I liked: CNblue’s Sorry Sorry, Spica’s Tonight, EXO’s growl
    I was disappointed with: EXO’s Wolf, Infinite’s Destiny (because I like the chaser more), 2NE1, 2PM, 2AM (did they sing anything yet? I don’t remember. If they have, that means it never caught my attention), F(X) (because I love the electric shock), B2ST ( last year’s song was better).
    So I didn’t care for most of these songs. My favourite song from a Kpop group was SujuM’s break down.

  • Jessica Cottle

    A Pink and F(x) left me pleasantly surprised as did Jaejoong’s foray into rock. Disappointing: 2ne1 :(

  • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    I liked quite a few releases so I’ll just name the comebacks that were disappointing. 2NE1 (everything so far), BAP (everything after One Shot), After School, EXO’s Wolf, MBLAQ, Rainbow, Chocolat (can’t call that a good attempt at promotions), and that’s pretty much it for me.

    These were the comebacks I didn’t like at all. There are others that I can’t really decide if I like them or not (Seungri, G-dragon,etc), so I wouldn’t call them complete disappointments.

  • http://www.pkal.se/ Patrik_k

    I’m a bit surprised that all of you did not like 2NE1, I thought both “Falling in Love” and “Do you love me” was good songs, even if the songs was not great.

  • shannie4888

    Too many bad ones to list. The fact that I only liked a few songs this year says so much about the poor quality. The year started off craptastic thanks to Girl’s Generation “IGAB” and it pretty much set the tone for the rest of this year’s releases. BEAST’s album was a big letdown. I do like “Shadow” but I wanted something phenomenal like “Fiction and Fact.” 2NE1 didn’t bring the fire I was expecting and basically most of the releases this year were terrible with the exception of albums from Hyori, Nell, BEG, EXO and a few others.

    This was just a bad year in music overall. I have a handful of songs that I like from each genre, but I wanted better quality. In Cpop, some of my favorite acts disappointed, except Jolin Tsai, and not to mention Jpop, where all my favorite ladies (Ayu, Namie, and Kumi) served up something cold and rehashed, with the exception of Hikaru Utada who gave me perfection with “Sakura Nagashi” despite her hiatus.

    In my opinion, this year was pretty much a dud in pop music around the world period. I hope next year will be better.

  • KrisMyStar

    for me, disappointing = exo wolf, snsd igab, f(x) rppp, shinee wss, bap badman, 2pm cbwyhts, apink nonono, 2ne1, btob thriller, infinite, ajax, beast shadow, teen top, kara

    liked = exo growl, bap coffee shop & hurricane, spica tonight, nine muses wild, girl’s day expectation & female president, seungri gotta talk to you, stellar study, lunafly, gd crooked

    …there’s probably more but these are all the ones I can remember off the top of my head

  • AcadiasFire

    Disappointments for me this year are 2NE1 (which makes me sad) , Shinee’s – Why so Serious (I like it but not as much as Dream Girl) , Infinite’s – Man in Love, 2am’s comeback ( I forgot the name of the song, Beast’s – Shadow
    Great ones that I loved this year: Exo’s – Wolf (I know a lot of people thought it was a hot mess. Me included but it finally got to me) and Growl, Infinite’s – Destiny, B1A4 – Tried to Walk and Whats Happening, Nuest – Sleep Talking, 2pm – A.D.T.O.Y, Teen Top – Miss Right, Shinee- Dream Girl

  • Regina Phalange

    Disappointing: Shinee’s Why So Serious, B.a.p’s Badman, Exo’s Wolf.
    The other comebacks from groups I follow (such as infinite, shinee, exo, f(x) etc) I liked more or less. maybe I am easily pleased.

  • happy_slip

    How can 2NE1 even have a decent comeback when their asshole CEO is shitting them over? Now BB’s having a single + WINNER debut at the end of the year, great, that’s just fucking amazing.

    Sometimes I think YG should just flat out tell that 2NE1 is going to disband fucking soon so we can all just have a mental breakdown in one go instead of waiting for nothing like idiots.

    Beyond pissed.

  • rupdiddy

    I didn’t find any comebacks ‘BAD’ as such. It was more the fact that they were disappointing.

    DISAPPOINTING – ‘Why So Serious?’ (SHINee) – the song had a SHINee feel to it but compared to Dream Girl and the other Chapter 2 songs it was really not that great, ‘Wolf’ (EXO), ‘Rum Pum Pum’ (F(x) – although I love the song RPP, the comeback was a pathetic effort from SM. They are capable of so much more.

    GOOD – ‘Dream Girl’ (SHINee) – really got people dancing and excited after their massive break + got 10 wins!, ‘Falling In Love’ (2NE1) – this is just my opinion, but I actually really liked this song! :O Most people disagree with me though, ‘Growl’ (EXO) – too damn catchy, ‘No No No’ (A Pink), ‘Smoky Girl’ (MBLAQ), ‘Kill Bill’ (BEG), ‘Coup D’etat’ (G-Dragon), Lee Hyori, ‘Pretty Pretty’ (Ladies’ Code) and there were actually quite a few in there :)

  • danahz

    GOOD: Glam’s 2 Title Tracks, LeeHi, Jay Park, Teen Top (dances), Sunny Hill, Shinhwa, BEG (song), VIXX, GD (not including MichiGo), EXO (Growl)
    IMPROVED: Suju-M, G.na, Nine Muses, Girl’s Day, BtoB (Second Confession), Rum Pum Pum Pum,
    OK: Teen Top (songs), B1A4, Apink, BEG (performance), 2NE1, Sistar19 (I still liked Ma Boy much more)

    I think it’s the relative to their last work. SJM was way better this year than last. Teen Top’s dances are amazing. Sunny Hill has my favorite message of the Kpop sphere, and GD continues to wow me. G.na starts having decent music. Girl’s Day and Nine Muses are releasing better music. For me, all the people in OK has sort of dropped. After “Tried to Walk,” “IATB,” and “My My,” the new songs and performances were good, but not as great as before or didn’t bring much (Apink, except the acapella version).

    For me, true disappointments were Wolf, IGAB, and Shinee. I really didn’t like Shinee’s song this year. Also the misuse of girl power image was horrendous this year.

  • Ri U

    Jay Park had at least three 5 out of 5 tracks this summer. It sucks that not a lot of people know about his music, it’s really the best.
    I know a lot of people were unimpressed by Give it To Me, but Sistar’s 2nd album was really, really amazing. GITM, the title song, was such a good listen and it really put me on to Soyou’s voice–she sings like an angel.

  • Russ Wilkinson

    Loved Sunmi’s comeback. I know that a lot don’t agree with me but I’m glad to see Mimi back and I really do love the esoteric approach she’s taking.