• Naor_HW

    What is that picture of him as a mouse from? Lol.

    Master’s Sun is probably my favorite show on right now. Will have to add I’m Sorry, I Love You to the queue.

    • Johnelle

      The mouse pic was from the first edition of his SONICe magazine.

  • BishieAddict

    I knew of him but I never watched any of his dramas prior to “The Master’s Sun” as the other dramas are more serious and I tend to watch comedies.

    I didn’t know about his background…as a swimmer or that he raps. He seems to be so talented!

    He is a decent singer. He covered Yuki no Hana/Snow Flower:

  • maldita

    “National Drama” status is when a drama goes past 40% ratings, so yeah, “I’m Sorry I Love You” was kinda far from that. Popular, yes, but not THAT popular.

  • Thandy

    I’ve only ever watched him in GHOST , Always and Master’s Sun and loved him in all of them, guess I’ll have to add I’m Sorry I love You to my to-watch list.