• BoA578

    I like this

  • Whirly Pop

    She’s undoubtedly one of the many queens of Kpop but I don’t think she deserves the very throne alone. She’s more of the Hallyu Queen but not the Kpop Queen. Her one hit was No. 1 and the succeeding releases she had were not as huge of a hit. Reason why she was shipped to Japan! If not for SM making their rookies perform her songs every year on award shows, it would stay irrelevant. Talk about successful media play.

    Hyori was and still is the reigning Queen. She swept the Daesang at all the award shows! Now, Boa may have had her awards in Japan but she never made such a feat in Korea. Even until now, Hyori still is releasing a hit song after the next. She was also never away from the Korean spotlight and stayed true to her roots. There was one girl everybody went crazy for at one point, it’s her. It’s not also her solo debut that was pretty successful, she also had a successful career as part of FinKl.

    • Smile

      BoA is selling more albums than Hyori and BoA’s last song did very well on the charts as well. Her OST’s are usually doing quite good too.

      • takasar1

        Yeah but the point, I think, is that Boa was successful primarily in Japan not Korea thus she doesn’t deserve the ‘queen’title in my book.that belongs to hyori.she has however had a far more profitable career.

        • igbygrl

          ^I don’t know why you and Whirly Pop are getting thumbs down…Technically BoA IS a one hit wonder in Korea.

      • Aysha Zaheen

        For me, BoA is the Queen of Hallyu, one of the reasons alongside DBSK why it got the sudden attention and popularity. But Hyori is the Queen of K-Pop, she remained in South Korea for her music and went nowhere else as much as I can tell. BoA earned popularity globally, Queen of Kpop is too short for her- to me she’s Hallyu Queen and Hyori is Kpop Queen

    • xNoirX

      Wasn’t Hyori’s latest CD release a flop? I read it was included in a woman’s magazine as a bonus item to avoid so many of it being “remaindered”. But then it was on Nate Pann, a very unusually catty place.

    • Jang

      One hit wonder in Korea….? Statistic’s don’t lie, and you’re obviously too biased to do the research so let me educate you.

      Sales Comparison:

      2000: BoA’s ID;Peace B: 166k+ (won new female solo this year)

      2002: BoA’s No.1: 560k+ (swept the daesang awards and music charts)

      2003: BoA’s Atlantis Princess: 345k+ > Hyori’s Stylish: 166k+

      (hyori had the most popular song and won daesang, but boa clearly outsold her by a landslide.)

      2004: BoA’s My Name: 196k+

      (swept the weekly charts and awards, won the m.net daesang)

      2005/2006: BoA’s Girls On Top: 112k+ > Hyori’s Dark Angel: 100k+

      2008: Hyori’s Hyorish: 100k+

      2010: BoA’s Hurricane Venus: 67k+ > Hyori’s H-Logic: 31k+

      2012/2013: BoA’s Only One: 39k+ > Hyori’s Monochrome: 16k+

      Hyori won Daesang for “10 Minutes” only, BoA won Daesang for “No.1” and “My Name”. Based on statistics alone BoA beats Hyori by a landslide. And unless Hyori can outperform BoA, I’d concede and give her the Queen of K-pop Title, but BoA would murder Hyori on stage if they ever had to face off. BoA’s entire image from the get-go was based off talents, where as Hyori relied on her looks. Hyori’s saving grace is her personality and her stage aura, but when it comes to singing and dancing…. she clearly loses.

      Hyori’s more spotlighted in South Korea because she was the Queen of CF’s and partook in various Variety shows throughout her entire career, but that has since simmered down since she’s had a change in her lifestyle.


      (a copy and paste of one of my rants)

      BoA on the other hand was always focused on music, she was doing (heavy) dual promotions between Korea and Japan from 2001 until 2006, she spent one-half of the year in Japan and the second half in Korea. She was averaging 3 singles and 2 full albums in 1 year (over-kill), not to mention the special albums, Japanese songs she had translated into Korean, that she also promoted. On top of album releases and TV promotions she was practicing for her Japanese tours, prep and practice spanned roughly 1-2 months and the tours also roughly lasted 1-2 months. It would have been over-kill if she were to practice and tour w/ a completely new album (her Korean album) in less than a year. BoA was worked to the bone.

      Concerts in Korea (primarily for female solos) weren’t profitable in the past. Korean artists perform numerous times weekly at various shows during promotion cycles and at various special concerts i.e Dream Concert and ect., so solo concerts weren’t necessary because of this. That’s the difference between Korean and Japanese music shows, unlike Korea where artist are performing their songs 3-4 times A WEEK for 1-2 months, in Japan she was only performing on 5-6 shows (sometimes less) on average during promotion cycles.

      She stopped promoting in Korea for 2 years, in 2008 (although she did perform at some shows and sm lives) until her comeback in 2010, to focus on her American Debut. During this era she was doing dual promotions between America and Japan, since her Japanese contract states that she has to release 3 singles a year. SM didn’t need BoA to release anything because they had DBSK, SUJU, CSJH, Jang Ri-in, Trax SNSD, SHINee, ect. But, she wasn’t gone from Korea as long as you claim. She released singles in 2006 and the latter of 2007 like Everlasting, Key of Heart, participated in the Anyband unit releasing a mini-album w/them and performing at the special concert, participated in an Animation film (even went to Cannes film festival to promote), participated in CFs/advertisements, and released various OST’s for dramas and movies as well as performed at small venues, held fan signings, and attended her yearly fanclub (jumping boa) ani. There have been artist who were gone longer than her and didn’t release any material or performed at venues, at all.

      BoA works her ass off.

      • Whirly Pop

        so much time haha

        • Jang

          BoA’s worth my time :P

          • Whirly Pop

            numbers aren’t proof though. always. justin bieber would be the most talented person in america if that’s the case.

          • Jang

            Now you’re just being hypocritical. You stated Hyori was the deserved queen because she swept all the Daesangs and awards. Your reasoning was also based off of numbers, you stated the amount of awards she won in Korea compared to BoA was the reason why she is the deserved queen of kpop, but you didn’t bother checking BoA stats LOL. Delusional fan much? Since debut until now, BoA has been one of the best selling female solo artist.

            As you stated, numbers aren’t everything, but until Hyori can out perform BoA, she doesn’t impress me the slightest.


            FYI, the talented Fin.k.l member wasn’t Hyori, but Ock Ju Hyun. If anyone deserved recognition it shoud’ve been her.

          • Whirly Pop

            I won’t because I have actual important stuff to do. Lol. Srsly.

          • Jang

            LOL, and that’s exactly why you’re a delusional fan. You can’t admit when you’re wrong, and you were dead wrong. Refrain from typing if you don’t have your facts straight.

          • Whirly Pop

            No I’m not. I just don’t have enough time to prove it. Seriously, you’re so butthurt. It’s not like I dissed BoA. Anyways, this I will say. Did BoA sweep the daesangs? Was she known in Korea at all as a kpop star? Ask yourself that.

          • Jang

            In terms of musicality, I consider BoA more of a K-pop “Artist” than Hyori. If we’re talking about K-pop “Star” I’ll hand the title over to Hyori, the advantage that Hyori had over BoA is being more exposed to the public, as I stated Hyori was everywhere and was the face of various advertisements and appeared in countless variety shows. She was more active in that scene than she was in the music scene.

            It’s true that 2003 was Hyori’s year, but what about her later works? U-go-girl was successful but it failed to win any major awards at the end of the year. Is her 2003 sweep your only so-called “proof”? Not to mention TWO, not one, but two of Hyori’s albums were wrapped in controversy due to copy right and plagiarism issues.

            BoA’s “No.1” picked up more than half of the end of the year daesangs. Unlike Hyori, BoA went on to win the daesang for another title song, that being “My Name”. All of her past albums, were successful. And with the exception of :Only One”, she won awards for all 6 of them. She made a huge impact on the Korean Music Scene.

            You don’t follow BoA’s work so your stance on the issue is one sided. I’m not a fan of Hyori’s music but I do follow her, as I enjoy watching her on variety shows more so than listening to her attempts at music.

      • Aysha Zaheen

        I agree with you :) but I want everyone to know that Lee Hyori was initiaaly an SM Trainee who was supposed to debut with either S.E.S or a solo act in the early 2000’s; that’s instead of BoA. But for some personal issues she dropped and later debuted with Fin.K.L.
        Guys, Lee Hyori isn’t a vocalist as strong as BoA, so they would’ve clearly not let her debut with S.E.S, so she might’ve debuted instead of BoA and BoA might’ve been place instead of Taeyeon in SNSD.
        Hyori is the queen of kpop and BoA of Hallyu- now that’s what I think. I love both of them a lot; now it’s your viewpoint.

        • Russ

          Hallyu IS Kpop. You cannot reign over one and not the other.
          Hyori is definitely royalty, but there is only one queen.
          …and her name is BoA.

  • lola

    For me hyori deserves the title for queen of kpop

  • Smile

    BoA is a wonderful, young and talented woman. She is the reason why I started to listen to Jpop (and later Kpop).

  • NerdSwag

    I heard about Boa before I even heard about the kpop genre. Nuff said.

    • maldita

      Me too! I randomly saw her in an MTV Asia Awards back when I was 12 or so and I was just blown away by how a girl barely older than me was rocking the stage there. Been a fan of her ever since, and that was years before I cared about K-pop.

    • dee

      this. the first time i heard BoA was when she was rumored to be cho chang in HP movies years ago lol and also knew her from her collab with westlife :) didn’t know she’s korean and in the same company w/ TVXQ and SJ..

    • swinter101

      just because you heard of her before you knew Kpop does not mean she is the Queen. yes she is with hallyu but not Kpop she has always lost to Lee Hyori like everyone else

  • elle

    In Kpop, BoA is the epitomy of cool and confident. Many female idols are either “sexy” or “cute” and it’s unfortunate because I think those images, in part, turn them into sex objects in the eyes of (male) consumers. BoA can encompass both those qualities without being viewed in the same way as other female idols. She seems comfortable in her own skin, and sincere/honest (or as honest as she can be without going too in depth into her life and the company) and down-to-earth in her interviews. With BoA, I don’t focus on the album concept, I focus on her skills as a singer, a dancer, and a performer. The girl just EXUDES cool. Jealous.

  • Lexie Riley

    Is Hyori the one who made it big in Japan?
    Is Hyori the one many of you first saw before falling for K-Pop?
    No and no.

    Yeah, probably BoA would be the queen of the Hallyu Wave. But think about it. What would be K-Pop without its international fans? Because many international fans fell for K-Pop because of BoA these past years, right?

  • Nate Broadus

    Nothing gets people pissy at one another quite like elevating someone to King/Queen status.

    I don’t know or care if Boa is the “Queen” of Kpop — I like her stuff. That’s enough for me. (By the way, Laverne, you’re lovely — so none of this was aimed at you.)

    • Laverne_SB

      Why thank you, Nate!

  • Cute Dolls ♥

    She is the best ! ♥ My queen B

  • MissMare1028

    It doesn’t matter if she’s the queen of Kpop or the queen of Hallyu, Boa worked hard toward her success. Started out at the age of 13, and survived 13 years of nonstop hardships from what the industry had given her. Now she’s ready to take on the world even more with her unlimited amount of strength. She’s confident but not cocky, she’s talented but still has so much to offer, she’s fierce, she’s amazing, and always elevating. Boa, I will always respect you, as a person and as an artist, best of luck.

  • swinter101

    the Queen of KPOP is LEE HYORI. BoA was not that popular in Korea she is like how Kara is now(I’m not trying to hate). The were known in Korea but never got the #1 title till japan, yes she was popular but like Kara never got on that “A list level” till Japan. Lee Hyori was not just famous when she was in her group but as a solo to her debut 10minute was the biggest song that year(its not just me saying that check it your selves if you don’t believe it). Hyori is still strong with her new stuff while BoA not so much. She maybe Queen of Hallyu but not Kpop.

    • BigBlue

      Hallyu IS KPop. You don’t rule one without the other. Hyori is royalty, but she’s no BoA. As for your other assertions, the numbers don’t agree with you. BoA has consistently out sold and out charted Hyori.

  • iamjammmichi

    I thought the King and Queen of Hallyu are BYJ and Choi Ji Woo, respectively of Winter Sonata.:)
    Anyways, Lee Hyori has a stronger personality and appeal compared to Boa that’s why others think she is the only one who deserve the Queen of Kpop. I bit agree with that but Boa has still credibility and more talented than Hyori. But in the end, I prefer Hyori. Haha!

    • Aysha Zaheen

      same here mate ;) i know boa’s more talented but i feel hyori has revolutionized kpop and boa sprung from japan to korea. but still boa’s more talented and hyori; deserves more than this.
      boa made us know korean music industry, hyori introduced us to korean music.
      ~difference, nae?

  • Russ Wilkinson

    BoA may not have been the reason I initially noticed KPop, but she is the reason I came to love it. She is (I admit, arguably) the greatest performer still alive today. She is in the East in this century what Michael Jackson was here in the West in the last one.
    I learned of her because of the Wonder Girls, then Girls Generation. After that I had to get everything she’d done. The only disappointment was the American attempt. SM put her with a producer past his prime and their BIGGEST mistake was associating her with a skank like Britney.
    For those who say Hyori is queen, I say I had to look her up because I honestly did not know who you were talking about. BoA is Korean. Even in Japan and here in the states she promotes Korea and KPop. There wouldn’t BE a KPop wave internationally if not for BoA.
    BoA isn’t just the Queen of KPop, she’s expanded far beyond that. Doesn’t mean she vacated the throne though. ;)

  • Russ Wilkinson

    Some other things to consider now that I’ve had a little time to crunch numbers.
    Number one albums in Korea:
    BoA – 5 Hyori – 3
    Top 10 singles in Korea:
    BoA – 10 Hyori – 9
    International top 10 singles:
    BoA – 33 Hyori – 2 (U.S. KPop charts)
    International number 1 albums:
    BoA – 11 Hyori – 0

    The number don’t lie. I have looked at a few things that Lee Hyori has done and she IS good. Very good. I’d even venture to say she has a shot at the U.S. mainstream market.
    But she’s no BoA.

    • Aysha Zaheen

      boa made us know korean music industry, hyori introduced us to korean music.
      ~difference, nae?

      • Russ

        I do not want to dis Hyori at all. She’s hot, she’s talented and she is very good. I just don’t see her at the same level that BoA is.
        To put it in American terms, Hyori is Donny Osmond and BoA is Michael Jackson.
        I like them both, but there’s only one king/queen. :)