those are my favorite tracks off of “Heartbreaker”

  • bangsstory

    I love Butterfly from his first album. I always thought it was a B-side song since it wasn’t promoted. I think Missing You feat. Kim Yuna of Jaurim also deserved to be on the list. That’s such a good song. :)

  • AiishaB

    Missing You is an amazing song and definitely should have gotten promoted :)

  • Lily Quinn

    I like almost all songs from every albums. Even the ones that didn’t get promoted are very good songs imo. Besides the tracks listed above, I like “Missing You” and “Eventually”/”Without You.” “Obsession” is catchy but the auto-tune killed it for me.

    The thing with G-Dragon is that his diversity spreads wider than others. People who dislikes noisy-sound hates Crayon and MichiGo, but they love “Missing You.” People who likes hip hop loves “One of a Kind” and thinks that “Missing You” is mediocre and generic.

    I don’t know how others qualify good songs, but for me first and foremost: I don’t get tired listening to it even if I play it on replay. Almost all of GD’s songs do that for me. The lyrics are usually good, but I often don’t pay much attention unless it goes with an MV. After all, I don’t watch music, I’m listening to it.

    Suggestion for new listener: Listen to ALL the songs in the album, don’t judge after you only listen to one song. He has that ability to present a very different sound from what is usually expected from him.

    • kkitsme1

      A suggestion. When listening to g-d’s songs re-arrange his songs by genre instead of by album (include his Big Bang Album solos like This Love, But I Love You & songs like Oh My Friend, Stupid Liar). You’ll see that he has strains of influences and is quite consistent in that sense. Not necessarily cohesive within one album but there is progression in his music by genre based on his first solo single to his newly released songs.

  • Zainlovesmusic

    A Boy is probably his most personal song ever. I love the lyrics to that song and the mv !! Also the performances for it were amazing.

    Another song I like is but I love you. That wasn’t in any of his solo albums but a Big Bang album. I think it was in hot issue?? It’s a great song~

    From his newest album I think window is the best. Sadly it was only included in the physical album so we can’t buy it on iTunes and it will probably not be promoted at all. And I don’t think a lot of people know about it.

  • Clarissa

    For me, Heartbreaker is my favorite album, mainly because I like all of the songs on it. I like most of the songs from One of a Kind except for maybe one, but I only like several songs from his latest album: “Black,” “Crooked,” “Who You?” & “Window.”

    I remember being obsessed with “Korean Dream” so much! I always had it on replay. Same thing for “The Leaders” which I think should have had an MV, only because I’m sure it would have been awesome! I think one reason Heartbreaker is my favorite album, now that I realize it, is because at some point I had one or two songs always on replay from it. I discovered each song at different points in time back when I was barely getting into K-Pop so I never listened to the album all at once. It was also really diverse but had more pop infused with hip-hop than just pure hip-hop in it.

    “Light It Up” is my favorite from OOAK along with “Without You.” Again with the replay thing.
    In conclusion, I need the physical albums for Heartbreaker and One of a Kind (as well as GD&TOP), but I’ll stick with the digital purchasing from songs off of Coup D’Etat since I’m the type of person that will only buy physical albums if I like 90% of the music on it.

    But since G-Dragon is one of my ultimate biases, someone who I’ve been listening to for a few years now, AND if I had the money, I would buy all those albums at once! If only…

  • happy_slip

    Heartbreaker was such a flawless album, regardless of its controversies. Makes me glad that GD was able to show that side of him in HB before doing OOAK and CDT. Despite the criticisms it got, that’s probably the truest, most honest GD record for me. Kinda ironic because the album was mostly electropop lol. Still play the songs off that album to this day tbh. Butterly, Gossip Man, She’s Gone and The Leaders most especially.

  • WorthInClay

    Thanks for this Side B. I enjoyed both albums pretty much.
    I like it that GD explore and expand his style by so collaborating with so many different artistes. It’s a real pity that a lot of the artistes that he collaborated with does not get the due recognition, just because they are not mainstream. I was really curious about the other voice in Gossip Man but it was just so difficult to google details and background (in English) of Kim Gun-mo online.
    And the other sad thing that some of his i-fans were mistaken that Kim Yuna in Missing You was the trainee Kim Euna/Yuna that YG packed off. (Pfffttt!!!)

  • cocoralcara

    One year station’s metaphors etc… are about the fans. GD wrote the song because Big Bang hadn’t released anything in Korea for a year since they were doing promotions in Japan.
    He sings 365 다시 1번 버스 which means 365 again the number one bus. 1번 is pronounced ‘ilbon’ which is also the word for Japan in Korean.

  • Lina90

    Lyric wise, heartbreaker is the most personal album of GD ever. It still raw, like baby GD lol. But I like the musical direction he took now. I personally wasn’t fond of with autotune and listening to some of tracks in heartbreaker again is rather disturbing. If you haven’t listened to all of tracks in Coup d’etat, you should. Because “Window” is such good track!! It’s rather creepy/gloomy but in a beautiful way.

    And I’m agree with “The Leaders” and “Light It Up” They are gems!!