• maldita

    What a pleasant surprise to hear DBSK’s “Paradise!” Haven’t heard it in so long, yet I still squealed over it.

    /goes off to listen to Mirotic album again

    • Subi

      The OST is actually from Goong!

      • maldita

        Oh yeah! My bad! It’s the song playing when Chaekyung and the prince were all cute and ~frolicking~ in the sand with the dried squids and everything when they had their pseudo-honeymoon thing. LOL I loved that drama so much.

  • Mini Squid

    PERHAPS LOVE!! Like omg, I don’t really give a damn about OSTs but I just fell in love the first time I heard it.
    Troublemaker! As much as it is hard to believe, I will so dance to that song at my wedding.
    EXO’s Angel. Swoony.
    SHINee’s Stand By Me. I’m considering Almost Paradise but won’t ppl kill me or something?

  • ybkdik91

    OMG what a co-incidence, first time I ever heard Paradise by DBSK I pictured playing this song at my wedding (if that ever happens lol.) Awesome song choices :)

  • Mihna Naser

    I like Girls Generation a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!