• CLoak And Dagger

    Considering how gaming has seen many new projects spring up via Kickstarter from even notable people (Keiji Inafune and Tim Schafer come to mind) I certainly would hope that crowdfunding campaigns would work well in kpop.

    But unlike gaming, crowdsourcing in kpop leads to one big problem, and that mainly is that even if it sets a precedent, it won’t matter. At the end of the day, YG, SM and JYP still control the strings, and will have tons and tons of money to push smaller companies out of the space.

  • Naor_HW

    It’s always problematic when we ask if it is ethical for people to spend their money in a given way. It is, after all, *their* money, so if we’re not talking about fraud or illegality, it seems like a silly question. As long as people get the incentives they paid for, why is this any different than directly paying for the same thing, except that the fans also get to know that they are supporting a project that wouldn’t be made otherwise?

  • myloveisDRC

    Wooo, Scrubs! Best show ever.

  • itz_justme

    I think its fine as long as the people funding it won’t have to in turn buy the products that are made from their donations. Just because an artist has made a debut, doesn’t mean their company has the funds to promote them in an effective way.

    Kpop fans fund artists anyway with all the gifts they give. Why not take it a step further? If you don’t want to invest, then don’t. But don’t stop those that do. If I had an artist i was passionate enough about( I don’t), I’d donate. Especially if loved the type of music they had and I knew they wouldn’t have a way to promote otherwise.