• Kitsu-Ken

    I will admit, when I first heard this song, I wasn’t too into it… but then after a few days, I couldn’t get the song out of my head and now like it.

    And the whole Shinee having a song with the same name is ridiculous. there are so many songs that have similar names yet no one is criticising them for that. and wow, kpop has quite a large amount of songs on noonas…

    Some other examples of same name songs:
    Shinee and Nu’est = Hello (and why weren’t Nu’est criticised for this?)
    Ladies’ Code/ Lee Hyori = Bad Girl

    there are bound to be other song names used by different artists… happens so much in western music that it was bound to happen in kpop as well.

    • Isabel Medez

      “why weren’t Nu’est criticised for this?”

      Maybe coz they didn’t sing “Hello, hello” but they sang it as “Yoboseyo”? So it’s like making the song theirs.

      • Kitsu-Ken

        I get what you mean but I guess I should clarify what I mostly read in the forums.

        Most of the commenter that criticised NOM stated that they didn’t really watched the video and then proceeded by saying that “it was practically a direct copy of Shinee’s” or that “they didn’t watch it because it clearly wouldn’t be as good as Shinee’s cause they’re a rookie group”.

        What i’m trying to say here is that most of the people who are criticising them were “those” fans of Shinee (you know, the borderline saesangs and ones that are nearly sane) that were too ignorant to listen to NOM’s song, which is clearly different.

        At least it’s ganering attention. Like WASSUP, it may not be the best attention, but its better than none. And it will make people wonder what their next song would be like which in WASSUP’s case, was actually pretty good.

    • Laverne_SB

      And Shinee and Beast both had songs called “Dream Girl.”
      I think it was mostly fans who hadn’t listened to the song. Because once you listen to it, it’s pretty obvious that they’re different.

      • Kitsu-Ken

        yeah, most of the people who said that on forums didn’t even listen to the song, or even watch it. I was just shaking my head at the ignorance of some of those fans.

        its clearly a different song, and it wasn’t even that bad… just an average one at that.

  • intheshort

    Wait. I searched NOM and this is what I came up with:


    I’m confused.

    • Laverne_SB

      Haha that happened to me. Apparently there are two groups by the name “NOM.” The difference is the group you linked usually writes their name N.O.M. and it stands for Nature of Men. The group I reviewed is NOM.

      N.O.M. is also a 4 member group while NOM is 5. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the deal with N.O.M. is.

  • KrisMyStar

    at first i thought the guy on the left was key…

    • Courie

      and the one next to him kinda looks like Tao…