• Lala

    Didn’t you already write basically the same thing about this two weeks ago http://seoulbeats.com/2013/09/piggy-girls-making-comeback-im-smiling/

    Stop recycling your articles.

    • Camille

      It’s not the same article though. The first one was about a new group coming back and focused more on the old group. This one is about the new group that did come back -well… “out” is probably more just- and deals with their debut song and mv. So nope, themes are linked but these are not the same articles~

  • Nate Broadus

    I wanted to zing the hell out of this, but to be fair, these singers aren’t all that glammed up. It’s not like Winning Insight (seriously, change the f*cking name) pushed out three Hyomin’s in sequined dresses and pumps. They all look like normal, pretty girls. Hell, the OLD Piggy Dolls looked like normal, pretty girls. The only real difference is, this group, despite the cringe worthy name, doesn’t seem to have any intentions of using weight as a gimmick — and God bless Winning Insight for actually having one insightful idea in this fiasco.

    I’ve never been a supporter of using body proportion as a gimmick. It’s distasteful. It would be just as tasteless as using stick thin figures as a selling point — but EVERYONE knows Kpop doesn’t do that. Perish the G*ddamn thought.

    The song isn’t that bad. In fact, put this in your pipe, I actually kind of dig it a little. It’s refreshing to see normal, pretty girls singing a song. Kpop can be so illusory, up its own tailpipe with glitz, glamour and superficiality that sometimes I just crave a reminder of a time when singers just sang songs and weren’t pushing their own egos and ambitions to be a fashionista.

    As messages go, this is kiddie pool territory — but it doesn’t need to be anything more. Other than the fact that these girls are obviously slimmer than a group called the Piggy Dolls would suggest, they also look more real than a great many Kpop idols these days. They get props from me for that one.

    They still need to axe the name, chop it into pieces and set it on fire, though.