• The Green Witch

    I’m pleasantly surprised by Yu Seung-eun’s Be Ok, and Miss$’s release [omg too much Ss]. I wish they get more exposure though, otherwise casual fans might look past them.

  • Fannie_SB

    Omg.. I totally flipped out when Lawyer Choi Yoon suddenly appeared on I Hear Your Voice!!

  • AcadiasFire

    A lot of these new songs we’re really good lol Thanks for helping me find them.

    • Johnelle

      You’re welcome–I’m glad you enjoyed some of the songs highlighted in this post.

  • xNoirX

    When I read Hyorin’s facial expression controversy, I had a little chuckle, because she sang:

    “나 표정 관리 안돼 미칠 것 같아”
    I am going crazy, because I cannot manage my facial expression

    That’s from Loving U