• ShootAnonymous

    As much as I agree with the rest of the points raised, I would like to point that:

    “These are the same people who watch him…” is untrue. Netizens are not one huge homogeneous group. It is not uncommon for people to browse (and comment on) articles regarding celebrities that they do not actually follow, especially if the title is interesting/provocative.

  • ShineeWorld52911

    Lol l feel bad for laughing at this, but what do you expect honestly. Having a course load and a demanding work schedule can only be juggled for so long, until one area falls off. Unfortunately for him it was his grades, which really does suck. I would’ve liked it if he took time off from work (because lord knows idols need that once in a while) and focus on school. Why? Because 2PM isn’t gonna last forever and a degree in a certain field can land him a good job where he may work forever.

    • Sylarah

      I think that’s a really good point. I’d love to see the entertainment industry focus on getting young singers/actors/idols a solid education, so that they can function better in “normal” society if/when their celebrity careers end both professionally and socially.

  • shannie4888

    I think Taec should’ve just waited until he had more free time to focus on graduate school. Maybe he turns in his assignments/do his tests online because most classes nowadays offer those options. However, the teacher expects him to come to class everyday that’s why he takes attendance.

    A graduate degree is an option. It’s not like he doesn’t have any degree yet, so why pursue it when you know you basically have no time to attend class? People in Korea have an obsession with one upmanship. If you have a bit more education, money, job, etc. than someone else, then you’re better. Taec doesn’t need to pursue a degree now if he doesn’t have the time. He can still attain it, as long as he saves his money to get it in the future.

    I remember when Kim Hye Soo had to return her degree because she plagiarized her master’s thesis. Her response was that she was busy so she didn’t have time to research/write a completely original paper. This excuse is obviously lame because she is a top actress who makes a lot of money. The degree isn’t something she was even planning to even use, so why plagiarize then blame it on time?

    I will say that school is Taec’s private business, but don’t come on TV and state how scholarly you are, when you haven’t attended class all semester because then vicious people dig up your business and expose it to the world, which puts you in a bad light.

    • maldita

      He probably took the master’s degree so he can use it as an excuse should he be served with an enlistment notice anytime soon. Rain did that a few years back, applying for and was granted an extension when he used his master’s studies as an excuse.

      But really, his absences probably wouldn’t have been made such a big deal if he didn’t go enroll in Korea University. Elite school and all, obviously he’d get attention for it.

    • maldita

      He probably took the master’s degree so he can use it as an excuse should he be served with an enlistment notice anytime soon. Rain did that a few years back, applying for and was granted an extension when he used his master’s studies as an excuse.

      But really, his absences probably wouldn’t have been made such a big deal if he didn’t go enroll in Korea University. Elite school and all, obviously he’d get attention for it.

      • Candice Iverson

        Why would someone who gave up their US citizenship, so he could do his military service, then turn around and attend graduate school to get out of it?

        • happydaysforlife

          This is where majority of fans are wrong. He was never a US Citizen, he was a permanent resident. Big difference. Permanent resident is someone with a green card, a permit to live and work in the US. That green card status has to be renewed continuously over a period of time, in order for the person to be allowed to legally live and work in the US, which he didnt.A green card holder can become a US Citizen through interview and approval by the US government, but they are not us citizen. Taecyon was never a us citizen. Saying Taecyon was a us citizen is like saying Nickhun is a korean citizen just because he lives and works in Korea.

  • lernotte

    Or maybe people are angry that his agency, which he is a representative of, mediaplayed a hell out of his “outstanding” intelligence and university enrollment that may and does seem as an attempt to postpone army enlistment (a sensitive topic to put it mildly). No, Taec didn’t sacrifice his American citizenship for Korea – he was a green card holder.

    People also can be frustrated by the fact that it looks like Taec takes education of all things for granted. Getting into university is a Battle Royale (the amount of places is limited), studying makes purgatory look like a cruise trip, and all of this is not enough to get you a decent job after graduation. And here “some idol” (in knetizens eyes) who’s not known for being oustandingly talented (for rabid stans: the key word here oustandingly)…well simply doesn’t give a shit about studying hard or studying at all and gets perfect grades anyway. At least at the moment it seems so. Taec now will be put into the category of celebrity students who are like celebrity soldiers: all the privileges without any responsibilities. I would be angry, too.

    Actually, I don’t think anyone believed or expected Taec to attend all classess except his fans. I mean, people are not that delusional, are they? But appearing in a class once in a week? month? and turning in some of the home assignments would make the whole jyp legend about excellent learner Taec more realistic, more tolerable. Like yes, we’re aware you care only about getting your degree and we’re aware you don’t do anything for it and you’re still getting straight As, but do you need to rub this fact in our faces? Nevermind the fact that Taec himself kept his mouth shut and was exposed by a journalist.

    Btw, my two cents about the unrealistic standards. Doing military service and working/studying hard are not some unreachanable heights of godliness: former is obligatory and latter is like default setting for every Korean. As for the others: if you sing on a public broadcast and sell music, is it so unfair for me to wish you do it decently at least? This expectation goes with any job one takes, actually. If X screeches like a castrated pig and is called a singer, the public can and will point it out and no, the fact that X is brilliant on variety doesn’t balance out his terrible singing skills and vice verse.

    But back to the topic in question. The main lesson: don’t get caught and never mediaplay such things, you never know when it can blow up.

  • KrisMyStar

    If he isn’t even gonna attend his classes, why bother enrolling in them in the first place? There are other prospective students who can actually be in that class right now, learning. Since he is a busy performer, he should focus on that aspect of his life right now and not try to juggle a master’s education at the same time.

    • xNoirX

      If this didn’t come out to fore, the plan probably was to buy a grade, one way or another.

  • Nate Broadus

    I’ve never seen Kpop fandom as a miraculous thing. I have always looked at it with a mixture of disgust, amazement and disbelief.

  • Kevin H

    Of all the things he’s doing, he should probably have dropped “Let’s Get Married: Global Edition.” That show makes him look like a jerk.

  • Angélina Eang

    I do get and understand the points of this article but what saddens me and makes me feel angry as a college student is that it was obvious that he was going to be busy. Idol stars have such a short lifespan so, you have to enjoy and work the fullest before your popularity dies so what was the point of enrolling if you ain’t going to attend ?
    Taecyeon took a place in this program which could have been given to another student who most likely would have attended all his/her classes and do all the hard work. How unfair is that ? I can totally understand netizens’ anger even though they tend to overreact when it comes to idols.

    BUT not all idols are like this. Even though SNSD is extremely busy, going back and forth between Korea and other countries, they try as much as they can to attend classes. I still remember the documentary on their college lives and how Sooyoung couldn’t attend her class regularly but would always give her reports because she felt she wasn’t different of regular college student and had to work as hard as them.
    Because they don’t mediaplay about this, you don’t hear news about their education often and this is why they are respected.
    Maybe maybe, if Taecyeon’s side didn’t try to mediaplay so much about how he got into this amazing program and how clever he is and blablabla, his lack of attending wouldn’t matter much but yeah, it is money throw at the windows and it feels sad when you know how huge are enrollement fees …

    • Patricks

      SNSD doesn’t try that much either. I know Seo Hyun only shows up once or twice a semester and Yoona about the same. They just get passed without doing anything.

      • Angélina Eang

        For the attendance, I agree but when it comes to give reports, the girls are always in time or at least, try to find a way to delay but surely will give it.

        • Patricks

          No exams, not much real work done. But here’s a CD and you can get a picture taken together.

          • Angélina Eang

            Not true. Here is a part of her High Cut Magazine’s interview :

            “I’ve actually been working hard with college life lately. Midterms ended last week, and I just submitted a report this week. I wasn’t able to match my schedule with my close friends this semester, so I’ve been sitting at a coffee shop in between classes all by myself. Heuk heuk (crying noises).”

          • Patricks

            Guess the students in her classes and teachers are lying then when they say she doesn’t attend regularly.

          • Angélina Eang

            I have never heard that her teacher and classmates saying it. Where is your source ? I’m curious to read !

            As far as I know, she mustn’t have attended her classes like any other students (meaning in a day by day basis) but even so, she gave reports and went to mid term exams. She must have received her lessons by email. I used to do it like that.

          • Patricks

            The sources are the students who were in her classes and their friends who were her in her classes. There is nothing to read. You’ll have to go to the university yourself and talk to the people there. If you’re really, really lucky you might even see celeb A, B or C on campus. Giving a report and actually doing the practical work like other students are two completely different things and they are in no way equal. No teacher wants to be bothered with such nonsense, they want their students in their class doing what everyone else is because everyone knows in Korea that about 40% of grades are based on participation/attendance. The students in the class have reports to do too and tests and quizzes that must be prepared for. It makes them angry to see someone being passed without having to put in the same time, but universities allow it. And because universities are going to pass them anyway, then those extra useless reports likely find their way in the trash the minute they’re received.

          • Angélina Eang

            It’s funny because I might be able to attend her university next year with the student exchange program so I guess I will ask them if I got time lol.

            But overall, I do agree that it is unfair that most celebs are getting in top universities without the proper abilities and plus, being a nuisance by not being there and still getting good grades. Like how they get rid of celebrities soldiers, I think getting rid of special treatment in universities is also a good deed. But really, it is so complicated.

            Frankly, I’m giving you tips of interviews and all but what do we really know. Until now, we thought that Taecyeon attended his classes in a “correct way” whereas he didn’t go at all. It may be the case for Sooyoung too but I don’t think she will be lying in an interview. Aside for being my bias, she isn’t the kind of girl to do this.

          • Patricks

            Well, if you do come, I’ll be sure to show you how easy it is to run into someone on campus. You see, it isn’t the biggest school and you tend to run into most people you know on a daily basis. My gripe with celebrity students is that there are universities that allow you to study on your own time and even from home. I work with many people who’ve done just that, because they have jobs and can’t be full time students. In my opinion that’s what most celebs should do.

          • Angélina Eang

            Yeah I know ! I used this system last year because it was bothersome to come in the campus everyday because I live kind of far and I don’t get why they don’t do it instead because it is much easier and the marks are different too. For me, I was only graded by my final exams. But really, maybe they don’t know this system ? I don’t know.

            You live in South Korea ?

          • Patricks

            I think it is more a case of, if you don’t really have to go to class and the schools will allow it, then why not graduate with the minimum work done. I guess I would have done the same if I were in the same situation, but I also wouldn’t have paraded my uni acceptance on the internet, and my dedication either. The athlete students tend to do the same thing.

            I do live in Korea.

    • sheisgone

      unlike seohyun, taec get in korea uni without special privileges. he got into his course by his own merits

  • severely

    “The fan reactions include commenting that he stole someone else’s spot in the program, among other criticisms, but it is all a bit mystifying. These are the same people who watch him on We Got Married: Global Edition, right? ”

    Actually, most likely not. It’s my biggest pet peeve about assumptions people make on the Internet. The Internet is not a hive mind. The people bitching about A are likely not the same people who enjoyed A. (Another common example, “You slut shame Hyuna and you complain when she’s cute!” Actually, the people who like cute!Hyuna and slut shame =/= the people who like sexy!Hyuna and dislike the aegyo.)

    It is FAR more likely that the people who sat by watching and eating up every appearance of his are those defending his failure to attend school (or just don’t GAS either way), rather than criticizing him for it.

  • Ann

    I’m sure being an idol did not hurt his chances of getting into this program. There are fewer places available and so a serious student was denied a place. If he was really serious, he could have taken a break from “idoling” and gone to school like many other celebrities do.

  • BishieAddict

    I just find it interesting that they take attendance. My profs don’t know my name and we never had roll calls. Only time we take attendance is during labs and exams.

  • yuuki

    for me the problem was not the fact that he didn’t attend any classes but that despite not attending he frequently kept mention in more than one occasion that he is been diligently attending his classes and wants to be the role model for others.. even if we excuse that with saying maybe thats journalist’s fault for making such lies why didn’t tacyeon came out ad said he is been busy to attend i am sure its not a new thing
    Honesty is the best policy my friend

  • Lia Wang

    I agree with all of you guys. Education is important and he is trying to gain reassurance by earning a degree if his idol life ends for whatever reason. He had a choice between the two and i think he valued being an idol more because he probably felt like he invested years into being part of an idol group that he thinks he will lose if he doesn’t prioritize it first. Sometimes we think we can balance two different things, but it’s hard due to hectic schedules and simply when he is at an age where if he wasn’t an idol, he would be a college student. The company shouldn’t have overplayed taecyeon because people will try to find new things.

    • Lia Wang

      I’m not saying we should sympathize with taecyeon, but try to be perspective and imagine how we would be in his shoes. I think we all know idol schedules can be insanely busy and so is school.