• The Green Witch

    I’ve never boarded the Davichi ship. It’s weird but yeah….. I’ll keep trying until I find one of their songs that entice me.

  • SB_Mark

    Why change something that clearly works? They come out with hit song after hit song without much production or fanfare required. Plus, they have no competition so there’s no need to come out of their niche.

    • The Green Witch

      But the double standard….. if *insert idol* release something formulaic it’s the biggest sin but when Davichi does…. yeah that’s a bit unfair.

      • eggie :p

        but when someone releases something out of the fomular, it’s usually a flop *whispering snsd, 2ne1 name* (for their standard, ofc).
        Davichi’s the best-selling female artist in the first half of this year so I can see why CCM want them to stick with their niche. but they’re more diverse than that (check their discography). I do expect something new from them in the near future

        • The Green Witch

          I’ve checked out their discography and it’s a bit of a snoozefest for me, thus the disappointment. I feel so incredibly out of place when people praise this duo because for the life of me, I don’t get the hype :(

          Different, out-of-the-box may be a little more palatable if the execution is smooth perhaps? It took me a lot of listens but IGAB was palatable after some time. Doesn’t change the fact that the flow is a bit messy, but nevertheless palatable. 2ne1 is not my style so I can’t really comment on that :)

  • Lianna

    Davichi is from CCM??!! My favourite duo comes from the worst agency??!!

  • yoo

    Oh? Didn’t last year they left CCM?
    I thought I read about it somewhere

  • Strawberryicon

    1 word: Boring