• maldita

    Spot on with “Sherlock.” Honestly, it ranks low in my ranking of all the songs that SHINee has ever promoted, but I’d still gladly watch each and every performance of it just because they do it so well. They sell you the song the second they start moving as the song starts playing. It’s what sets SHINee apart from a lot of the other groups because like them or not, they make you want to watch them do their thing.

    • Josh Chinnery

      Sherlock is actually high up on my list of favorite SHINee songs (hell, it was the song that got me *into* SHINee XD), and I must agree with you on that song. I watch them do that routine while singing live, and I feel like bowing to them while chanting, “I am not worthy!!”. Even during their Dream Girl and Why So Serious promotions (which have *way* less complicated routines), they still own that stage like they it belonged to them and them alone. I can’t really say that I find SHINee all that interesting, but I do say that their performance prowess makes me a big big fan.

  • Kayse Salmon

    SHINee is so RAW I love to watch them dance why isn’t synchronized dancing an Olympic sport!!!!!

  • Shyyrn

    K-Pop dance routines (particularly SM the Performance’s cover of ‘Spectrum’) are the reason I’ve gotten into dance, and it’s a decision I do not regret. While I obviously don’t have the experience or time to ever achieve the same level of coordination, speed, or power, it’s still improved my life and given me goals to aspire to (and given me some exercise along the way XD ).

    • Josh Chinnery

      If there’s one thing that I think K-Pop has over Western pop, it’s the choreography. Most Western pop artists don’t even bother with choreography, and even when they do (I mean in this day and age, peeps), they don’t have that umph that makes it special.

      • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

        I’ll still take Chris Brown, Usher, and Omarion any day. It’s cool having nice choreography, but are you a nice dancer without it…

        • Josh Chinnery

          Depends on the dancer. Me? Not so much XD But I’m sure K-Pop’s finest can compete with the dancers you just mentioned :3

          • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

            Only legit dancer in Kpop I’ll give credit to is Jay Park. Everyone else IMO are kinda sloppy or rough around the edges

          • darkchocolatecoffee

            Taemin, Rain, Hyuna and Hyoyeon are pretty good dancers as well imo. Jay has choreography that suits his style more so maybe that allows him to work it more? Of course, Jay being Jay is still one of the best dancers around in kpop.

      • Olliana

        Hey, we’ve got the twerk thing now.

  • darkchocolatecoffee

    Vixx and Shinee are excellent picks! The performance and dance aspect of kpop is so integral to a song that it is just wrong not to have a set of choreography for a particular dance song. You’ve got five senses generally, what would you do with the sense of sight if there was no dance in a dance song? And imo, it would be quite difficult to explain the booming interest in kpop to a non-kpopper unless you show them the whole package – the song with the dance, mv, makeup everything.

  • Chelsea

    Idk but it just don’t feel right if someone else is dancing to SHINee’s choreos. I can’t explain it but SHINee are just amazing, every member has his own style but as a team they look so united. I just can’t look away when they dance even simple choreos like “Hello” look amazing and fascinating as long as they dance to it.

  • Lianna

    the dance, the expressions, the way idols interact with camera or audiences, kpop idols need to master all those, something which is not common for western idols

  • Streby

    The fact that SHINee sang that song live while dancing that ridiculously difficult choreography with such tight clothes (Taeman’s rip!) just makes me validify my obsession with them.

  • Tanya Joshi

    THIS article is exactly the definition of why I love K-pop compared to W-pop… Couldn’t say it any better, seriously, no other word I can use in this comment because the things in this article basically words anything I would ever comment on this type of topic… Watching K-pop really makes me want to learn dance… If only I knew this when I was little I would’ve definitely started dancing as a child.

  • KrisMyStar

    shinee’s performances are always a treat to watch. in fact, they are the ones that got me into kpop!

  • rupdiddy

    ‘Sherlock’ got me into Kpop in the first place, and that video is my favourite SHINee performance forever <3 Because they really put so much energy into their work, and they have fantastic stage charisma. What I'm saying is these boys know how to put on a show :) They really know how to perform and each of them have their unique charms which adds together to create a mindbanging stage. I also have to say VIXX did an incredible job with 'Hyde', and for some reason watching EXO perform 'Why So Serious?' just didn't work :| (not hating on EXO here)

    • Chelsea

      Nah a song like “Why so Serious” just don’t fit EXO. I mean they sang nice and danced to it well but I didn’t feel anything while I watched it.

      • rupdiddy

        I agree. They just didn’t have anywhere near as much charisma as SHINee :/

  • taequila777

    That Hyde performance by VIXX was amazing. I’m vaguely familiar with them, but they’re on my radar now.

  • arinsen

    So, an article about performance but no TVXQ???
    I’m deeply disappointed…Those guys are better than anyone when it comes to dancing and singing, they are in perfect harmony and rarely make any mistakes.
    DB5K are the real deal in Kpop, baby!

    • Smile

      TVXQ are a duo now. When they were 5 it was something else but now as a duo? Sure they still dance great and Yunho is one of the best dancers in Kpop but it’s not the same anymore (even though I like them as duo more).

      • arinsen

        of course it’s not the same and it won’t be the same. but their choreographies are still amazing

        • Smile

          well SM’s choreographies are always amazing at least for the male groups.

  • GermaineTelle

    K-pop dances are real jewels. I have so many favorites, among which are Infinite’s Before The Dawn, BAP’s Warrior, DBSK Mirotic …

    Now for the gripes. Girls group dances just aren’t as interesting as boys group dances. Some are very enjoyable like T-ara’s Roly Poly but as a whole they just don’t seem as challenging or as innovative as boys group dances. Watching one girl group after another on the broadcast music shows, I wish these choreographers would go for a retreat somewhere to refresh themselves and get some real inspiration.

    My second gripe is the cameras at these broadcast shows. If they could just point to the centre, take a wide angle, and hold steady, we would get so much more of the dance. I understand the fans need close ups of their favorites, but surely we can do without the rapid zoom in and out, and random shaking and tilting.

    Finally, the dance and the audience interaction does come at a price, and that’s the music. All of the instrumental music is pre-recorded, as are many vocal parts. In the choruses, pretty much only the main vocalists are singing and everyone else is lip syncing. I would love to hear what the real live group vocal sound is, not just what has been carefully mixed and edited. And a truly live performance of all the music, not just the main vocal lines, would be really exciting to watch. Anyway, the compromises are made in order to provide a predictable tempo, and to reduce the vocal demands, so that the singers can dance. Even so, the singers’ pitch, timbre and volume sometimes falter, and sometimes very noticeably. I suppose there is a balance to be struck but we should not have to give up good solid singing.

  • cobyness11

    I’m not into Kpop yet when I saw Infinite as I channel surf and was amazed how synchronized they are. That is why I hate it when a MV shows a little of dancing but nowadays I think they are releasing “dance version” which is such a treat

  • Tijana

    I am sorry but the best live performance was by dbsk why did I fall in love with you when they were wearing blue and white
    you can just see all of their emotions