• luhunnie

    I want to say I’ve had enough of it, but honestly it still works for me. I think flowers are pretty…I think Korean flower boys are pretty…why not put them together? That being said, only Kai’s extraordinarily handsome face saved him from that sweatshirt. Kai, baby, we love you…don’t sweat the awful getups you’ve been forced into lately! Also, let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief that those ‘Wolf’ braids are gone…

    • Josh Chinnery

      When I saw those things in the Wolf video, my heart went out to that boy…

    • marz22

      Is that Luhan in your pic? And may I ask which pictorial is it from?

      • luhunnie

        It is indeed! Isn’t he lovely? I don’t know exactly where the picture originated–I came across it on tumblr one day and it just took my breath away :)

        • Lianna

          He’s simply perfect~

    • Nekochan

      Ugh the wolf braids were the WORST. I wish someone could tell that to Taeyang. Why do stylists like putting idols in crazy outfits? The flower suits are ok but I can’t stand pure metallic gold/silver/bronze suits. They look like they wrapped themselves in foil.

  • http://samsoondowntherabbithole.com/ dewaanifordrama

    For some reason, they can mostly pull of the looks. I quite like it sometimes as well. Perhaps I have gotten so used to Korean pictorials though, that it doesn’t even faze me. That and why can’t men wear flowers? Who says that women are the only ones who can enjoy a nice floral? ^^

  • Butter Bacon

    Dara in floral track suit ftw!

  • Persephone Basilissa

    Just because G.D. can pull off a look, doesn’t mean everyone can — or should try. I think floral shirts are great, and the black suit Yesung wore is brilliant; but beyond that, I cringe. Most floral suits look repurposed from my great-grandma’s old sack dresses!

    • danahz

      I think GD’s taste is overrated. His fashion always seems overdone.

  • Sharon

    It’s either a hit or miss with these suits.

  • shannie4888

    This trend needs to die right now. Florals rarely look good on people…….that’s why we think of grandma’s sofa when they come to mind.

    • Judith Mopalia

      In the US, those suits would have been hugely popular – as wall paper in the 50’s.

  • yuuki

    Love or Hate it but I ghonestly think the only one who could pull it off were Kai, Gdragon, Kim woo Bin and Bang soon Jung
    maybe its just being me and my appeal toward masculine features for me they were the only man who pulled it off still looking manly or looking like a man

  • find_nothing_here

    Tao looks fabulous as usual. I think prints really suit him and he can pull it really well. Simple is the way to go. I also liked Yesung’s suit.

    I really liked SHINee’s jeans actually; I just wouldn’t wear them with the rest of the things that they’re wearing.

  • Minuit Soleil

    I’m just saying, but in Hoya and L’s photoshoot, L looks all kinds of unnatural and photoshopped, completely not like his natural look. WHAT DID THEY DO TO HIM

  • KrisMyStar

    Yesung’s suit was really nice actually

    • AnonymousLyfe

      Yes, i agree. It looked really good on him.

  • Futuralon Futuralon

    Tao at the airport and Lee Chun-hee (wow, yummy) are the only winners here. I do appreciate the idea that men can look good in colorful prints and look forward to it trickling down to the average guy. I’m majorly sick of the only non-solids I see being plaid. Blah!