B.A.P released information about their three title track comeback back in June, releasing “Coffee Shop” at the tail end of June, teasing about their second track, “Hurricane,” starting a little more than a week ago with Youngjae‘s tweet of a picture that turns out to be really similar to Daehyun‘s teaser picture. There was no video teaser for this one like there was for the soothing “Coffee Shop.” Nope, TS Entertainment just dropped it quick, starting photo teasers only two days before the video dropped. The teasers suggested a club vibe with the suits and location, and the song delivered with its dance beat.

The video rocks multiple locations, primarily with evening shots, and everyone looks good except for when Zelo is punished with a horrible head of curls that is only okay under a hat. The group works the electronic vibe of the song, and aside from the bounty of Engrish, the sound is working quite well for them in turn. They don’t look awkward, and the video is fun all throughout. The dance break and accompanying scratch lead the song in a great direction, making it one of my favorite parts so far!

Enough of me, what were your first impressions of the music video? How does it suit the group? Do you like the direction the group went in?

(TS Entertainment, YouTube)