• The Green Witch

    Junsu’s Incredible yesterday and Infinite’s Destiny today. Multiple self-combustion. Next waiting for BEG and Beast. Anticipating more self-combustion. Hahaha.

    • thudson

      plus BAP’s new single later today !!

  • luhunnie

    Exo was totally adorable on Weekly Idol! They’re still a bit shy, but I see major potential for variety! Chanyeol’s derpiness, Lu Han’s adorableness, Chen’s trolling, and leader Suho’s innocent self-deprecating humor are always charming. I’m just so glad to see all 12 of them promoting together and hope it continues!

    On another note, I was just about to break up with SM before they released the drama version of Wolf yesterday and before I saw the clips of SJ in Hawaii. I’ve been pretty disgusted with them as a label recently, what with all this Henry/Zhou Mi madness. I guess I’ll continue in this abusive relationship for a bit longer though…

    • revolution1122

      But they edited most of Luhan’s parts out on Weekly Idol! I was quite stunned they could at least give him like 5 minutes of talking time or something. But overall I loved weekly idol too, I thought it was hilarious, especially the part when they were pretending with their superpowers. Oh and Kai’s “personal talents” hahaha.

      • luhunnie

        I was definitely disappointed that my ultimate bias got left out, but he gets plenty of time to shine elsewhere (their recent stint on Beatles Code for example). And yes, Kai killed me haha. And what about maknae Sehun ripping my bias list? His “power” was just too damn cute!

  • danahz

    I definitely agree with the top pick. Thank you Johnelle.

  • katykyu

    Super Junior were in Hawaii for the Boys In City photoshoot not for Japanese promotions. (:

    • Johnelle

      Ahhhh… what is the Boys In City? Says the YG fan.

      • katykyu

        Basically they all travel to a certain city (they’ve visited Kuala Lumpur (2006), Tokyo (2008), Hong Kong (2010) and Paris (2012) so far) and then release a photobook with complimentary DVDs featuring behind the scenes episodes and footage of their trip.

        • Johnelle

          Ohhhh. Thanks for the information. I’m still thinking that they picked Hawaii to go along with their Japanese promotions a little though.