• Shyyrn

    :D Thank you, Seoul Beats!

  • http://blogphilic.wordpress.com/ jandoe

    Love Guest’s comment. Great points :)

    • Nate Broadus

      I wouldn’t listen to him. He sounds awfully pretentious.;)

  • severely

    This seems shorter than usual this week. How do you decide how many comments to select?

    (On a selfish note, I had been hoping for a good comment out of the whole Key article, because I don’t personally feel like wading through nearly 300 comments. xDD)

  • http://twitter.com/baby_pink14 나디라

    so no comment on Key’s article? XD

  • Sharon

    Awww the pic of Henry with the dog is cute.

  • sasa

    you are one smart writer here .but making money by bashing key,
    make ree sick.