• destined2bebossy

    f(x)- Pinocchio
    Miss A- Breathe
    Secret- YooHoo
    SHINee- Love Like Oxygen
    4minute- Why (yeh its a Japanese release but whatevs)

    None of these songs packed a punch like the groups other releases to me

    • fatouma~

      Shinee’s Love Like Oxygen?? Blasphemy.

      • Gaya_SB

        lol I was never a big fan of the mv and Jonghyun’s opening lines (though that dance was fun)

    • Sue-ting Hsu

      Hahaha Picocchio was just hilarious XD “….DANGER…..PINOCCHIO” because those two words just complement each other so well :P

  • kelliusmaximus

    Catch Me was a great song though. I don’t buy “but dubstep!!” as a legit criticism. It was a bit jarring at first because it really wasn’t what we expected, but over time it’s solidified into one of my all time favourite DBSK songs. What really sold it for me is seeing it live on their dome tour, then seeing KYHD right afterwards- and you know what, Catch Me was better. Easily the best, most intense live I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, and it’s a live worthy of a group known for their performances.

    Either way Humanoids is way worse.

    • pumpkin_spice

      I agree that Humanoids had to grow on me. It was a step down from Catch Me and I feel like that should have promoted Here I Stand as the track title. It still had that dubstep factor yet it was still different in a way. I can’t really explain it but they must have done something cause that was my top played song for a month.

  • Sassychan808

    I’m curious to know the current and all-time fave kpop songs of the round table participants.

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    Songs i’ve been disappointed with my favourite artists: BoA’s “Hurricane Venus”, DBSK’s “Keep Your Head Down”, Super Junior after “Sorry, Sorry”, SHINee’s “Why So Serious”, 2PM’s “A.D.T.O.Y.”, SNSD’s “The Boys” (no matter how much I love the concept) and “I Got A Boy”, Secret’s “Shy Boy”, Epik High’s “Up”, Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby”, and 2NE1’s Japanese materials I have been mostly disappointed and grew on me

  • catherine19

    What’s more disturbing about these ‘bad songs’ is how fans try to convince themselves and others to like the song. I’m not going to mention any songs, but there have been particular releases in 2013 that just sound, well, not good (at least to my ears). It was quite amusing watching people in k-pop-centered forums argue with others as to why the song is good, how it’s ‘unique’ and how it’s not as bad as others think it is. I know we all have different preferences, and hey, maybe the song does sound good to their ears, but it probably doesn’t to the general public. I mean, there are songs that I can’t just listen to, even if they are songs from groups I follow. I can’t stand B2ST’s ‘Bad Girl’, 4minute’s ‘Mirror Mirror’, Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic Baby’, etc. But I accept the fact that these songs aren’t to my liking, instead of arguing with everyone else why they should like it.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I’m not alone! I hate “Fantastic Baby”. :P

    • pumpkin_spice

      I think it’s funny that you mentioned Bad Girl because that was the song that introduced me to B2ST XD and yeah Fantastic Baby grew on me the more I listened. I actually preferred Monster and Bad Boy and I think it’s good that they had promotions for all the songs ^^

  • Iro Mage

    I feel somewhat special now. All of the songs I’ve seen mentioned….I’ve loved. Like it’s almost impossible for me to find a song I genuinely dislike because it’s bad. The only ones I can think of are TVXQ’s Ocean, Secret’s Magic (only for the pronunciation) 4Minute’s First, and MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah (that song was a hot mess) But then again I’m an easy to please person when it comes to music.

  • goldengluvsk2

    i pretty much cant tolerate any releaseof SHINee’s recent comebacks aside from their song ‘orgel’. i feel theyre all over te place … another one must be cl’s solo… i just wanted to kick someone.. it was disappointing…

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I couldn’t disagree more. I think SHINee’s finding themselves. They’ve been making experimental music ever since “Ring Ding Dong”. This years’ promotions have kept a unique, fun sound while not incorporating as many experimental elements.

      • flamingshawol

        agreed. I LOVED the misconceptions album to bits..it was something new, fresh and totally awesome. Spoiler, hitchhiking, dynamite, Beautiful, orgel, like a fire, Nightmare, Sleepless Nights etc etc..were just fantastic. For me personally it just solidified my love for them. The songs on their misconceptions album were something i can’t find in other kpop albums..it had a very SHINee-esque feel and was so refreshing to listen to. Altho i do believe tht their choice of title songs weren’t great. I loved dream girl but it was by no means the perfect representation for the rest of the album
        WSS on the other did not grab me like the their other title tracks such as Lucifer and Sherlock…it took me a while to digest and i only came to appreciate it after watching it being perfomed. But the album was simply amazing.
        I think what SHINee needs is better title tracks mvs or multiple title tracks like BigBang had for their still alive album.

  • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

    I don’t care what none of ya’ll say, IGAB was my jam.

    • Josh Chinnery

      IGAB is still my jam XD

    • adde96

      i understand why its horrible and everything…

      but i cant. stop. listening. to it.

      • Emily D.

        i just…jam. out every. single time.

        • YOR

          haha..I laughed at this. IGAB is not the best song of SNSD but I gotta admit the song is really addicting. : )

  • Diah

    I think SHINee fell under a similar curse to SNSD: a good debut concept, then a sudden concept turnaround, and some dissapointing songs after. The main difference is that SHINee’s debut was much more successful. Still, I’ll take Replay over Sherlock any day, and Into The New World and Kissing You are some of my favorite kpop songs.

    • Josh Chinnery

      Sherlock is bad? Please, explain this concept to me…

  • Jaclyn

    I love f(x) but ‘Nu ABO’ I really hated for a while. It really soured my view of f(x) too. But over time I’ve come to enjoy(?) it. I don’t know, but I don’t cringe when I hear it now.

    I’m surprised about ‘Poison’ and I feel I’m in such a small majority that enjoyed ‘Lucifer’ and all its brashness and dancing in front of sports cars. XP Oh and I thought there was a unanimous consensus that IGAB is one of the worst pop songs ever made.

  • BishieAddict

    Balloons by dbsk.

    • nylynn

      lol. It’s not their song though. It’s a cover and I thought they reinterpreted the 70’s song pretty well. At least the video was cute.

      Five Fingers version (original Balloons)

  • find_nothing_here

    I really liked Cotton Candy. D: It was cute and bouncy and musically. But I agree, Daesung needs a more serious solo.

  • mrshobbes

    Have to agree about BoA’s “Hurricane Venus.” I like the song, thought not as much as her earlier material and the ones that came after it. I feel like SM tried to create a Beyonce/Lady Gaga hybrid with that release :/

    • Josh Chinnery

      I loved Hurricane Venus and Copy & Paste when I first heard them, because they were typical SM. Now, I absolutely love BoA, and I hold Only One and Disturbance in *very* high regard (not only are they completely penned and composed by her, but they are so just SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDD), but there’s just something about Hurricane Venus that draws you in, and it ain’t just SM’s touch.

  • Veria

    I absolutely love Super Junior but even as a hardcore fan of theirs I have to admit their title tracks always disappoint and, let’s face it, are terrible. The worst though would have to have been Mr Simple, especially since they performed Superman alongside it for the first week which is a far better song in every aspect.

    • mickie

      Agreed! The title track always have a SM manufactured feel.. whereas the other songs in the album are much better at portraying who they are

  • Streby

    I honestly feel that ‘Why so serious’ was the worst thing that happened to SHINee; its not a bad song but the whole build-up is so lack-lustre and it just doesn’t scream ‘SHINee’ to me.

    On the contrary, I feel that both ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and ‘Lucifer’ were actually necessary for SHINee’s growth musically. I don’t know how to really articulate this but I think most idol groups go through a time where they have to experiment with autotune and lots of synthetic sounds and I feel that this was SHINee’s phase of doing that. Given that the songs were nowhere near their best; I feel that they were necessary for SHINee’s growth as artists.

    I’m glad they went past that stage to find a more refined electronic and yet vocal side of themselves (I mean I’m glad their producers went past that and realized they were worth more). Why I feel that ‘Why So Serious’ was their worst was because it was the first title track where I felt to growth or change or anything and it just didn’t feel right. Given that it was released shortly after ‘Dream Girl’, it was still completely not SHINee quality for me; I always hoped that they would go darker like they did in the ‘Romeo’ days but the song and lyrics were so weak…

    • lokifairy

      “Life a Fire” or “Evil” could have been a better choice but I think SM have chose “WSS” because they could make a better choreo for the song. SHINee are a dance group after all.

      • Streby

        Aiiknoww! I was hoping for some epic choreo because they said it was a dance track; I was thinking something on the lines of ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Sherlock’ moves…

        • lokifairy

          I liked the choreo of WSS very much. They finally used foor moves again like in Juliette. Juliette is still one of my favorite choreos in KPOP.

    • you’rePressed

      I love WSS lol (and the album is great). Not as much as Dream girl but for sure more than Replay. Lucifer is tied with WSS for me tbh. Dream girl > all of them as a whole album and a title track. But thas just me.

  • FlipMango

    I must say I really love this topic I thoroughly enjoyed reading the discussion as well as browsing the comments.

    As for me, I would say everything before “Driving Me Crazy” for Teen Top. They didn’t even catch my attention before their collaboration with Brave Sound, and every attempt to like their past music has failed me. I didn’t like their sound, their image, but now I like their music so much that their “No. 1” album has become the first and only K-Pop album I own as of now.

  • MangoMagic

    BoA, I love, love, LOVE~ this woman to pieces, but she hasn’t released a decent jam since “Eien”. A frightening majority of her Korean releases have been uninspiring and generic especially under the deluge of super upbeat idol dance tracks. “Hurricane Venus”, “Copy & Paste”, “Disturbance” were just bland. I liked “Only One” (the NappyTabs’ choreo was just sick) and “I’m OK” mostly because they reminded me of some of her older, mellow dance tracks. It breaks my heart to say this (BoA, I’m sorry!) a part of me wishes she would go back to Japan and work there instead of bumming it around in Korea on talent shows.

    2NE1, for me, hasn’t released a decent track since their 1st mini album. Though I loved “Love is Ouch” and “It Hurts”, “To Anyone” didn’t really do it for me. It didn’t help that I absolutely hated the auto-tuned mess that was CL’s rap in “Can’t Nobody”. Hopefully their comeback this summer will be something to jam to.
    Though I’m not a huge fan of his, I really enjoyed G-Dragon’s 1st album, “Heartbreaker”. Say what you want about him now, but that album was near flawless. Every song was well thought out and executed. I’m forever jamming to “Hello” whenever I get the chance. That being said, the “One of a Kind” mini was truly a one of a kind let down. While OOaK was amusing and “Crayon” was crazy fun, I personally didn’t feel like any of the songs had any staying power. I grew tired of the chaos of Crayon and after a while, all the “hellos” in OOaK started grating on my last nerve. I won’t speak about “ThatXX” since I’m of the firm opinion that G-Dragon, bless, cannot sing so I just ignore that song altogether.

    Epik High’s “Up” was so bad for me, I nearly cried. I’ve loved Epik High since I was in H.S. and when I heard the entire gang was back together despite Tablo being under YGE, I nearly pulled something jumping for joy. Then I heard “Up” and I wished I’d’ve pulled something because I could at least have an excuse for why I was crying. Now, I’m not a fan of hers and I mean no disrespect to her but Park Bom massacred that track–and not in a good way. Those vocals were like gumiho nails on a steel wall. My insides shudder whenever I think of even listening to that track.

    • flamingshawol

      wow i agree with absolutely everything tht u have stated about these artists

    • pumpkin_spice

      I honestly thought BoA was a Japanese artist when I first listened to her XD But I do feel like she had waay better music in her earlier days then she went to Japan had good music their but when she came back to Korea SM was just like “Okay time to make you like every other mediocre artist in Korea. No More Individuality” Thankfully she came back with Only One but Hurricane Venus is catchy but cookie cutter.

  • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    Are we only talking title tracks? Because I’ve only hated one Infinite song and that was “Inconvenient Truth” off their newest album. It was a favorite with many fans but I personally can’t listen to it without cringing. In fact I don’t even listen to it and refuse to acknowledge it even exists. The music is so cheesy, and the lyrics, and the singing style… God awful. I also kind of really disliked the group version of “60 Seconds”, but that was for petty reasons more than it was for the technicalities.

    B1A4, I feel the opposite of Nicholas. I liked their earlier stuff WAY better than their newer stuff. I was a BANA before the term even came about, but after Beautiful Target their newest releases haven’t interested me whatsoever. I liked their next-door freshness and I don’t feel it as strongly as before.

    And although I don’t hate their newest album, in fact it is a pretty solid album I’ll allow, I’m not much of a fan of MBLAQ’s recent comeback. As a long time fan of them and Amoeba Culture, I’ve heard better from both parties and frankly the album bored me. With the exception of It’s War, I’ve liked all of their previous releases just as well or better.

    Side note: Teen Top’s Going Crazy, imo worst song of 2012 as far as bad songs I can actually recall go. Anything done by Brave Brothers hasn’t done it for me.

    • Regina Phalange

      Inconvenient Truth reminds me of country music :/

      • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        Haha. I wouldn’t even dare make that comparison. I may not be a fan of country music, but to say Inconvenient Truth resembles it would be an embarrassment to the genre.

    • lbo93

      Really? Inconvenient Truth is a favorite among fans?

      I like Infinite, I started listening to them about two month ago so I’m a relatively new fan. I bought their New Challenge album, and Inconvenient Truth immediately shot up to one of the top spots on my list of songs I skip and cringe at.

      • http://thankgyuu.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

        It really is their worst song. I just can’t comprehend what made anyone think that was a good song choice. Yes, a lot of people liked it the most off New Challenge. If I recall it had to do with it straying from Infinite’s usual style, it was also the most ‘unique’ song on the album, and I guess people liked that. Woollim even filmed An MV for the song but it’s yet to come out. To be honest I hope that it doesn’t.

  • Regina Phalange

    Did no one mention Exo or did I miss it. Wolf was baaaaaddd (I like the rest of the album though). I didn’t particularly enjoy Sherlock either. Shinee impressed me again with Dream Girl, but then they released Why So Serious and tbh I don’t really like it. On another I LOVE IGAB. It is one of my fave snsd songs

  • AcadiasFire

    I like Infinite’s Man in Love. I really do…but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. TVXQ’s Catch Me as well but they redeemed their selves with Humanoid for me. B.A.P’s Kajima definitely did me in on first listen because I was so used to their hard core stuff but after a couple of listens I figured, “You know what? It’s okay to stray from the river bed from time to time”

    • Iro Mage

      Isn’t it Hajima?

      • T.R.

        I hated Hajima and BAP is my absolute favorite group but that song makes my brain hurt.

        • Iro Mage

          It is a kind of chaotic song. But I like it. Mainly because that persistent high note in the background is fun to whip out at random moments.

          • you’rePressed

            I love it so much especially that high note at the beginning. It reminds me of my childhood lol. Gives a bit of a 90s feel but more messy lol. One of my favorite BAP songs.

      • AcadiasFire

        Whoops! Lol Thank you for the correction. I don’t know why I always think its Kajima xD

        • Iro Mage

          You’re welcome!

  • Chocho268

    I don’t follow that many groups to have a long list of tracks that disappointed me but CL’s The Baddest Female is by far the most disappointing release for me. I usually enjoy most of 2NE1’s material (except for some super autotuned songs like ‘Try to Follow Me’, omg) but that song was just horrible. I also happen to love ‘ILY’ so I’m a bit surprised there are so many people who didn’t like it, especially because it is far from being a bad song.

    The second big disappointment this year was Secret’s ‘Yoohoo’. I think this song was a huge step back for them, because it was terribly mediocre and bland. The colorful summer video was fun but that’s not enough to make me like an extremely boring, sub-par title track. I wish they’d put more thought into the song, because I think Secret can pull off the aegyo concepts, it’s just the song that’s not working.

    • Streby

      I think ‘I Love You’ was a huge step forward for them, I get that they represent independent women but why shouldn’t an independent woman fall in love horribly and hope the guy returns their feelings?

      • Chocho268

        Yes, indeed it was. And the MV was just beautiful.

        I felt a bit disappointed when the girls said they would be returning to their old style. I wish they’d experiment a bit more like they did with ‘ILY’ but I guess they’d rather stick to their old sound, because it sells…

    • you’rePressed

      I love “I love you” (it was a grower though) and I’ve showed that to people who don’t listen to kpop and they have also really liked it. I think after i really listened to it i realized it was better than many of their past hits tbh. It’s a really good song imo.

  • Jay Wong

    Tohoshinki’s Time is a horrible album. I don’t understand how they could fall so far… I absolutely adored Tone and all of their past Jpn albums. Like you mentioned, their Jpn releases have always been superior.

    Also, humanoids I just cannot bring myself to like. The song lacks a melody and the choreography is corny at best. DBSK can do so much better than that…

    Infinite’s man in love is also a bad title track. It still sounds like them but the song lacked punch. Their outfits are terrible too… which is a shame. Infinite have always looked impeccable and classy… their MiL looks are a lil cheap looking and trashy for me…

  • lbo93

    I have to start off by saying that I was a huge fan of DB5K. I was very excited when I heard that DBSK (Yunho and Changmin) were finally going to comeback because I was waiting for them for so long.
    Let’s just say that I was completely disappointed with KYHD, and pretty much every other track the duo have come out with. At first I was surprised by how different their sound was compared to their DB5K sound. I tried liking KYHD and gave all their other songs a chance, but now I pretty much gave up on having hope that the duo would come out with a good song. Their releases have been filled up with too much dubstep and sound over-produced. It almost masks their talent, which I know they have a lot of.

    I’m so disappointed with DBSK now. I love that they’ve found a new sound and image for the group, but I just can’t like their music no matter how much I listen to their songs. I still love Yunho and Changmin, but just not their music. :(

    • sleepyneve

      Yeah, I was disappointed too, but it was kind of expected that Yunho and Changmin would have a different sound since DBSK as five were an acapella group. I think it would be hard to maintain that with just two members. They still release ballads though. I love ballads in general so I always listen to those first.

      I know you have written that you’ve listened to their other tracks, but may I recommend some personal favorites that might be to your liking?

      Winter Rose-this is a very holiday-oriented song of course, but it’s very pretty…like a song from a music box?

      I Know (unplugged version): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLR28ParUxc
      I really love this song a lot.

      I had a hard time getting on board with Catch Me…not because it was a bad song, but I just really prefer ballads a lot…Anyway, I ended up listening to an instrumental version of Catch Me, and it’s gorgeous. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w94AUBT_9fs

      • foodislove

        I really like the Unplugged Version of I Know too!

        I’m surprised I enjoy the duo’s ballad-y stuff more than dance tracks (just realised this now). I also like “Still”, “Winter Rose”, “One More Thing”, “Duet” and “In Our Time”. My only problem with these songs are they all kinda sound very similar with each other. I wish they were a bit more experimental and release songs like “Back To Tomorrow”. They ballads that I really didn’t enjoy from them were all from the duo’s KYHD album (How Can I, Athena, She…)

        As for their dance-y stuff, I haven’t really enjoyed any of them except “Maximum” and maybe “Catch Me”. I really didn’t like “Getaway”, “Fated”, “Superstar”, “I Don’t Know” and “Rat Tat Tat”. So much noise.

        • sleepyneve

          I’ve had “I Know” on repeat for a while now. I love their voices. I’m not sure if I’ve listened to all their songs yet, but I’ll check out the ones you liked. Thanks.

          Maybe it was the same composer? I think a lot of groups have songs with similar vibes or sound to them…I don’t know if it’s true for others, but I come across them quite a bit.

          “Rat Tat Tat” wasn’t to my liking personally because of my music preference, but others seem to enjoy it so…All right, I’m off to listen to their songs. Thanks for the song recommendations!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonwabile.antonie Sonwabile Sony Antonie

    Shinee has to be top of my list, after Lucifer they have totally lost me. I have hated almost all their releases after that, naming Sherlock and Why So Serious. It just sounds too much for me. Experimenting is fine but neglecting the sound that made you a good listen is never a good thing. CL is another one, don’t know what YG was thinking with her debut but it was a total let down for me that I just ignore anything about it. And lets not even talk about SNSD, what happened to the Hoot days? I still listen to that track whenever I miss the good old SNSD days…

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Leslie, you just put the finger on what I’ve been trying to name that puts me off “Catch Me”. It was a decent song, pretty in parts, but I feel like I would have liked it more if another group had done it. It just didn’t seem like a TVXQ song. Also, yeah, “Time” isn’t that great. Few good songs, but otherwise…

    Also, omg, how do you not like MBLAQ’s music? Love their songs.

  • thedutchesse

    I love MBLAQ to pieces, they’re ma favourite group, but I just don’t feel Smokey Girl. The whole album, really, is just not my cup of tea.Let’s just hope they’ll do a repackage like with BLAQ%

    I didn’t like BTOB’s 2nd Confession either, I’m hoping they’re next foray will be more like WOW, that song was a blast!

  • Jaclyn

    Really MBLAQ? They have some pretty awesome songs and their most recent release? I’m in heaven.

    • 00

      Mblaq’s new song “Smoky Girl” is awesome.

  • obakr

    im here in kpop idol world just for 2PM, but i dont like listening electricity on my playlist. its just not the 2PM i know

  • thudson

    Am I the only one who actually enjoyed Infinite’s Man in Love ?!?! I actually liked it better than the chaser. For me what initially attracted me to Infinite was their 80’s pop sound and that’s definitely what I got in Man in Love.
    Everyone in this article was talking about Lucifer being a disappointment which surprised me since that was the first Shinee song I heard and liked. I couldn’t stand Hello and Ring Ding Dong is one of those songs I run to my ipod to turn off if its playing in public.
    Anyways like someone said though the best thing I realized that even though title songs might be absolutely crappy. Most likely there will be at least one good gem on an artist album you just got be willing to get dirty and go dig it up!

  • Mars_in_blue

    I’m a big CNBlue fan but I’m glad I don’t need to hear ‘Hey You’ again when they go on broadcasts and shows. I really can’t make myself hear it without mentally rolling my eyes. ‘I’m Sorry’ however is great, as all their other releases =)!

  • Minuit Soleil

    Personally enjoyed Catch Me and Humanoids – it took a little getting used to, and it’s definitely a departure from their Mirotic/TV5Q days, but I still liked it since I thought Yunho and Changmin pulled it off pretty well.

    Honestly I can’t stand any of the music from B1A4, even Baby Good Night (is that the name of the song? Can’t remember) The cutesy thing makes me want to throw up – there’s something that just doesn’t FIT and the appalling english in Baby Good Night made me scream and decide never to have that on my playlist.

  • T.R.

    I loved Lucifer by Shinee. I absolutely hate Why So Serious.

    • pumpkin_spice

      I dislike Why So Serious but I can still listen to it. I really love Orgel though it’s so different and haunting. Gives me shivers XD

  • riri.

    EXO’s Wolf. True, the whole album in general is just dayum and stuffs, but the title song is just…no, man, no. And they still won’t release the drama ver., which kinda pisses me tbh.

    • adde96

      i know, right? wolf is just…. horrible. i cannot with tao’s “ah saranghaeyo~”… i like the howling better at this point. the entire rest of the album is great, but the title song o.O

  • cancertwin2

    Am I the only one who actually liked 2ne1’s “I Love You”? It wasn’t the best they’ve ever done but it wasn’t horrible either. Haven’t been loving songs from SME in general, no need to even name them. For my beloved TVXQ “Humanoids” is by far the biggest disappointment. They had better songs on their album that could have been promoted for their repackage. Not to mention the only difference between Catch Me’s mv and Humanoids were the colorful jackets. My biggest disappointment has to be The Grace’s Dana and Sunday “One More Chance” all that auto-tune for those talented ladies, what was SME thinking?

  • adde96

    i can understand why you didn’t like catch me, since it IS pretty different than your regular homin/db5k song. but i guess that’s kind of the point? i LOVE db5k (every time rising sun comes up on my ipod i can’t help but cry big fat tears-its true) but the fact of the matter is, for the forseeable future (hopefully not forever) they are two different groups. its not good for them to keep the same, classic db5k sound because they’re NOT the same group. since jyj is exploring different styles and sounds, why shouldn’t homin do the same? just because they’re still under sm, they don’t need to keep the same sound. the rising sun and mirotic and o-jung-ban-hap days of kpop were a long time ago, and while it would be fine if they stuck with that classic SMP sound, it would be taking the easy way out. and they’re much better than that.

    that’s personally the reason why i love this song. i feel like catch me (and to a lesser extent, lucifer) is sm (read: yoo young jin) redefining the classic SMP. Sure, we had mama, which is a classic, nostalgic SMP-early-suju/db5k-type song, but it would be boring if that was the only kind of song sm was putting out. Catch Me is amazing because it combines the classic elements of a dbsk song (intricate-choreo-inspiring beats, amazing harmonies, strong, vocally-challenging choruses, and best of all, shrieking) and re-introduces them into a new decade of musical styling. it helps that the instrumental is one of yyj’s most intricate and sophisticated pieces to date; i listen to the inst. w/o the words a lot because it’s just that good on it’s own.

    so, answering what somebody else said; no. i dont think any other group could ever pull off this song, this is homin through and through baby. let them find their own sound and “break free” of their old style while the two parts are not yet whole again.

    tl,dr; regarding catch me/homin/dbsk songs: “if you love something, let it go…if it loves you, it will come back again.” ps if anyone actually read my post, can you thumbs up or reply? thanks :)

  • Emily D.

    Sungjong made those hats himself, Gaya. He was given a plain old hat, but then he added stuff onto it. :P :)

  • Emily D.

    I feel like this article was spent on hating every single one of the songs I’ve ever adored. U-Kiss’s music is basically the most consistently awesome in K-pop!!! Oh, well. It’s their opinions.

  • cecedee

    Maybe it’s just me but I definitely loathe Super Junior’s Bonamana, even more than Mr. Simple. I can still jam to Mr. Simple but I just can’t stand Bonamana. I almost never listen to that song unless when I watch them perform it on stage.
    And oh my, EXO’s Wolf is totally in my list. It’s such a shame because any song in that album is definitely better. And I still hate SNSD’s Oh even now.

  • Jessica Cottle

    HUUUGE JYJ fan girl here, but I will never get over the travesty that is “Ayyy Girl.” Ever.

  • pumpkin_spice

    that ahjumma perm on Daesung though XD I have got to say that I was suuper disappointed in Infinite L’s ‘rap’ album. I was expecting some Jay Parkish, Simon D. rap but noo, I got this kpopy rap that I tried (believe me when I say that I really tried to like it) but couldn’t get into. I always like Infinite’s music with the 80s synthy beat.
    Infinite L fans please don’t hate me >.<

  • shana

    What I hate the most is how some god-awful songs worm their way inside my head even though I HATE THEM (looking at you, CL). I spent desperate hours trying to unglue Ice Cream and Hot Summer from my brain to no avail.

  • NotJabbaTheHutt

    I think WSS and Lucifer and the other fast paced songs are better off watched in live performances, because I absolutely love watching them dance. (I cannot dance to save my life, so I love watching other people dance instead.) Whenever I listen to SHINee on my iPod, I prefer listening to their ballads. The only one I love listening to again and again is “Beautiful,” and I think their best album is Dream Girl.

  • asta meisner

    CL’s solo debut for me was just not doing it. I’m such a huge fan of 2ne1, but this song was so dissapointing to me. I really felt it was a bad rip-off of GD’s ‘One of a kind’. I didn’t feel this was the best concept(or song) for someone in such a huge group. I wasn’t feeling the “2 cool 4 school” image, and I usually love everything that comes from 2ne1. ‘ILY’ was my jam last year but this song was just… not. It made me fear what they will release for their comeback.

    Also another comeback which made me cringe was Secret’s ‘Yoohoo’. I was totally loving their sexy, fierce concept for ‘Poison, which is by far one of my favorite songs ever by a girl group. One of the biggest reasons I did not like the song is that it’s simply too cute for my liking. I, Myself cringe whenever groups try to be cute, I find it very very stupid and I just can’t deal. The song here is in the category of “so cute I might vomit rainbows”. I am more to sexy, fierce women instead of cutesy ones.

  • Kpopisallineed

    this the worst review i have ever read, i know this is based on opinions, but really… this is the worst opinion i have ever heard! sheesh i mean really! if you were a fan of these kpop bands than you wouldnt go on complaining about your favorite bands music video! Gah… but i shouldnt start complaining too… since this is just based on humans opinion…right?

  • Sesie

    Well I don’t get this type of post where some of you just point out how you don’t like some songs. Trying to manipulate others into listening and adopting your tastes. Kind of cheap.
    Especially when these persons are clearly jyj biased and when they get the chance to be sharp with Yunho and Changmin, they don’t avoid it. For example, talking like that about TIME album which is a solid one and then go and make a review about that “Incredible” failure of an album. About that you could say something nice huh?
    I wish people like you shweta, the jyj biased, would stop making commentaries about them since you will always have a biased opinion and won’t see the new TVXQ with fresh eyes.
    And I will not forgive the insults this site brought to Yunho and Changmin just when they made a comeback. I hope the person who talked like that in that particular article shoves those words up where she needs, because they proved you wrong and they will keep doing it!