• http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

    The first picture is hilarious.

    • Miyoko

      Perhaps the best part of that arc. :)

  • MangoMagic

    I am of the firm opinion that Gu has been steadily declining since episode 4 and this is largely due to a shoddy script and a careless directing. The quality of the first 2 episodes were breathtaking. Since then, however, the dramas has spiraled into a very slow, very bland back-and-forth struggle with no real substance.

    Firstly, pardon my French but the hell happened to searching for the Gu Family Book? Wasn’t that the entire point of the show? If not, then the marketing team has some explaining to do because not only as Kang Chi not searched for the book, he hasn’t made any strides towards even inquiring after it. He has a freaking Monk-cyclopedia just waiting to be cracked open but the only time we ever see the monk is when he’s being threatened by Demon Daddy or when we need a conveniently timed exposition of the story’s mythos.

    Secondly, what is the main, central plot? It seems like Gu is just a string of exploits and scenes strung together with some hope that it’ll all make sense. Is it gathering funds so the admiral can fight this mysterious war and in doing so save the nation? Is it Kang Chi and Yeo Wool overcoming their supernatural relationship issues and then riding off into the sunset Inu-Yasha style? Is it Kang Chi saving the 100 Year Inn only to give it back to his adopted brother before he rides off with his woman? Where are they going with Demon Daddy? Will he find redemption? Will he murder that sleezy rapist with the funny voices JGW or will that honor go to Cheong Jo? Will he meet up his woman only to die “at peace” because all the wrongs that screwed them over so many years ago have been righted? Will Seo Hwa then follow up by killing herself to make everything even “righter”?

    What is the point of the martial art school? KC hasn’t learned anything. At all. Yes, I get it, he needs to train his mind as well as his body so he keeps getting these “mental” challenges from the four masters but my goodness, the boy is at a martial arts school and he’s also half-demon. Can we please get some sequences of him training? Seriously training? Not trying to train or imitating other students while Gon stares at him like he’s an idiot but actually honing his supposedly supernatural strength and speed? I can understand the writers not making the search for the Book to end all supernatural books an actual quest, but then why not take advantage of the set and have KC train as a warrior? Instead we get him bumbling around, having his magical charm bracelet (delicately) torn off every other episode so he can get his Harry Potter on, glowing green eyes included.

    I’m just so insanely frustrated with this show because it could’ve been so much MORE. The premise was fascinating and just ripe with character growth, awesome fight scenes and a huge, over-arching supernatural plot and yet we’re weighed down with 18 episodes of absolute fluff, ironically enough. The writers really should’ve went for a 16-episode drama. When you’re constrained by such a high episode count on top of the struggles of live-shoot, it’s like the writers are stuck writing filler episodes just to pass the time. This is the same issue that dragged Faith down.

    • Miyoko

      Yeah, I think that the “book” aspect will get crammed into the last 6 episodes, which is terribly unfortunate. Totally agree that it would’ve been a lot tighter if it was shorter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonwabile.antonie Sonwabile Sony Antonie

    To be honest, I dont know why im still watching this drama. Anyways, not much happened besides secrets coming out. If the monk has any significance in this story, then his words earlier in the drama should be trusted. He did say that Yeo-Wool will only end up hurt if she got involved with Kang-Chi and I took that to mean death. None of them has died…yet.

    The best thing about this drama now is the interactions between Wol-Ryung and Kangchi but they are so short lived that it sucks

  • Minuit Soleil

    Comparing this to some of the other shows showing right now (Shark, Cruel City, Monstar and Cyrano) I think I can confidently say that this is not a good show. In fact, it’s a pretty lousy one. Bloody hell, after ep 2 everything just became slow-moving and boring. Where’s the plot? What happened to “Gu Family Book”, which Kangchi was supposed to look for? Damnit but I don’t get what’s going on in the story. Gu actually started out great, and although some may disagree with me on this but I thought the love story between Wol-ryung and Seohwa was great, absolutely heart-wrenching and memorable. The acting was wonderful, too, with Lee Yeon-hee giving what’s probably her best role ever. After that, though, things just went downhill.

    My biggest complaint, however, is the acting. After watching Seunggi in King2Hearts, where he was honestly fantastic, I think he’s really declined here. I don’t see any of the nuance or emotion that he displayed in K2H, and i think he’s really phoning it in here. Really, Sung Joon is doing a much better job as Gon than Seunggi is as Kangchi. And Suzy – christ am i sick of her die-hard fans saying she’s great in the role. No. She’s not great. Suzy is out-of-place and her delivery is so modern that I think she’s completely miscast here and should never go for sageuk again. She was passable in Dream High, gave a relatively good performance in Introduction to Architecture, but is just plain bad here – I gave up watching the show because of her and am instead reading recaps from Dramabeans, and her expression in every screencap is honestly THE SAME. God I’m so frustrated – I suspect one of the reasons why the scriptwriters aren’t giving the main actors as much meaty stuff to work with is because they know Suzy simply can’t deal with it and that her flaws will become even more obvious. And I’m utterly disappointed because of that – this was a show that was supposed to be great, had the potential to be wonderful, and just bombed. Boo.