• http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

    “Luckily GD was able to successfully finish up the two shows and will have a couple weeks to recuperate before the next shows in Nagoya at the beginning of June”

    Actually, in between the concerts you have mentioned, GD has 8 concert dates in Beijing, Shanghai, HK and Taiwan. No real recuperation period for our Golds and Diamond boy, sadly. Seungri flew in for this weekend’s Beijing performances.

    • Johnelle

      Oops, I guess I was only looking at the Japan schedule… poor GD. But yay! Big Bang support.

  • igbygrl

    Wow…that N4 MV is rather seizure inducing o_O

  • Mys

    hmm t-ara n4’s drama mv makes perfect sense to me and it fits the lyrics of the song much better than that eye raping typical kpop box mv. its simple, the girls are preparing for and taking part in a talent competition in the countryside at some highschool, thats the gist of it.

    • Sophia

      Oh really, well thanks for explaining cos i was like “WTF”. Care to explain the farming, the dancing in the streets with random people and the elderly couple at various points throughout the MV while your at it please?

      • Mys

        well first of all i think that being so specific about a music video is unnecessary and pointless in the first place. they are supposed to be girls living in the countryside, so farming makes sense, i have rarely seen an Asian drama or variety set in the countryside which doesn’t involve farming in some way. as for random people dancing on the street, there are such things as flash mobs in reality, they could be their high school pals. the elderly couple are supposed to represent typical old people who find current pop music confusing, and i know some plot elements in it relate to the 1980’s drama jeon won diary which the song is named after. now i would like someone to give me a scene by scene analysis of the dance mv, i still think the drama version makes more sense and is easier on the eyes.

        • Sophia

          Why does if feel like i’m getting a telling off? Oo

  • Jaclyn

    Oh, I loved the MV