• http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    Call me when Qri gets into a subgroup, or otherwise has some semblance of attention placed on her. Until then, I’m going to go have a sandwich.

  • Jaclyn

    I’m looking forward to it, but I’m so wary for the backlash

  • itsmysunshine

    First of all, welcome back Ree! :)

    My initial reaction when I read the news about this subgroup is ‘meh’. Does CCM even check the fact that the trio (Eunjung-Hyomin-Jiyeon) are still the objects of the backlash?

    But again, Soyeon-Qri-Boram don’t have that star popularity yet, so from business perspective, it’s understandable that Kwang Soo goes with this direction.

    Kinda amused with no mention of Dani though, after all the efforts to put her on the main spot.

  • Kc157489

    I don’t know I have mixed feelings…. I’m glad to see them back but I think that a comeback with all off the members will be better perceived by the public.

  • http://twitter.com/unicornnzz unicornnzz

    im more interested to know where is dani?

    • Janee’

      Learning how to speak Korean hopefully

  • happy_slip

    I kind of like the idea. If CCM would stop (or at least lessen) their often ridiculous press releases, I think this is a nice way to make T-ara return to the Kpop scene for good once again. Having them come back as a group would still be more stressful in my opinion. Anyhow, I totally see why they added Ahreum; she’s the newest member, has yet to show what she can actually do, and on top of that, this is probably the best way to somehow show that she gels/can gel well with the other girls. Through this project (esp if it becomes successful), the company can make it seem that she isn’t “randomly thrown into the group” like Hwayoung appeared to be when she was added to the group.

    If anything, the gangnam style reference kinda makes worry more than the “backlash” tbh. They can do better than that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

      i agree that the gangnam style reference was waaay too risqué… why cite a so recent classic from ANOTHER k-pop artist when t-ara themselves have sooooooo many dance based hits in their bags? – bo peep bo peep, roly poly and lovey dovey

      • happy_slip

        If they do another roly-poly or lovey-dovey, or bo peep in this sub-unit I think it would be a bad idea more than a good one, especially if they pull it off as four. It wouldn’t bode well for the other members not part of this project.

        I think it would be nice if they do something a little bit different to their usual t-ara title songs.

  • takasar1

    the more i see his face and the more i hear of him, the more i believe KKS is a genius

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

      i know! and seoulbeats’ writer was a slightly unfair with “sexy love”. it defintiely wasn’t “lovey dovey”, but the sales were greater than the catastrophic scenario that was being forseen by EVERYONE not only the netizen haters.

      t-ara and kks have been through ups and downs ever since “lies” and they’re still enduring.

  • hapacalgirl

    As much as these three have backlash I am not surprised that they didnt include soyeon. Not only does Soyeon lack star power in comparison to these three, she also was involved in the kakao messenging scandal a couple months ago where netizens thought Soyeon and some friends were making fun of Yoon Eun Hye. As for Jiyeon, while she is far from a talented singer, if there is anything to be taken from the travesty of Dream High 2 is the new knowledge that she can actually hold a note, its soft and lacks range but actually has a pleasant tone so she won’t be completely useless in this group. Its a risk since these three are the most hated but considering they also had the most fans originally how well they do as a subunit will be a good indication to whether T-ara have any chance whatsoever of coming back as a group.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

      people should watch the round of promotions for “we were in love” with davichi. of course that the heavenly duo are the vocal stars of the song, but all the t-ara girls involved, including jiyeon, went great on the live performances

  • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

    Honestly, if someone told me a few weeks ago that T-ara would be having a sub-group, the first person I would think of as a shoe-in is Soyeon. Imagine my surprise when she wasn’t a part of it. Usually, the smaller units of big groups are made up of the talented, not necessarily the most popular members. I would have guessed Hyomin and Eunjung to be included as well. It was the inclusion of Jiyeon that came as a surprise.

    Anyway, before the bully scandal, weren’t they pushing for a bigger group, not a smaller one? I wonder if any more drama occurred within their company that led to this decision.

    P.S. I know Jiyeon is the one with the webcam issue… but who is the one involved with cigarettes, and who is the one involved with rice cakes? Just curious.

    • Gaya_SB

      According to netizens, Hyomin is the one involved with cigarettes… not sure about the rice cakes though.

    • itsmysunshine

      The one with rice cakes, pretty sure it was Eunjung when they were in Japan.

    • http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

      i also immediately thought that Soyeon would be part of the group and was surprised that Ahreum was included–Jiyeon is always the main visual so I wasn’t surprised to see her included. I would have liked to see Soyeon included. *sigh*

      I love T-ara and have been a huge fan for a long time, but CCM does them no favors.

    • Janee’

      Rice cakes is Eunjung bc the game show she was on had a game where in order to punish the loser, you had to shove a rice cake into their mouth. Ppl screencapped the part where she had to do it to Hwayoung to use it as evidence of “bullying” even though it was part of the show. Hyomin is the cigarettes probably b/c she is suspected of being a gang member/troubled teen. I was also surprised they use Ahreum instead of Soyeon. Jiyeon is a main visual plus she can dance well so that didn’t surprise me. I must say though that they better not have Ahreum rapping this time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

    what hurts me the most – and this is a confession of a fanboy – is that media outlets and blogs/sites, such as seoulbeats, tend to forget journalism objectiveness when it comes to t-ara: this article CONCENTRATED on listing all the reasons this subgroup will definitely flop because t-ara is done and period.

    having stated this and confronting the fact that the author didn’t care for a line to even try some impartiality, i for now and on won’t give a fuck if i’ll sound like a loony bias. so here it goes…

    first i’m very exicted about this because t-ara is my favorite k-pop group, musically wise. i mean, i’m still to hear a t-ara song that i haven’t liked and even if everyone can put into doubt the vocal talent of their members, ccm and t-ara mostly produce the best and most cohesive albums out there – that being the reason i got to like them in the first place.

    i’m not sure how t-ara’s popularity is working outside on the real world. as a foreign k-popper i am obviously a netizen, but i’m a fan of the group so i don’t follow the anti comments. eunjung has landed a gig as an mc for show champion and i haven’t read much about backlash ever since. sure one can say that people just love amber, but i haven’t seen much hatred towards eunjung after the duo’s debut on the show.

    then, the BEST thing KKS could’ve done after the faulty promos of “sexy love” – that went not so bad on DIGITAL charts (by the way, back in early march the group was named the best girl group seller of 2012*) – was to have them promoting overseas. they are big hits in japan, have been holding successful fanmeetings in singapore and malasya and as time flies by, in spite of the dubious reactions, people seem more inclined to give the group the benefit of the doubt than to instantly dismiss them – at least from most of the comments i cared to read.


  • UncleFan

    KKS is crazy… like a fox!

    Did it ever occur to you guys that he didn’t form this sub-unit in spite of the backlash, but BECAUSE of it? By putting the “mean girls” front and center, there isn’t going to be anywhere for the haters and antis to hide when the sub-unit KICKS ASS all over the stage and the charts.

    Think about it: in spite of all the hate from netizens, T-ARA has never, ever, ever FLOPPED. EVER. I just saw a hallyu concert in Bangkok where the fans were cheering louder for T-ARA than for A PINK or SISTAR. People forget that T-ARA has always had a bad reputation – the latest scandal just gave the haters something new to talk about.

    Against the odds, I’m sincerely hoping that the girls actually address the controversy in the song itself. Wouldn’t that be awesome? You know… just really give these bastards the double middle fingers. T-ARA should just ask themselves. “What would Rihanna do?” and go with that, LOL!

    • Black_Plague

      Never flopped? Compared to their other material, in 2010, the album Temptastic did poorly with only just 37k sales whereas 60k+ would be the norm to their album releases, and it didn’t help the title track was absolute garbage and was not well-received. Additionally, has it ever gotten to you that this group has a rather dedicated fanbase especially after the scandal?

      By the way, you’re being overly optimistic if they should actually address the controversy themselves – not only do they not have the actual lyrical or composing skills to pull it off in their songs, but any attempt of doing so is just going to be cockblocked by that self-absorbed CEO of theirs who seems to be slipping back and forth between reality and his own little world of cray-cray.

      • FreakyFlyBri

        Temptastic may not have been their best seller, but remember, it also didn’t have the benefit of a repackage, which is how T-ara sells the majority of their albums. Had they re-released the album it probably would have done comparable numbers to T-ara’s later releases. And while Yayaya wasn’t a runaway smash, it still managed to do decently, all things considered (although Why Are You Being Like This? was obviously the track that they should’ve gone with as their title track since it performed better on the charts).

        And why should it be of any concern that T-ara’s remaining fanbase is dedicated to them post-scandal? I know you think we’re just a bunch of dumb sheep who would follow them blindly into the abyss, but several fans of the group are quite aware that the girls have a rough road ahead of them and just want to support the girls to show them that they still have fans. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

        I agree that the last thing they should do is address the scandal, but that would never happen regardless. If they were an American artist, then hell yes, they’d run that shit all over the place. But in this case they just need to keep it cute.

        • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

          EXACTLY! tell me which fandom won’t follow their idols to the abyss? and you people are trashing QUEENS but we are way less psychotic than certain top tier group’s fanbase [i’m not letting my fingers whom]

  • FreakyFlyBri

    To be honest, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in the event of a nuclear holocaust, T-ara will probably endure alongside the cockroaches and Cher. After the humongous backlash they were met with post-controversy, it was pretty much assumed by many that they wouldn’t survive it. And yet they still managed to sell an additional 40,000 units of the Mirage repackage and Sexy Love didn’t flop. It wasn’t nearly as big a hit as Roly-Poly, Lovey-Dovey, or even Day By Day, but it held its own on the charts. Then they released Bunny Style!, which proved that the backlash hardly affected them in Japan considering it’s now their second best-selling single in that country.

    Anyways, back to the point…I really think this sub-unit is a way to test the waters to see how T-ara may fare when they make a proper, full-fledged comeback. Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin are the three members most in need of an image overhaul right now considering they’re the most maligned within the group, and Ahreum needs exposure in the worst way. Had the scandal never happened I could have seen her quickly becoming quite popular by way of individual activities over time, but since that opportunity isn’t really afforded to her at this moment (or any of the other members for that matter), she has to do it the old-fashioned way…she’s got to show what she’s made of.

    All in all I think it could be a success for the girls, under a few conditions:

    1.) The girls bring their A-game and nothing else. They have to sing and dance their hearts out, because they can’t get away with sloppy performances right now. All eyes will be on them and a bad performance is just one more reason to ridicule them.

    2.) The song is on par with T-ara’s past offerings, but different. I really don’t worry about the quality of the song, as T-ara’s material is consistently excellent in my opinion; however, I do think it would be a mistake to release something that T-ara as a group easily could have done as a whole unit. Shake it up a little bit! And keep it seasonally appropriate…make sure it’s fitting with the time of year, as CCM kind of got it backwards by releasing Day By Day over the summer season and then waiting until fall to release Sexy Love. It should have been the other way around.

    3.) Be gracious. I remember when T-ara won their first Music Bank K-Chart in like, two years with Lovey-Dovey, and all seven of them got down on their hands and knees and bowed to the floor. THAT’S the kind of humility they need to be practicing throughout this entire round of promotions…show people that they aren’t the horrible bullies that everyone paints them to be, but living, breathing women with human emotions that are capable of showing gratitude when they do well (or even just for the chance to show that they can do well).

    4.) Announce that Dani will not be joining the group…ever. To be honest I’m kind of thinking that KKS is rethinking his decision to place Dani in the group, as her addition keeps getting postponed month after month, and news on her is either non-existent or just plain bad (she was ripped to shreds for her acting skills in that drama she recently got a bit role in). I’m hoping that he may finally make a sensible decision and place her in a more age-appropriate group, as I really don’t think that her addition is going to do T-ara any favors.

    As far as the other three members go, I kind of think it’s more a case of where the member’s strengths lay…Boram and Qri have built up a pretty considerable fanbase in Japan, all things considered, so it’s not like they aren’t without their own popularity; Soyeon, on the other hand, probably wasn’t included in this subunit for a few reasons. First of all, I think she may still be on a “probationary period” of sorts after her last scandal with the Kakao Talk mess, and although this sounds horrible, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that she was withheld from inclusion into this subunit due to her weight gain. No, I have no problem with it at all, I think she’s still a beautiful girl and I don’t think it’s fair, but I wouldn’t put it past KKS to punish her for it.

    But yeah. I don’t think this will do poorly, but I’m being realistic at the same time…this won’t do Lovey-Dovey/Roly-Poly sized numbers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still perform respectably on the charts.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

      now THAT is what this article should also contain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nani-Dantas/1282970224 Nani Dantas

    Don’t understand why they left the best singer in the group out of the subunit… They should have gone for Soyeon, Ahreum, Hyomin and Eunjung, the 4 best singers. Why is Jiyeon even in this? She’s in every damn thing they do and isn’t even that good of a singer. Just because she’s the face of the group and the most popular member (and in my opinion not even that pretty)? Seriously… She was in the song that was supposed to be Soyeon’s solo and turned it into a duet, then they give the best ballad song of the new album for her to sing (instead of giving it to Soyeon). Besides, she was in Dream High 2 with singers like Ailee, Hyorin and Jinwoon and was the one who had more solos. Why, God, why??? I love T-Ara and cheer for all the members, but I think Jiyeon deserves a lesson. It would be a good lesson for them to flop because of her, since she’s now the most popular member but also the most hated. Jiyeon is a terrible singer. Why the hell do they put her to sing so many ballads that fit Soyeon, Ahreum, Hyomin and Eunjung better?? Argh, can’t understand.

    • FreakyFlyBri

      Haha I agree that Jiyeon doesn’t have the range of some of the better singers in the group; I wouldn’t even place her on the same level as Boram, who when she’s really trying can project and hold a note quite nicely (she just gets kind of sloppy and relies on the backing track too much on stage sometimes). But she does have a soft sweetness to her voice that’s quite pleasant, especially in ballads, her main problem is that she doesn’t project at all and it almost sounds like she’s “mumbling” when she’s singing live at times. I agree though, that Soyeon will be missed since it’s usually her voice (and Eunjung’s) that is instantly recognizable…those two kind of put their “stamp” on a T-ara track and let you know who you’re listening to.

    • lover-boy

      looool soyeon solo song never were popular if there wasn’t Jiyeon is it most T-ara fans (60%) are Jiyeon fans , besides she never chose to be in any event …….you are just bitter.

  • goldengluvsk2

    I really like T-ara, I dont wanna sound like a broken record and it bugs me so much to talk about what happened AGAIN but theyre doing the same thing they did and that some way let to their fall… creating gaps between the members. Moreover, most of the subunits do all they can to not exclude their best vocalists and promote all their members in one way or another but as usual, KKS is defying all logic doing it the wrong way… seriously, when I heard the sub unit news, I totally thought of Soyeon… and i’m still pressed with the fact that Qri and Boram are lost in Narnia most of the time when it comes to activities… Qri can model and Boram can act… really, would CCM tell me that all these years there hasn’t been a job those girls can do?! even members from rookie groups have roles in sitcoms … Now that i’d ended my rant, I do think they can do well in sales… T-ara’s songs are awesome -most of the time- and I even like their so called flop songs Ya ya ya and Why are you being like this? -those were my jams for months-… if CCM changed their ways, kept their mouth shut, things could really go back to normal… not in the blink of an eye but it could definitely happen.

  • geomart218

    CCM is grasping at straws.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

    seriously, i’m not defending him or anything but kim kwang-soo has been doing that all this time, and throughout all the years we’ve been predicting t-ara’s ultimate fall and break up.

    none of them had happened, so maybe isn’t it time for us to stop taking these girls professionalism for granted?

    i mean, they’ve had stumbles and falls – mostly due to CCM’s lack of decent PR damage control and training their artists to LAY LOW – but they all have been there somehow and they all managed to remain together and overcome the scandals and difficulties.

    we can never know for certain what happens behind the cameras and curtains with k-pop groups and their managements, but we have to STOP thinking these people are the best friends and love each other over their jobs and/or celebrity status. it’s all part of their pantomime and JOB to sell such image and we’re all fools if we buy it blindly.

    k-pop is a job like any other and the same way you might get hurt if you lose a promotion for a workmate the same happens with k-pop groups and its members.

  • marz22

    I’m just curious as to how T-ara’s condition will be once Dani joins the group.They are already struggling to go back to the upper tier where they used to be. Sadly, just as any other group, they are already past their “stars on the rise” phase. I don’t know if KKS is using this sub-unit (with the three most well-marketed members) as a way to compensate the tarnished reputation of the group.

    I am neutral with T-ara, but still have high hopes for them.

  • Not anticipating

    Should have replaced hyomin with Soyeon and jiyeon with Qri and then kicked out eunjung so the group would have 2 that can actually sing and 2 that had nothing to do with bullying Hwayoung

  • http://twitter.com/erlyana97 Blurr-berry °-°

    QRI SOYEON BORAM will be in a sub unit in Japan….
    They are more popular in Japan….