• brouhaha

    Mine completely skipped Spring
    It was cold one day and hot the next. How is that even possible? boohoo T_T

  • ybkdik91

    Here in Sydney, it was autumn and then out of the blue it turned into Summer this past weekend. I wish the weather would make up their mind already, it’s causing me too much confusion LOL.
    As for Fei, I’m happy to see her getting more attention from the Korean public – about time sums up my thoughts.

    • Gaya_SB

      Australian weather in general needs to get itself together.

  • http://twitter.com/MBPPha SuvyMBP3

    I’ll say the weather in the midwest isn’t so great either. There is still snow on the ground so it’s still cold when the sun is out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/giosoulxd Georgiana Sentaliu

    Cherries blossomed in Romania and yestarday was awful because of the wind TT__TT But today is awesome because of the sun =)) :D

    Anyway, I love the fact that Fei became more recognized in Korea. She’s my bias from miss A :D

    • Gaya_SB

      Oh cherry blossoms are just beautiful, especially in the sun!

      And Fei Fei is my miss A bias too, and I’m so happy to wee her getting some spotlight. And the fact that she’s getting it by doing things she loves makes it all the sweeter :)

  • hx

    Have you even watched Evol’s practice video? They perform the choreo just fine.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      I watched it, but meh. I don’t think they pop as hard as the choreo calls for. They aren’t bad but it felt a little low energy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/musmovgam Dhruv Angrup

    I love this version of masterchef so much more…earlier the australian one was my favourite but this has got so much humour and emotional moments…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001430085442 Nilly I’ly

    Malaysia forever sunny or rainy.

  • Lavlavs

    I loved the intro to Get Up but I thought it could have had a little more “oompf” to it. I don’t think they did the beat justice.
    As for weather, FL is pmsing. One day it’s super hot in the 80’s and the next day it drops to the 50’s. I’m not sure if it’s winter or summer cause it’s definitely not spring.

    • Ambika_SB

      (Also from Florida) I think a week or two ago, the temperature matched the lows that came around in late December/early January. The weather needs to get it together. And resist the urge to put rain and wind together. Because then an umbrella does no good.

      • Lavlavs

        It did! And its going to get colder this week. I am so over this. Today it’s so windy that I can’t even drive because my little civic gets pushed around. And its looking like it’s about to rain. I’ll take the heat over this anyday!

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      “I loved the intro to Get Up but I thought it could have had a little
      more “oompf” to it. I don’t think they did the beat justice.”

      Yeah! Exactly. I would love to see a more energetic group do this song. Maybe even 4Minute.

      • Lavlavs

        4Minute would definitely give it more energy but I don’t know if they’d convey the “feeling” as well. I’m not sure to call it. I feel like Evol has natural swag, for lack of a better word, that is perfect for a song like this. If only I could combine that with another groups energy!

  • Brooklyn

    It’s awful here in the Midwest USA. We just got a foot of snow yesterday :/ Spring Break felt more like Winter Break!

  • Nabeela

    it’s still pretty windy and chilly despite the sunshine here in NorCal. but hey thats like, NorCal 24/7 I guess.

    ALSO fei just gone an endorsement deal with a clothing line
    thank god she’s getting more recognized, she like my favorite in missA

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      I feel like NorCal just has perfect temperatures all year round. Other than the whole not-having-seasons things, I’m sure my NY ass could really appreciate NorCal right about now.

  • Fannie_SB

    Fei is an absolute goddess and I’m so happy she’s finally getting her chance to shine outside of group promotions :D

  • hapacalgirl

    I am in SD which is famous for its great weather. We have mostly been in the 60s-70s and sunny with just a few cloudy days, so definitely no complaints. I agree that another group would be able to put more energy into “Get Up” choreography wise but I don’t think anyone in 4minute or Miss A can do ghe rap portions as well as the EvoL rappers. Also there is an inherent attitude (i think swag is overused) in the Evol members that Miss A simply lacks and 4minute comes off as fake when they try.