• VipVip

    I just hope that, if a war ever was to break out between North and South Korea, fans would not only think of their idols but actually realize all of SK and its people would be affected and deserve our help and concern just as much as a celebrity and that we would of course do our best to aid them by any means. Because I see it as an offence to the Koreans to just think of ‘what will happen to the idols’ if the country’s at war, even if one should happen to only be interested in kpop and not other aspects of the country.

    Also, Koreans are patriotic, and every Korean man has to serve 2 years in the military, and they’ve always been preparing themselves for possible war outbreak. If war would happen with North Korea, South Korea would do everything it has in its power to defend itself. I doubt anyone is getting any special treatment, unless we’re talking about a really big celebrity, and I think the public would see it as unpatriotic if a famous person (or their company) tried to slink out of going to the battle field with the excuse of being an celebrity. And injuries belong to war – at least one has been injured while protecting their country (hopefully). When a country’s at war, priorities change. And isn’t that why they’re doing the military service, so that they can, if the worst case should happen, protect their country, not as idols, but as South Koreans.

    But as OP said, the threat of war seems minor, so for the time being, we shouldn’t have to worry about things like that.

  • Mika_San123

    It’s great to be optimistic that fandoms would use their militant organization to help support injured troops, but recent events (that whole controversy with a couple of Inspirits calling the police to ask what would happen to Infinite if South Korea went to war) have put those optimistic considerations under serious doubt. I can understand that fans, especially international fans, who don’t really have any connection to South Korea other than their idols, would be concerned for their idols first and foremost, but the whole K-pop idol system just seems so trivial when it’s placed next to the idea of a war. Of course I’m not saying that the lives of idols or of anyone are trivial, but if the Koreas ever go to war, and the idol-oppas are sent into the front lines, their primary occupation is no longer being an idol – it’s being a soldier.

  • takasar1

    seoulbeats: please refrain from writing articles on such issues, it really detracts from the quality of the work you wish to uphold.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie


      • takasar1

        an analytical article is designed to tackle a subject from various points of view and reach a conclusion via a bout of deductive thinking and logical reasoning. the article begins by merely recounting the north-south issue in such an elementary way that you would either think it was written by or for 14 year old children. that done, the author (who i have nothing against, just to add) recounts how full scale warfare between two neighboring nations would affect kpop’s status, all the while ignoring that if war occurs, kpop will probably not even have time to churn out propaganda; due to the fact that either seoul will be completely flattened (followed by america/china flattening north korea) or that north korea will be flattened regardless whilst their missiles are shot down before they reach seoul. N.K simply does not posses the fuel for a grueling land campaign. consequently, kpop will not exactly do much. in scenario 1, if would simply cease to exist, in scenario 2, 1 month is not long enough to compose and record a series of war-chants that will make SK hate the north even more. besides, the probability of the north launching an attack is only slightly greater than 0. add to that the fact that china and NK are NOT strong allies (with both public and official opinion turning against the kims) and this article was, imo, quite unnecessary. if seoulbeats wants to cautiously wade out of the pool it has created for itself, it ought to at least make sure it does it properly.

        • VipVip

          I do kinda agree with you. Seoulbeats does do articles not just on kpop but other aspects of Korean culture, it just always tries to connect them somehow with kpop and reflect on how kpop is affected/is shown in regards of these other issues, plus also take up issues that are the talk right now, which is why I presume this was written (this is how I’ve interpreted this site at least). I think this article had, even if done with good intentions, a poor starting point to begin with since you just can’t find connection points with kpop and war without sounding inconsiderable. They’re just too different subjects to be discussed in the same article. I think this is why I did feel a bit weird reading this.

          • takasar1

            agreed. another problem i had with this is the whole “impact of war on kpop” angle. its like saying, “if a plane crashes, what will happen to seat b13?” quite redundant.

          • VipVip

            Yeah. Kpop is still only kpop. Can’t be applied to everything.
            I think OP just wanted to shed some light on the issue that has been in the news for some times now, since it is big news and concerns Korea, but by doing it according to the site’s standards… okay so it didn’t really transfer that well. At least we’ve acknowledged that and got some discussion out of it.

    • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

      I agree to the fullest extent

  • shannie4888

    Although war is unlikely to happen now, I think it’s inevitable. I wish a peaceful resolution could be reached, but I don’t see that happening. War is devastating for everyone involved. Too many people die and it leaves too much destruction. South Korea has worked extremely hard to recover from the last war that split one country into two. I hope that if a war does break out, it will not cripple the country. North Korea is being led by a tyrant that needs to be subdued or overthrown. I wish the South Korean people the strength to endure. They have overcome a lot in the past 50 years and they are strong. Fear is no way to live and I just hope that if a war does occur, it will lead to reunification. I know it can happen and it would be nice if two parts of a whole could be put back together again.

    Kpop is not even important in this. We’re talking about a whole country of people, not just famous ones. I’m concerned about the welfare of every citizen who will have their lives shattered when the chaos of war engulfs them. I hope young Korean men, especially idols who are scared of military service, will realize that you have to learn to fight to protect what is yours because if you don’t, then you stand to lose it.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

    Seoulbeats automatically wins Article of the Year with this one lol. Oh Noes, if a war breaks out, what will happen to our beloved Idols?! Because we know Kpop is the most important thing in South Korea

  • Black_Plague

    First and foremost, I really doubt Kpop would have anything to do with the current situation with North and South Korea. It’s a matter of national security – absolutely no room or business for the showbizz to get itself involved in unless it was paid to. And even in terms of propaganda, the crazy behavior the DPRK is pulling off alone is enough to piss a lot of S.Koreans.

    Though the thing I see in this article is that it keeps on making references to North Korea attacking/invading Seoul itself. Currently, the best North Korea can ever really do to Seoul is using its bulky and cumbersome 170mm Koksan heavy artillery guns or its armament of ballistic missiles – which are also susceptible to being targeted ABMs/anti-ballistic missiles from the other side.

    That alone however won’t be enough to cripple Seoul completely, especially when missile silos and missile-carrying trucks and heavy artillery platforms are likely going to be the first targets vulnerable and hit by air strikes/bombardment or even special forces before the Norks can even pound out full damage with them.


    Link provides a pretty solid view.

    Strategically, just what goal is accomplished from also attacking Seoul itself when it would make more sense to put more focus on military targets instead? Sure, it’s the capital city with millions of people and all but even if Seoul was outright destroyed, the war in 1950-1953 proved that SK was willing to fight back even though the city was lost several times.

    If anything, Porky Jnr. seems to have his sights targeted on Baengnyeong island, which faces the sea border with the DPRK – and pretty much next door neighbors with Yeonpyeong island which was bombed back in 2011.

    Lastly, in a war scenario, K-pop would simply vanish/cease to exist or in other words, go dark for months at the least. One month is hardly anything, especially when idols are more than likely to run with their families and stay in refugee camps for a set period of time than following their company’s orders (whose staff will also probably run for the hills too).

  • http://twitter.com/sollenatburger Sonwabile Antonie

    North Korea is not dumb enough to ever attack South Korea in an all-out scale cos that would be suicide. North Korea has been doing giving out these threats for years now and doing sinking ships and doing things on a small scale. Its just something it does for attention. And to be honest, the last thing anybody should ever think about in a war is how a celebrity is doing

  • SM the Royal Family


    What awesome (self-styled) Korean experts these SeoulBeats writers are! Like always!

  • igbygrl

    If a war does happen (highly unlikely though) then the whole infrastructure of Kpop and the music industry of Kpop will mostly likely be abandoned and restructured. Most times during and after the war, the mindset of society and the people change for better or for worse. Just like during World War II and the Vietnam war, America has witnessed the music tastes shift from pop to folk, from folk to hippy rock and it will probably shift similarity in South Korea too in case a ware does happen. Most likely the korean populace will view Kpop as frivolous, overdecadent and pointless as the war proceeds. And as for the youths slowly but surely they will probably will lean more towards the rock garage indie bands, whatever is accessible for them musically if their idols are inaccessible. Most likely female solo artists will thrive again but more folksy, alternative indie types will become big. I’ve noticed when something as catastrophic as war happens, the culture mirrors the weight of such a stigma.

    • Black_Plague

      “Most likely the korean populace will view Kpop as frivolous, overdecadent and pointless as the war proceeds”

      Given how terribly oversaturated Kpop itself is, not to mention bands like Busker Busker are racking up big popularity among the general public there, I think it’s safe to say that Kpop already is well on way to becoming frivolous and overdecadent whether if a war breaks out or not.

      • igbygrl

        Agreed….I think the populace are getting really tired of the predictable, manufactured boy and girl bands from the entertainment companies.

  • http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    Interesting article Lindsay :)

  • leolover

    It feels a bit weird to read this, like war is being talked about too lightly. A war would be a horrible thing to happen! I dunno, it just feels odd. It feels like hearing (I’m sorry for writing this, but) ‘If someone kills all my family I hope my friends will be there to help me’. It’s like there’s not a big chace it will happen to start with, why talk about it like it’s something so normal?

  • http://twitter.com/anakeyxhen Ana Key

    This reality people. Stop acting like this can’t happen. Granted if NK bombs SK or America it.will get real. Like world war three. If and when it happens oppa isn’t a idol he is a warrior. I hate when people can see the real picture.