• http://twitter.com/sollenatburger Sonwabile Antonie

    This mv is epic, its by far my favourite of the year. It takes a very serious topic like stalking and makes it lighthearted and fun. I know alot of fangirls who would love to kidnap their favourite idols and do exactly what that girl was doing haha.

  • MEalways

    I love HYS a lot, since his days in SS501. I always pray that he would be successful, more than ever. I’m glad that the song is kind of good, but where or why the dance? He can dance more than he usually show. Maybe I just have to listen to his good voice.

    Go, go… Prince Otter!

  • http://twitter.com/Pieri_19 Pierina Fernanda

    Really really I love this video, Young Saeng show us that he can sing a dance song so good like he sings a balad. I love her voice and smile.

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    Just watched the music video and liked it it’s a good example of serious topic such as celebrity and their obsessive fan/celebrity stalking