• leadaegyu

    when i choose my bias of course i choose the one with the most visually appealing first to my eyes. for example, my first bias in bigbang was T.O.P cause obviously he’s really handsome but at some point, i keep watching family outing and other bigbang’s variety shows and i thought that daesung is really charming and fun. he was kinda grew into me and then after tonight promotion he became really hoooot and he ended up being my bias in bigbang right now (although GD always trying to ruin it, oh well, who can resist him?). and after that i’m being so drawn into him, like his voice, his smile, his personality… i guess when it comes to your bias you can like everything about him and even want to know more about him and become obsessed in the end. oh, and you always prioritize him over other members! like when you watch an MV you’re always looking for his part and get annoyed if he didn’t get many screen time hahaha

  • http://www.facebook.com/karheng279 Aaron Ho

    I am a sucker for dorky aegyo and eye smiles.
    That’s how I found Tiffany in the first place. And it definitely helps for her to have a great personality (relatively at least, on screen personality have to be based on something innate right?) That’s how I slowly became into a SONE. Soon, you will start drawn into your bias, and everything your bias does will just drive your little fan heart crazy. Nowadays, I just have these mini heart attacks whenever I see Fany does her little dorky aegyo or showing her awesome killer eye smiles.

  • yuki kokoro

    Choose? Choosing? I may seem cheezy and mushy but I still believe that I didn’t choose my bias! Ok maybe I chose him, but not consciously! I think we should let these thing happen by themselves over time. You will start to have a bias without trying. And if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world!

  • JayDK

    For me it’s completely the other way around; I have to have a “bias” in the group, someone I’m totally fangirlng over, to become a fan of the overall group. Heechul made me a fan of SJ; GD made me a fan of Big Bang. The qualities that draw me the most are stage presence/performance and especially individuality, which is comparatively rare in Kpop. Heechul might barely dance a routine while GD hits it hard every time, but they’re both doing their own thing. And both are amazingly charismatic on stage, which I think everyone knows about GD but gets overlooked with regard to Heechul — he’s just so fun to watch on-stage, especially in his solo performances.

    • yuki kokoro

      Exactly the same for me. I would never have became an ELF without Heechul. And yes he is incredibly charismatic!

      • maldita

        For real, Heechul was the only reason I even bothered to check out the rest of Super Junior. He really has a lot of fans who only care about him and not much about the group at all.

        • Jezji

          Same but with Kyuhyun I mean this guy is like making me only look at him when he comes on *O*

    • saroj khan

      im so similar .But just curious–do you end up liking the other memebrs personally ??cuz for me me even if i become fond of the group i cant seem to like them separatey the bias memeber has to be present.for example:infinite –i adore dongwoo and i love when he is with woohyun.but if woohyun was by himself in a variety without dongwoo i wouldn’t watch it.

      • JayDK

        I end up liking the other members to various degrees — in particular, I like Ryeowook in SJ and TOP in Big Bang a lot. But I’m not a fangirl without my bias, I must confess. Since Heechul’s gone to do his public service, I’m just not as interested in SJ. But as soon as he comes back, I’ll be all over them again, I think.

        • saroj khan

          im exactly the same.lol

  • maldita

    Call me shallow or whatever, but it’s usually just the first person in the group that catches my eye right off the bat. I was a noob in 2008, and just in time for SHINee’s debut, the first person seen in the “Replay” video and when looked into the camera and I heard his voice, that was it. He’s been my fave ever since. I wrapped myself up in everything SHINee, then a few months later, ~legendary~ DBSK came back. One glance of Yunho in the “Mirotic” video and that was it. He ended up being my ultimate, undisputed #1 bias of all, especially when I learned of his image as the kind, humble, strong leader.

    I saw a random video with Super Junior and Heechul was saying something witty. That was it. And last year, all it took for me to pick an EXO bias was to hear and see Kris saying ~my heart be breaking~ in the “History” video. Then he started making airports his personal runway and he’s ruined me for life with his ridiculously flawless self.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/shahirashera Shahirashera

    Mine is very random cus Im the one that go for personality & also talent but I still think it depends on how I view/feel about them to like them more than everyone else. At first I didnt care at all about EXO but Luhan looked kind of cute still that didnt win me until I saw the very video of Lay strumming his guitar and I was practically done for. From there I scraped every bit information I could about the group with not much interest in K. I thought the other counterpart would never get me but guess what? I watched that fancam of Kyungsoo & Ryeowook performing FTTS song and I just ….

  • minty_chip

    Cute article but I don’t think people need to be taught the criteria for how to pick your bias. It just happens. You first notice the members you find attractive and then when you watch shows or mvs of groups you realize that your eye is always drawn to a certain person. I’ve been watching BtoB mtv and there’s just something that always draws me to Hyunsik. Plus, I don’t think this guide could help me choose just one bias in Infinite. haha It’s just a helpless case.

    • PZ

      Oh, God. All of Infinite’s members are bias list ruiners. You have to love all 7 of them ;D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    My list is entirely appearance driven. If that makes me shallow, so be it — I don’t follow Kpop for the depth.

    Nana is beautiful, with long legs and a somewhat awkward laugh. I also like that she doesn’t always smile. That’s not in any conceivable way a glimpse into her true personality, but I still prefer a genuinely unsmiling face to an obnoxiously fake smiling one.

    Bora is hot, with a much more healthy figure than you normally see in Kpop. I also find the mute button during her “raps” greatly enhances her appeal for me (but damn she looks pretty attempting them).

    Hyori is hot, with a bit of an attitude. I get the feeling she would be one of those ballsy chicks who wouldn’t be the least bit afraid to tell someone to “piss off” if the situation called for it.

    I’ve never followed an idol for any particular quirks related to their career or appearances on tv programs. The closest I’ve gotten to that is probably Lizzy because she sometimes acts like a little kid who forgot to take her medication and drank an entire 2 liter bottle of Mr. Pib spiked with whiskey. For the most part, I see an idol I find attractive, realize that I’m only “into” Kpop following for the pretty escape from the mundanities of everyday life, and stick with them for better or for worse. I find things are much neater that way, because then the idol I fancy can royally f*ck up, or otherwise make mistakes, and it never diminishes them in my eyes.

  • Iro Mage

    Personally, I get drawn to the one who I think is..well most like my friends IRL. The Kpop idol who I think, in an alternate universe, could actually be one of my friends. TOP, my BigBang bias, reminds me of my friend Batman (nickname) because they both wear suits, they both have fantastically deep voices, and they are both the most awkward dancers I have ever seen, and I love them for it. Amber, of f(x), reminds me of my best friend, who is coincidentally also named Amber. They’ve both got the tomboy “I don’t care what you think about the way I dress” attitude but they’re both really sweet and really derpy. BAP….I can’t pick a final bias in that group. It’s impossible. Literally. I think I’ve picked one and then someone ruins it (love-rage all the time). Right now the ruin-er is Zelo, because he reminds me of my friend Maura, except for the height (she’s tiny); they’re both insanely cute, both really mature for their age, and both of them are so talented for their age (they’re both 2 years younger than me) they make everyone else look lazy.

  • http://twitter.com/Myrmicinae Brendicienta

    When I got into K-pop out of pure curiosity, I listened to TVXQ and SJ first, liked some of their songs and fell in love with Siwon´s handsome and manly appearance on the “Sorry, Sorry” MV, while all the other k-pop male performers look feminine or anime like (not my thing when it comes to men, honestly). Later, I took SNSD seriously after knowing Taeyeon was the girl that sung with Kim Bum Soo on “Different”. I love her voice to pieces and became a sone because of her and the dorkiness of all the members. And at this point I remain a k-pop fan because of Taeyeon. Can´t wait until she goes finally solo.

  • sleepyneve

    I’ve noticed that the people I bias tend to have the same characteristics…their personalities are really what get to me. I love the dorky, funny, weird, cute, and funny members of a group and how charismatic they are on stage…so my biases would be Onew (I love and miss Onew Sangtae so much), Jaejoong (seriously, a weirdo and loves the camera a lot, but gah he just gets to me with his personality), TOP (I don’t even remember who I first liked in Big Bang…I just know it wasn’t TOP, then I see him doing his embarrassing dance and all his other weird actions and that was it for me). It’s weird because this only applies to guy groups.

    For girl groups, it’s kind of how chill they are and how easy-going they are…so people like Yewon. I don’t have a bias for SNSD although I think I like Seohyun best because of WGM, but Hyoyeon’s personality is absolutely awesome…she’s so easy-going and those kinds of idols are ones I tend to lean towards for girl groups.

  • samlun100

    My bias list:
    Miss A-Suzy

  • namelessmonster

    I stop at the ‘choose who is attractive’ stage and never move past it.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    Personally, I don’t have a criteria for choosing biases, its just whoever seems talented, interesting, mysterious, funny, etc.

    My bias list includes Lina (CSJH), Changmin (TVXQ), Kris (EXO), Chen (EXO), Kyuhyun (Suju), Seugyeon (kara), Sooyoung (SNSD), Nana (After school), Kahi, BoA, and Yenny (WG). Just to name a few…

  • Legna Angel

    I’m not exactly sure how I choose my biases, but I have to agree with JayDK in that I usually pick a bias first then follow the group. Plus, I’m finding that I usually have a few biases in the overall group who move around the list. As it is, I’m just now looking into DBSK/TVXQ and JYJ thanks to Jaejoong’s solo album and his mv “Mine”. (Yes, I’m really new to kpop, so forgive me for getting into one of the more famous groups late)

  • http://twitter.com/AnnaDowns2 Anna Downs

    i’ve found that the visual member of a group is there to draw a person in and may be the most obviously attractive, and thus have the most fans, but never ends up being my bias. I transition from the visuals pretty quickly to more “interesting” (at least to me) idols who show a uniqueness to their personality or even a quirkiness to their looks. Kikwang to Dongwoon, whose nose at first bothered me and then became endearing. TOP to Taeyang, whose voice was the deciding factor. L to Dongwoo, based solely on the fact he has a HUGE mouth. And etc…

  • http://twitter.com/catEYEx3 Clairi

    Usually there’s someone in every group I like who just ‘pops’ to me. In SHINee it’s usually Taemin; After School, Jungah (sometimes Nana); KARA, Gyuri; BTOB, Ilhoon; some other people I can’t think of atm xD I usually don’t like people who don’t do anything…they have to be talented or have really good stage presence. I don’t like 2NE1 but I’ve always thought CL was an amazing performer. I’m not very big on having a bias, though. If I truly like a group I love all of the members very much.
    ..also, that picture of SNSD is perfect!

  • http://twitter.com/junniepops 디라

    I swear, Junhyung was not the first person I had set my eyes on when I took an interest in Beast. The person that drew me in was Gikwang with his cute face + hot body & abs, and hot damn, can you even blame me for being attracted to that man? haha and there was also Yoseob who was really cute and appealing and everyone else was just shadowed. Then, like you mentioned in the article, I started watching variety shows (MTV Beast and Beast Almighty) and someone.. a certain rapper caught my attention. Lo and behold, who would expect I would be attracted to the awkward and cute Junhyung, lol. I found him really hot on stage and really charismatic as a rapper, his voice really attracts me and his personality was just so sakjfdaklgj I found myself so head over heels for him. Not much would find him attractive, chubby cheeks and no abs and all, but he’s been my #1 bias for three years already, and that’s quite a feat, considering how much godly people there are in k-pop. and considering the fact this dude has a public relationship, sure, it did break my hear, made me cry (consider me over the top) but I love him, and realistically speaking, I wouldn’t even have a chance and besides music, I’m glad there’s something else that keeps him happy.

    Now there’s someone particular I want to rage at when I discovered him and that would be Exo’s Kris. God dammit, all it took was his screaming part in MAMA with his facepainting and his beautiful rage face and I was just taken in. That was it, for a moment. But when I watched interviews and shows oh my god I was taken in again by his (awkward) cuteness AND GODDAMMIT HE HAS THE SEXIEST VOICE EVER, I SWEAR. there is something about voices like his and Junhyung that really attract me, not too deep but not too high either, god it’s just asdfgghjkl. and I love it when he raps on stage, hot dayum.

    and there you go, my top two biases, with Junhyung and his imperfect appearance (that always looks so beautiful and attractive to me<3) and Kris with his flawless appearance that makes me question his existence. there are other biases and they are dominated by the rapper roles , so yeah, I have realized that I am attracted to rappers and /them/ with a voice. (not to sing but one that can make you high, yeah)

  • http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    interesting article Lindsay, when it comes to my bias i bias the group when it comes to groups i like and is a fan of and what they interest me

  • anime manga

    PSHHHH considering my personality you would suppose i like groups like 2ne1, b.a.p, big bang, groups with power, strength and edge. but instead my bias is girls generation and i like tvxq, and exo, who are well, pretty groups. I don’t have a SPECIFIC reason for liking my groups at ALL. i just….like them. i can’t help it.

  • http://twitter.com/krisus_itsKris Jinee Scarlet

    How do i choose a bias? I can’t. SHINee’s number 1 for meand this article highlights exactly why i can’t chose s bias >.< Love them all too much!

  • disqus_a1jH3xoSRc

    Park Yoochun. End of story. That man has everything I’m looking for in a celebrity, and when I think I’ve found a bias in another group…Yoochun reminds me that any other bias would be only 2nd place to him haha.

  • dragongirl95

    I don’t think you can choose a bias, like it will all come from itself, the bias will choose you.. For example when I first watched EXO MAMA I liked baekhyun the most and he made me becoming an EXOTIC. But after I found Kris and I get to know him well, he become not only my bias in Exo but my ultimate bias. So I didnt choose him conciosly, i just became more atached to him until i realized he’s my biggest love <3 So yeah…Baekhyun is still my bias though. My second bias in Exo. Also, when i first get into a group I usually choose my bias based on the ideal type i have but then when i became a real fan of the group and know everything about them that can change. Its not always this situaion though but you get the point. You don't choose your bias, he chooses you :)

  • TheJadeBullet

    I’ve noticed that I’m quite attracted to dancers and idiots. Or idiotic dancers, they’re perfect. Those with naturally droll personalities and brilliant one-liners really do it for me too. Ultimate bias? That’s an impossible decision for me to make =/

  • BishieAddict

    LOL nothing wrong with having one favourite in a group. JJ from DB5K was 70% looks 30% singing (now I like Junsu and Changmin more for their looks and singing). Kyuhyun (Suju) for his voice. That guy has the most relaxing voice…Yesung from Suju for style, looks, and voice. CNblue’s Jonghyun for looks. Daesung (big bang) for voice. Initially I liked Onew’s voice and personality. But lately, I’ve noticed Taemin a bit more ( shinee). Woohyun of infinite for voice.minzy ( 2ne1) voice. I honestly like all members of 2am. Jea (beg) voice. Jun.k (2pm) singing. I guess I mostly like the people whose singing appeals to me? But I’m also shallow. Lol

  • christinaaa

    usually i pick a bias when i first get into a group, but i always end up with a different bias at the end of it all lol. for mblaq my first bias was g.o. because of his amazing voice, and then for infinite i was a fan of myungsoo/sungjong. but then when i watch variety shows, i end up falling in love with someone else haha (i.e. joon and dongwoo). i dont really choose my biases in that sense, they just win me over with their personalities. and now i’m in a struggle with big bang. my ultimate bias is taeyang (i really don’t think this’ll budge) and my second favorite has always been daesung (mostly bc of the dumb and dumber characters from family outing!), but after seeing them in concert, i’m head over heels for seungri. and daesung was so gorgeous and so happy, it was contagious! now basically those three are in the top for my overall bias list lol, that’s how much i love them.

  • http://twitter.com/QilaHyukjae ∞ Qila Faizi

    I’m an ELF (and I’m multi fandom too). I started loving Ryeowook in Sorry Sorry because he was wearing a Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt and later Kyuhyun. I’ve been Eunhyuk’s Jewel for almost two years now because he have that sexy appeal though he’s very dumb at times. My mum said I like ugly men (don’t bash my mum please). She likes visuals, e.g. Siwon. My type of picking a bias is different from most people who likes visuals. I love smart ones, the funny and dumb one and I love talented ones. And yes, all of them are sexy too. Like Dongwoo, people MIGHT think he’s the least handsome but he’s got that boyish and cute charm that makes him look irresistible (omg). I choose a bias that can make me feel giddy suddenly because of his charming or idiotic or smart character. They make me feel like “Wow, dude, you’re my type.” It’s like finding a perfect boyfriend, only they’re a bias and you can’t marry them.

    • saroj khan

      aww its so sweet –your mum is a fan of kpop too.i just find dongwoo so beautifull,i dont usually find the people that others think they are really goodlloking or pretty .there has to be something else that makes them more attractive to me personally .in case of dongwoo –when the music is on and he is dancing.gahh!!he is just beautiful.

      • http://twitter.com/QilaHyukjae ∞ Qila Faizi

        Yeah. I even dragged her to SS3 last two years. :3 The good-looking ones are, you know, good-looking but most of them are serious or serious so they don’t appeal much to me. I love TOP – he’s handsome, he’s witty and he’s a clown. But for all I know, though I don’t stan them, they’re still my favourite. <3

        • saroj khan

          i feel bad for your mum.to be with all those screaming fans ,must not have been fun .hope she liked the concert.usually the quiet ones seem to be the good looking ones.i like top’s voice.even tho i dont personally find him attractive i still think he is good looking.he never grabs my attention.but i guess everyone has different definiton :D

  • http://twitter.com/D2012Junsu D-Junsu

    Xiah Junsu— his voice got my attention, then his personality got me good after that! lol

    But I do love all of the DBSK members and of course Shinhwa too! Shinhwa’s my first kpop love, they will always have a soft spot in my heart!!! My BIASes forever in KPOP!! haha

  • saroj khan

    personally for me its one of the three things 1)stage presence(grabs my attition and im rivetted to that person) 2)personality (seems genuine as can be froma celeb,has his own beliefs and opininons) 3)added bonus :speaks different language esp english(means they are from overseas and i admire the choice they made to leave freinds and family behind to pursure dreams/passion)

    i like the person then the group follows.i usually like the person so there is no bias change ,i might come to like the other members but only the person is with them ,no matter what i cant seem to like other memebers on thier own ,the bias has to be there..

    Presence and personality and bonus 1)jay park.has all three requirement so he is my ultimate bias.so fierce and charismatic on stage ,he is his own person does whatever he wants and is really witty and the way he looks after family and friends.i really respect the guy,the fact that he actually came back to korea after the controversary and death threats and actually pursue what he started ,really admirable.

    2)yoon mi rae (tasha) gahh !! so talented .has really endearing personality especially with drunken tiger and jordan.now she has a family of her own –the struggle with her skin colour in us as well as korea

    3)recently c clowns rome.it was english that got me into him.watching guru pop and there is a guy with aussie accent.the rest is history .really good on stage and he is a geunine and a good leader.

    Presence and personality :dongwoo from infinite.it was the satge presence that got me into him.when he dances on stages –just so simple and easy .then the personality –he is such a beautiful person ,just precious .

    block b zico :it was the stage presence as well.he is so charismatic on stage and really talented.he has got awesome personality as well.
    Personality:Hyroi –in the kpop industry when it is so hard to say their especially for a girl she is awesome for it.family outing anyone

    Presence:G dragon–he just has that aura on stage –cant take my eyes off him
    cl–really confident and in your face on stage without coming off as too cocky.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001921651104 Sanjana Kalyanpur

    B.A.P’s Daehyun
    I found him attractive because of his soothing singing voice and I know this is weird, but I kinda love how his laugh sounds :P
    And when I first watched, Ta Dah It’s BAP, I didn’t rreally find Daehyun that attractive because he would always cover his personality behind a mask?! seriously, a mask?! Sheesh! But when I watched B.A.P Diary, I actually got to know him
    That’s when I got to know how much I like him
    That’s when his true, cheerful personality came up
    So now, my current bias is Daehyun :D And I’m totally happy with it!

  • http://twitter.com/sonias0801 KenLeoLOVE

    i have along list of biases….no particular trait…
    vixx-leo and ken
    teen top-cap
    exo-kris kai

  • Lolwhatagain

    Never saw an article more stupid than this one.

  • Courie

    When I first watched Warrior. I was always interested and drawn to YoungJae (loved his voice,thought he was cute and kinda sassy) but it was impossible for me to get to know more about him because it was rare to find any information/pictures/fancams about him so I got to know more about the other members a lot more than about YoungJae.

    Sigh Having a bias who’s unpopular is tough man…

  • NoctLightCloud

    I usually try to see the group as a whole and not support only 1 member (it makes it more interesting & fair imo). But if I had to choose, I’d say Jonghyun of SHINee (but hands down, all of them are lovely!!) and Junsu of DBSK (though it’s hard to pick out one of 5 in all ways perfect men). Both didn’t appeal to me at first glance, but instead grew on me slightly but strongly (all thanks to variety shows). Now it’s impossible for me to not like them, so chances for someone else to appear and ruin my bias-list are pretty low…;-P

  • chenchen

    IDK i didn’t choose? Kim Jongdae from EXO just creeped into my kokoro. He’s hardly popular, i think if i don’t tell you now that he’s Chen you probably have never heard of the name Kim JOngdae. If you want to talk about generic cute, dorky, narrow face big eyes handsome, or even tall, he doesn’t really fit. But he is my ultimate bias, and i’ve come to accept that. He is the best thing that ever happened. His singing can take you to the highest levels of euphoria, his sharp cheekbones burrow into your heart and mark it as territory, his smile can make you smile too, from miles away in front of your computer. He just makes me feel so happy, and i that’s what matters.

  • pierrot16

    Kim Jaejoong. There’s just no one like him. He doesn’t fit into any molds. Sure, he debuted as “the visual” but I soon learned he was also “the lead singer”. He can belt out rock songs as easily as he can sing powerful ballads. He composes and writes lyrics for JYJ albums as well as his solo albums. There’s no end to what this man can do. I think what makes his my ultimate bias is his stage presence. I’m glad we got to see more of it during his solo tour. He interacts with every fan like its the most natural thing in the world. (See his stage talks and the lotte fanmeets!). He speaks fluent Japanese. Okay yes I know, so does the rest of tvxq.

    TLDR: Kim Jaejoong is my ultimate bias through thick and thin.

  • crazyselin

    I also noticed that usually, our ultimate bias is the one we choose most of the time while reading fanfics(for the ones who reads). Even if I have other bias, I usually always choose Kai (or sometime Sehun)

  • Ronan Bates

    You do not choose a bias your bias chooses you. You will know when your bias chooses you, you just have to wait and stay calm (until your bias chooses you, then you can freak out all you want), but always stay loyal to your bias no matter what. You are to your bias as a Pokémon is to his master. If you choose to find a new bias think of what would happen if ash found a new Pokémon and if pika found a new master.