• innerD

    “It’s a pity however that the YG Family haven’t had more opportunities to participate in these talent shows given the emphasis they place on artistry.”

    — Gummy??
    Plus, I bet they do (have opportunity), but they probably don’t want to do it.

    • happy_slip

      It’s still kind of a pity to be honest.

      I’m not sure if all of them don’t want to do it, but Minzy for instance has been showing interest and actually made videos of herself singing, but YGE seems to give little to no importance to it at all. It would have been so cool to see her on a show like Immortal Song or something related to singing or dancing.

    • k_db

      well Gummy was on “I am a Singer” if that counts. She did really well on it too.

      I agree with the last part. I’m sure a lot of channels (sans KBS) approach YG with something. And being YG he probably refused for some sort of cockamamie reason.

  • k_db

    MBC never really had a “bad” relationship with YG. Or at least not to my knowledge. It was really only KBS. Maybe it seemed like YG and MBC had a bad relationship because SBS and YG are butt buddies.