• alysanne

    I still like Janus more than this one, both MV and song-wise. But this is a good effort and the song grew on me after a few listens.

    I actually like the new image and I hope their stylists will continue to do a good job with the styling. The wardrobe in Janus really did so much to make that MV cool. And yes please, NO MESH. ^_^

    I enjoyed the dance parts of both MVs, so I was wondering why they had to put so much of those drama scenes, which were not quite in-sync with the tone of the song and the dance scenes. I like how they incorporated drama in Janus better; this one was more jarring when we shift between scenes. I could watch an entire MV’s worth of just their choreography, actually, but then again, that wouldn’t be much different from a live perf. Good job in casting Kim So-hyun, though, she was great here.

  • animasaurus

    Sweetune needs to stop giving them infinite rejects tbh. This is not bad but I prefer their other songs like “Good Night” and “Don’t Touch My Girl” :) It suits them more imo.

  • http://twitter.com/Myrmicinae Brendicienta

    I prefer Infinite´s voices on Sweetune songs. And for me the Boyfriend kids´s looks are creepy, especially the twins.

  • MoontosUp

    It’s funny that people are calling their new songs “Infinite rejects”. Actually, I only started to pay attention to Boyfriend after Janus and I really like I Yah too. I wasn’t into their generic aegyo songs pre-Janus so I welcome the change. They look less like jailbait now and slightly more manly with this new concept so I want them to keep making “Infinite rejects” in the future because they sound awesome.

  • Farah Afiza

    Why are the songs called “Infinite Rejects”? Just because Sweetune produced them? Either way, I don’t really care. I like some of their old songs, but Janus and I Yah are better in my opinion. And the crowd seems to agree with me. I Yah was pretty high on the music chart, even managed to get no. 5 at Inkigayo/MB. I don’t think they ever got that high before.