• http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    I felt this pairing was not as awkward as we all thought it would be. Taemin n Boa actually have good chemistry together. And it’s lovely to see Taemin grow up into a man.

    Love the subtle scenes in the mv. They managed to tell the story and portray the conflict effectively. I really enjoyed the mv as well as the song.

  • jellypeaches

    I thought the song was nice, better than Only One. Love the mood and style of the MV but it just doesn’t really tie to the meaning of the lyrics. I care about lyrics meaning a lot hence some scenes just feel disconnected or weird, perhaps due to insufficient edit timing. If I were to ignore the meaning of the lyrics and just see it as a sad song, I think the MV is great.

    I love how viewers were able to choose the ending. Like you mentioned, it was not an out of the box idea but definitely underused so it was an ingenious move here. Surprisely, I like both endings though BoA face really look plastic/weird in one of the scene at the bridge the happy one. Bad angle seriously. She look beautiful in the sad one at the door.

    I also think it worked in Taemin favor more than BoA. It really show us a different side of him. I saw a little chemistry here and there but not to the point where it touched your heart. Some MVs do that to me but sadly not this. (P/s: I am a 101% Taemin fan but I don’t really feel anything after watching the MV so I concluded that it is not convincing enough.) Taemin smile is naturally angelic/ charming (‘healing’ in a sense) so I guess it is a good choice to use him as the lead during those happy times. I saw someone photoshop TVXQ Yunho in and I thought he was a better match with BoA.

  • Dakah

    I was really surprised, they actually look really good together, and they have great chemistry as-well. I thought the video was well executed and really complimented the song.

  • namelessmonster

    SM should hire Kwon Soon Wook as their MV director from now on.

  • xchoccies

    Taemin’s acting wasn’t pro but it was just right and it’s nice to see that he could finally show off that masculinity of his (he did look very fine, hee). They had enough chemistry (even during Only One promos I thought they looked better out of the featurings, other than Yunho) to make it look believable and honestly, I replayed the video about two or three times because I had to gush over the details. I liked it a lot more than Only One. After the release of Only One and now Disturbance, I’m really looking forward to more of BoA’s self composition.

  • ShineeWorld52911

    Anyone else notice Taemins cute muscle pose?

  • lokifairy

    “I can blame this more on the stylistic signatures of the director”…I don’t see a problem with this. Many directors have a stylistic signature and I like it very much.

    The MV was still amazing and the song as well. And BoA and Taemin have a better chemistry together than I though. I knew they were close with each other but it doesn’t looked awkward at all (I though it could turn out a little bit awkward because of their senior-junior relationship which is a serious matter in Korea).

    I really love BoA’s voice but she sounded a little bit different in this song but I still liked it because this song showed us more of her vocal skills. And the lyrics are really beautiful.

    And I’m glad Taemin’s acting imrpoved, he is not an AMAZING actors but it was not bad and much better than his acting in the sitcom from a few years ago. Taemin is really impressive, he imrpoved his singing, dancing, acting…I can’t wait to see what he will show us in this year maybe his composing skills? (:

  • intheshort

    I was surprised (in the best possible way) to see Taemin playing opposite BoA. For far too long, I’ve known him as the maknae in SHINee who always has to crossdress and ends up with long hair lots of the time.

    It’s good to see him grow up. SM is showing some sense (finally).

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    At least it’s not entirely in a BOX.

  • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

    On the rare occasion I watch SM videos, I have a tendency to click off the video ads as a matter of habit from YouTube. Fools me every time only because I forget that you can’t.

  • Streby

    Taemin shouldn’t act in my opinion, he can’t really emote any better than my husband (Minho) does.

  • http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    l liked BoA’s Disturbance I agree it isn’t anything groundbreaking or new for BoA but it’s still good and BoA and Taemin had good chemistry despite the age difference. Overall I enjoyed the music video, song and lyrics accompanying Disturbance :)

  • tinkypinky4

    boa debuted when taemin was 5

    • Gaya_SB

      … wow

  • http://twitter.com/noshadow31 Triangle Wheel

    I totally agree about this is in favor of Taemin instead of BoA. All Taemints should appreciate this wonderful opportunity given to Taemin by BoA. and I’m not just saying this b/c I’m Jumping cuz as you can see, I’m also a Taemint :P

    BTW, the similarity between Only One and Disturbance is intentional. BoA requested her bro to film it as a prequel to Only One.