• http://twitter.com/jpp208 Jui Patel

    I like (actually love) CN Blue’s I am Sorry, but I wish they were little less stiff and showed more expression/emotion on stage through out the whole song instead of just at the end. The end was perfect and not just this song but the whole album is really good as well. Hopefully it sells well.

    • http://twitter.com/flamingheart_yh flamingheart_jyh

      It is doing really well both digitally and physically. Agree, the whole album is really good, worth every penny :))

  • Streby

    I love that CN Blue were allowed to actually perform live, instruments and all; it sounds so much better this way.

  • http://twitter.com/flamingheart_yh flamingheart_jyh

    Yonghwa has always been attractive but for some reason his blonde hair brings him to a whole new level of being attractive. Love all their live stages. YOu can tell they’re enjoying it so much more because they’re plugged in. This week’s Music Core stage in a club was really good too :))

  • takasar1

    GLAM…my favorite new girl group (i apologize in advance miss A)

    • Aoren1703

      Lol just love both groups, I know I do :-)

  • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

    Totally didn’t expect anything from Infinite H’s Victorious Way stage but damn they killed it. Not my fave beat nor execution from the mini but this perf was great! Amazing energy from them.

    I actually also like Tiny-G’s stages so far. Like this one the most from their rounds this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbdMKi-sCvE

  • pg13247

    I disagree with your thoughts on Nine Muses. Admittedly, this Inkigayo performance was pretty poor. They were extremely lucky to get Sweetune to help them find their musical style. They’ve had this retro-style kind of pop starting from their “Figaro” days.

    What hurts this group is that there is no “Wow!” vocalist, even on a good day. The main vocalists are able to carry a tune and can easily take care of the whole song, but there is no “It” factor. They can be a decent group, but I don’t see superstardom. I beleive this even though I really like this group.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

      it’s sad for me to admit that you are right about 9muses lacking the wow factor. in a world where there should be something highly imagetic to carry the tune, the fact that 9muses’ songs – since starting up their collab with sweetune – are ALL FLAWLESS is not enough to make them a big group is sad to say the least,

      because if you pay attention, they get better on the stage at each comeback and they’re one of the few groups out there that actually make big effort to carry the tune live on music shows. they definitely deserve more recognition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucaswoodstock Lucas Oliveira Dantas

    ha i love this vixx’s stage even more each time i watch it! if they were north-americans or british no one would argue that their “thriller” rip off makes backstreet boys’ “everyboy” just a little piece of dog’s poop.

    and uhg i love glam, i think they’re all cute and fun and omg ZINNY RULES, but they’re clothes are outrageously horrible! and i still don’t feel “i like that”… but i can see myself loving them when they release a better song, i definitely love their stage.

    and OH MY EFFING GOD!! infinite-H makes my imaginary ovaries EXPLODE!!