• leadaegyu

    BB basically won all of the awards they are nominated for lol

  • k_db

    And this is why no one takes fan polls seriously.

    • severely

      This, so much.
      It’s fun to see what readers on a site that I like think, but the results are always biased as all get out.

    • http://twitter.com/mos6142 mos

      i am rather confused, considering that was the whole point of the poll?

    • http://twitter.com/summerainshower summerainshower

      It is what it is. I fail to see why people are bothered by it. It’s all in fun and there is a reason popular groups are popular. 

  • infernolevel8

    skipped the kpop ones and went directly to the drama ones, which I agree with. Without looking, I’m guessing BB swept what they could. Oh shoot, just read the comments below me, they did. 

  • nadhira amalia


  • http://twitter.com/EveryoneLovesJustKidding Just Kidding?11

    Block B polled highest for best studio album? Not a surprise, even a lot of people who weren’t fans say they enjoyed the album. I think you’ve got really good music if you’re able to reach people who lie outside of your fanbase. I think in this aspect too is why B1A4 has been able to do well. Haven’t heard their album but their title song is a huge contrast to what they used to promote (Beautiful Target, I cannot…).

  • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kat

    I fail to see the point of conducting these polls.

  • MEalways

    Hi guys,
    Merry X-mas to you who celebrate it and happy holidays to the rest :)
    It’s X-mas and I am still here, go figure… le sigh…

    I surprise there’s no fan war or [insert name of the group/artist here][insert heart or any other exclamation]… but, maybe it’s just because it’s holiday… And guest are really few.
    But this few really surprise me, because most of them express what I feel as well.

    I also wondering if popularity exceed all. 
    I’m glad that there’s seem some people doesn’t really that care about popularity and other things connected to K-ent world. And just happily enjoy the ride.

    I’m glad that this year the comebacks give me several good songs (together with their packages) and in dramaland, oh so glad that we have something like ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Ghost’. ‘The Chaser’ showed you, you can have a good drama if you have a great combination of writers, director and strong casts. And it gets better with ‘School 2013’ and ‘King of Drama’. 

    I should write it in ‘Why we thankful for 2012’, shouldn’t I?
    Kekeke…. the point is, I am so glad that some people don’t judge and just really enjoy the ride for what it is. And I thankful that I know K-entertainment. It has made my days… and more days to come…

    Hugs and wish you all the enjoyable ride,

  • DancingBacon

    I don’t know, it IS probably due to the large number of fans who voted Big Bang for everything, but this year Big Bang did receive a lot of praise for all these categories, not just at Seoulbeats. The sales were high, YouTube views were high, and they swept the awards and received a lot of recognition for both the album and the tour, from Korean and foreign media. It might seem a bit TOO much that they won everything, but I don’t see it that farfetched or undeserved.

    • PrincelyLuna

      yup … totally agree with you.

    • happy_slip

      Exactly. lol people say fan polls shouldn’t be taken seriously (something I agree with tbh) but you still see the same people stating the obvious while discreetly whining about it all the way.

  • KpopMadness

    LOL So funny! Yes it’s just for fun. I’m not saying BB did not deserve to win. But these polls on sites like this are just about driving traffic.    And this just proves that.  When the fans get together and decide lets do this poll then…you see it in action.  Just look at the mid-year poll.  Clearly Big Bang fans did not know about SB poll mid year, and Junsu’s fans did.  But then looks like BB fans woke up and came in droves for the end of year voting on while Junsu’s fans had other things to do.  :)  I actually like what both BB and XIA did this year.  In reality these polls really measure nothing in terms of the real musical value of the artist, no matter who they are. They benefit the blog owners and simply generate traffic and maybe even helps to increase their ad rate of click through rate. Pretty much never take these FAN Polls as a measure of the groups or the solo singers talent…