• http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Male Group Comeback: Block B – “Nillili Mambo”

    I totally agree with all you said on this comeback, Nabeela and Fatouma. It was just such a bombastic and high-quality track to reappear on the scene with. It really brought the group back into the public’s good graces (although, tbh, Nichkhun’s fall from glory with his car accident probably helped), and Zico was even able to perform at the MAMAs. The Korean public seems to actually really like their style, which is great. The song itself is so good. And perfect for really dramatic moments. I once sand the chorus while at my cousin’s hockey game, and it made the events ten times more tense. XD

    And, yes. Flawless album. 

    Honorable Mentions: B1A4 – “Try to Walk”, Big Bang – “Bad Boy”, Shinhwa – “Venus”

    Female Group Comeback: SISTAR – “Alone”

    I was listening to this song for ages after it came out. It’s a bit of an earworm. Also, it seemed like SISTAR finally reached a concept that actually suited them perfectly, and didn’t seem like they were trying too hard. I’m so glad their talent was recognized with this song. The entire mini was pretty solid, even! This is the song that made a SISTAR fan out of me.

    Honorable Mentions: Wonder Girls – “Like This”, f(x) – “Electric Shock”, T-ara – “Day By Day” [still love that song, okay?]

    Soloist Comeback: BoA – “Only One”

    Maybe it was just me, but I thought “Only One” was by far SM’s best comeback this year (although I quite liked “Twinkle” as well) and one of my favorites this year. I was singing it, listening to it, and watching the MV for ages. I really enjoyed it. The follow-up with “The Shadow” was just as fantastic, as well. I was so happy to see BoA return to the scene with song that suited her so well. I know that the reaction to her comeback paled in comparison to PSY’s, but I really feel like BoA’s song was actually a lot better. 

    Honorable Mentions: Gain – “Bloom”, G-Dragon – “That XX”, Park Jungmin – “Beautiful” [not enough attention for this wonderful song]

    Also, I don’t really know how to categorize solo/unit debuts from already-debuted idols. Sunggyu’s “60 Seconds” debut and Taetiseo’s “Twinkle” were perfect, in my eyes. I don’t really know if those would go under debut or comeback, though. O_o

    • Jasper_SB

      Thank you for the BoA love ;~;

      Psy, considering how huge his “Gangnam Style” got, completely deserves the award for best comeback. But as much as I love him, Queen BoA literally stole my heart with “Only One.” I completely agree with you. “Only One” is definitely one of the best things SM has done this year.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        I think it depends how you define best comeback. In terms of quality, I really don’t think “Gangnam Style” was that great of a song. But it definitely created the most impact. 

  • minty_chip

    Glad I’m not the only one who felt the girls this year didn’t make as much of an impression. So many boy groups came back with amazing albums and concepts like Block B that it seemed a little lackluster on the girls’ side. However, I did enjoy Sistar and Secret’s comeback because they definitely grew from their releases last year. I also really liked TTS and Sunny Hill as well.  

  • http://twitter.com/Uranium222 Uranium

    Block B’s Blockbuster is like last year’s Wonder World. I still prefer Wonder World though. But in terms of quality, Blockbuster is the only one close enough to the perfection Wonder World is. Well, coming from an idol group.

  • http://twitter.com/EveryoneLovesJustKidding Just Kidding?11

    I viewed Block B’s latest comeback as nothing short of inspiring. After all the crap they and BBCs had to go through it was truly a great feeling for me when I listened to Blockbuster. For them to go from a very low point to a very high point in just 8 months is simply amazing and shows they have the strength to counteract their naysayers.

    And shame on Fatouma for not knowing Seo In Gook sooner…but better late than never!

  • AcadiasFire

    Block B was by far my favorite comeback this year. That album was nothing short of amazing. I love those boys and their talent. I commend B.A.P for working so hard this year with their 4 comebacks. I bet their exhausted from working so hard. B1A4 never dissapoints me, even though I loved Ignition i’m super ecstatic that they came out with Into the Wind because its just beautiful. BigBangs comeback was amazing as well, because I’m still a fairly new fan. I became a kpop listener last June. My first album from them was Tonight. Another couple of mentions are new groups C-Clown, Nu’est, and Chaos. The girl groups didnt really do it for me this year. Out of all the rookies I only like Hello Venus, Evol, and Tahiti. Not a big list but they impressed me the most. Maybe Fiestar to because I have that song they did with IU.

  • shannie4888

    Am I the only person who didn’t like Nilili Mambo? Judging by the comments, it sure seems so. I like Block B, but it’s something about that song. I’ve liked their previous releases, but his one came up short. I do admit that I didn’t give the album a listen because of this. Maybe I should though.

    • Gaya_SB

      I highly recommend the album. I enjoyed “Nilili Mambo,” but “11:30,” “No Joke” and “Halo” ended up being my favourites.

  • VLF218

    Everything said about Block B was perfect.  The album is just perfection, I don’t skip any song (not to mention my bias Taeil got a solo.  We can finally hear his amazing voice).  I would be falling all over the place if TVXQ does Viva live.  That and Destiny are my favorites

  • dothrakiwomanwarrior

    Tragically, I don’t like both Alone and Nilili Mambo. I like Sistar and I love Block B but neither of the songs did it for me (I actually loathe Alone with a passion). Miss A and Wonder Girls were by far my favourite comebacks for the year and I’m still extremely disappointed at how under appreciated they are, particularly Miss A’s I Don’t Need A Man since it was their first real return to the sassy, independent, girl power vibe that they had in their debut.

  • Shichi

    TVXQ hasn’t performed Viva live yet >< *flips laptop* and it's one of my favorite songs in their album!!

  • chenchen

    ok but warrior was awesome COME ON