14 Responses to “Best Of Weekly Music Shows 11/26 to 12/2”

  1. Lmao! XD HoMin’s stylists are pretty terrible. 

    Too bad Sunggyu wasn’t included this week. :(

    But I do really like your selections! ^_^ Nice variety!

    • I’m kind of pissed over several things regarding Sunggyu’s stages this week so it’s no surprise to me that they weren’t included here. 
      For starters, and I don’t even want to get into it: Wardrobe…well that one “shirt”, I’m sure you all know the one…
      Also, there’s the fact that he’s clearly exhausted, looks pale, and his vocals aren’t in good condition… he’s even caught a cold (no surprise).
      Not to mention that Inkigayo went all douchebag-mode on him and accidentally cut out 40 seconds from his performance… like seriously?

      ALSO THE BAND WENT MIA. Where the hell are they? 

      I’m disappointed and upset. Looks like there won’t be a follow-up from the looks of it.
      I also don’t know how to feel about the fact that apparently Woohyun and Sunggyu will both be recording Immortal Song today. I’m worried that in the state Sunggyu’s in he might get criticized by those very severe K-netizens if his vocals aren’t on point. Woollim needs to give that boy a break. He’s been working non-stop traveling between Korea and Japan holding concerts and working on his album. The worst part is that I’m 99.8% sure Sunggyu is not protesting. He’d walk into a pit of fire as long as it meant he could still do music, that idiot…

      • Yeah, that Inki screw-up was just annoying. >_<

        But I liked the Music Bank stage! He did look tired, but…I thought it was still good. :P

        Maybe I'm just biased toward "60 Seconds". XD

  2. minty_chip says:

    I’m starting to think that there’s a stylist in SM that has a list of who to sabotage. And sheesh CNU and Sandeul make it look so easy to dance and sing.

  3. T Hudson says:

    I LOVE Spica but….there song Lonely not only has a similar title to Sistar’s Alone, but the songs in my opinion have just one to many similarities. 

  4. Streby says:

    As much as I love Spica’s comeback, I must say that their stylist really mucked up, most of their stage outfits are utterly hideous and Kim Boa’s hair is contrasting their outfits the wrong way.

  5. Jenny says:

    someone give b1a4 an award already. they’re very good!

    • They were runner-ups this week. PSY is still winning a lot of shows, though, I think. 

      I remember reading comments on Netizenbuzz about annoying netizens saying they didn’t think B1A4 deserved to place second. Idiots. >_<

  6. Nyan says:

    did the writer realize that TVXQ wear the exact outfit from the MV or not?

  7. Nyan says:

    did the writer realize that TVXQ wear the exact outfit from the MV or not?

  8. ErinMHz says:

    TVXQ are seasoned performers, and everyone knows it. SO WHY ARE THEY LIP SYNCING?! It wasn’t even quiet singing with loud backing vocals. It was completely lip synced.

    It’s so frustrating. I don’t understand SM’s rationale for letting one of their best and most loved groups lip sync. SM, I love your music, so please let your singers actually sing live during what’s supposed to be a live performance!

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