• goldengluvsk2

    when I heard the release was a “warm ballad” I was like “old sunny hill is back!!” I personally like Sunny Hill not making any distinction in their music as a trio or a quintet but this release did had their old calm,warm and love related vibe. Some people were a bit shocked and even mad because they wanted more of the “critical and satirical” SH but I dont understand them since other groups do 180° changes and pass from sexy to innocent back and forth.. why cant SH sing a ballad? like they did in their beginnings? O__o I dont know why but after listening to Goodbye to Romance I felt their old song “You Don’t Know” -my favorite btw- could easily pass as its exact opposite as it talks about how scary love could be, the pains of love instead of being cool about it. from now on, ill listen to them back to back.